10 Chiropractic Treatments Of Headache For Children 7-14

10 Chiropractic Treatments Of Headache For Children 7-14

Headaches, only second to back pains, are among the commonest conditions that can be regularly managed by chiropractors. Chiropractic is not only a cure but also helps to ease and prevent headaches. People across the globe can safely seek chiropractic treatment for migraines. Several studies support the idea of using chiropractic to cure headaches. In such a study, there was a 90% drop in headaches among individuals who decided to seek chiropractic treatment for headaches. Few interventions can ease headaches as quickly as chiropractic.


You may have your child constantly complaining of headaches. You will be happy to know that chiropractors have ways of treating headaches in all age groups. It is always great to have a say on the type of treatment you would like for your kid. You may not be able to know which treatment is the best unless you have some background knowledge. Well, worry no more, you will learn all the available treatments today. No more choices should be made for your kid.

Effective chiropractic treatments used to help ease your child’s headaches

  1. Reduction of oxidative stress using gentle spinal mobilization

A chiropractor can help reduce your child’s headache by reducing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a typical damage. This usually occurs when your body’s free radicals outnumber oxidants present. Such oxidative stress is hazardous to human health. Proteins, lipids, and the presence of oxidative stress will damage your DNA

This could be a major reason as to why your child is constantly complaining of headaches. You should see a chiropractor and sort out the issue soonest. The chiropractor may perform soft, tender spinal mobilization. This is a gentle spinal adjustment technique. Your child will not feel any of the side effects accompanying spinal manipulations.

  1. Reducing oxidative stress using full spinal manipulation

Spinal adjustment is a broad category of chiropractic treatments. If your child is suffering from oxidative stress, they may develop headaches. The option should be gentle spinal mobilization. If this fails, you should allow your chiropractor to perform full a scale spinal adjustments.

Chiropractic adjustment will help to reduce the stress levels in your 14. Many of us assume that a kid cannot suffer from stress. This notion is far from the truth. The fact is that anyone and everyone can suffer from stress. The only difference comes from the source and level of stress. Academic performance can dwindle if you don’t watch your kid’s stress levels. Headaches should act as an early indicator that your kid is developing some stress. Hence, see a chiropractor and let him or her advise you on what can help to ease your child’s headaches.

  1. Chiropractic maintenance care

General chiropractic care should offer some degree of relief to the headaches. We have a wide variety of chiropractic care including initial intensive care which we shall look at later on. Chiropractic care helps to monitor your kid’s general physical well-being. The Chiropractor may then choose to perform some minor massage to the temple or the back of the head.

Chiropractic care is not a one-time activity. For full recovery and prevention of subsequent headaches, consider taking your kid to the chiropractor on a regular basis.

  1. Chiropractic posture

We have all heard about yoga. Yoga was initially a cultural, religious practice but it now has a massive popularity throughout the globe. Yoga offers health benefits due to the postures and movements involved. Likewise, chiropractic treatment for headaches among children utilizes body postures.

If you go to see a chiropractor, there are several questions he or she will ask you. If your 10-year-old boy regularly suffers from headaches, try timing the outbreak of these headaches. You may notice that headaches only occur when your kid wakes up or after long sessions in class. The cause could be the child’s position when sleeping. Sometimes kids tend to sleep without a pillow. As a result, the muscles at the back of the child’s head can get strained. This will lead to painful bursts of a headache in the morning.

A chiropractor should be able to flex this muscle. They can achieve this by applying pressure gently to the backs at the back of your neck. Usually, the motion is made to try and stretch these muscles. A consistent motion should suffice. This practice is carried out with the head tilted at an angle. Most important, ensure to alter this posture depending on which muscles you are stretching. After several flexes, the headaches should subside.

  1. Stretching and exercises

Most of the times the cure is as simple as twitching an eye. We usually feel pretty much wasted when you go to see a chiropractor for a condition you think is very fatal only for him to recommend a very simple treatment. But when it comes to our children, no one takes chances. This should be the case.

