10 Ways to Beat the Heat

10 Ways to Beat the Heat

It is HOT outside! The scorching summer heat is hard on everyone — it impacts our moods, bodies, and even our utility bills. Use these 10 tips to help you keep cool this summer!

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1. Block the sun. Close the curtains and blinds in your house in order to reduce the amount of heat that passes into your home by as much as 45 percent!

2. Give your A/C some TLCClean or replace the air filters in your home about once a month during the summer (check out this air filter subscription service!). Have your central air conditioning ducts checked for leaks, and seal any cracks between a window unit and the frame. All of these tips will help your AC run more efficiently!

3. Fan strategically. If the day’s heat is trapped in your home, try opening a window at night or anytime the temperature is below 77 degrees. A window fan can also help, but make sure the blades face the outside so they suck warm air out of the house and pull cooler air in.

4. Turn the vent on in the bathroom. When you take a shower, make sure to use the vent fan — it helps moisture escape.

5. Let your computer go to sleep. When you set your computer to go to sleep when it hasn’t been in use for 10 minutes, it will produce less heat.

6. Air dry your dishes. Skip the drying cycle on the dishwasher and let the dishes air dry – it will cut down your energy costs and produce less heat.

7. Stay hydrated. In order to stay hydrated in the summer, you need to drink water to replace the moisture you sweat out! As you lose water, your body temperature rises, so you’ve got to replace those fluids to stay cool.

8. Eat light. Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with water and help keep you hydrated, so reach for those whole foods this summer!

9. Turn off the lights. Keep the lights off as much as possible to reduce heat. Also consider switching to compact fluorescent bulbs which produce about 70 percent less heat than standard bulbs.

10. Give the clothes dryer a break. Hang a clothesline and let your towels and sheets air dry! They will smell amazing and your dryer won’t emit heat in the house.

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