You may have heard that exercising helps to relieve headaches and a lot of other pains. If your eight-year daughter comes complaining of a headache, your first instinct may be to administer OTC oral intake. Most of the times over the counter drugs work fine. You wouldn’t want to make your kid drug dependent at such a young age. Also, visiting a chiropractor may offer you a better alternative.

A chiropractor can able to precise determine the type of exercises that will help ease your child’s headaches. Select too tedious tasks and your kid’s headaches may grow even worse. Therefore, choosing the right exercises to relieve headaches should be carefully done.

  1. Cayenne muscle rub

Chiropractors use different techniques to massage our bodies. If you are looking for the best methods, then look for the experienced chiropractor. Mixing modern and traditional techniques can help yield the best chiropractic treatment. Cayenne is a type of pepper. It is known to stimulate the circulation of your body. This unique pepper also helps to reduce acidity in your body.

An experienced chiropractor should know how to rub the cayenne pepper on your child gently. In addition, the cayenne paper inhibits substance P from your child’s body. Substance P is responsible for transmitting pain messages to the brain. Continuous massaging of your kid using cayenne pepper depletes this substance. In very minimal quantities, the transmission of pain to the brain is prevented. This is a non-surgical effective way of helping to relieve your kid’s headaches and any other pain. Therefore, try out this chiropractic treatment and see how well it works for your child.

  1. Lavender oil

Chiropractic uses different oils when carrying out therapeutic massage. Lavender oil is a sedative. You should also know that lavender oil has mood stabilizing properties. We have talked about the tendency of kids to get stressful due to too much work at school and home. The stress levels frequently trigger headaches. As a matter of fact, most of us adults get headaches due to stress levels.

Therefore, using lavender oil on your child is safe, and is quite effective in treating migraines and headaches.

  1. Peppermint oil

I have seen several chiropractors using scented oils to perform massage. Usually, these oils are preferred because they are appealing to the patients. You should be surprised to find your chiropractor using a different type of oil.

Peppermint oil is one of the rare but useful oils that may be used for chiropractic treatment. If your child is suffering from severe painful headaches, your chiropractor will use the most efficient methods. Some methods are painful as well. The child may need a comfortable treatment option. Therefore, you can gently apply peppermint oil to your child’s skin.

Peppermint oil usually generates a cooling effect on the skin. This effect lasts for long. Your child should be in relief after a massage. Also, the peppermint oil will help to reduce sensitivity to headaches.

  1. Initial intensive care

As I promised, we will have a glance at how initial intensive care can be used to help your kid recover from headaches. Intensive care is performed to assess the extent of your kid’s headaches. It is an initial treatment that chiropractors use to offer temporary treatment. This is usually the case when a kid requires immediate and urgent treatment for headaches and migraines. Initial intensive care is also used to relieve other types of pain temporarily. Consequently, the pain may spread from one part of the body to the other. In addition, if your child suffers from recurring headaches, it could be as a result of pain elsewhere. If initial intensive care is administered as a chiropractic treatment, it should be able to contain pain before it spread to the head.

  1. Gluten free diet

This is not a direct treatment option you will get from the chiropractor. It is, however, one of the options your chiropractor should recommend if the other treatment options are inappropriate. Forceful spinal manipulations may have serious side effects. Your kid may not be capable of working out or exercising. You may not have the money to pay for other treatments. But that does not mean your chiropractor will not be able to help.

As a show of ethics, your chiropractor should advise on the best treatment alternatives. This should be irrespective of what he stands to gain. If you have such a trustworthy chiropractor, then he should inform you that gluten-free diets are a great remedy for headaches.

More often than not, we only realize that our children are allergic to certain foods when they negatively react to these foods. In addition, allergic reactions can cause headaches in children aged 7-14 years. Most noteworthy, if your kid is allergic to gluten, always ensure to avoid gluten in their diet.


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