17 Life-Changing Food Hacks Every Parent Needs To Know

17 Life-Changing Food Hacks Every Parent Needs To Know

Feeding kids is serious business, and sometimes, it’s far easier said than done. While some kids will happily eat their fruits and vegges, others would love to survive on a diet of macaroni and goldfish. Because we know that feeding the kids the right foods is a feat in and of itself, we’ve put together a list of 17 life-changing food hacks that every parent needs to know. Hopefully these hacks will make meal time a little easier and a lot more fun for you and yours.

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  1. Use a pizza cutter to cut foods such as pancakes and pb&js into toddler size bites.

  2. Surround jelly with a layer of peanut butter to keep it from spilling out of a PB&J sandwich.

  3. Use cookie cutters to make amazingly shaped pancakes and eggs.

  4. Freeze yogurt with a popsicle stick inserted into the lid to make ice pops your kid will love.

  5. Stop a popsicle from dripping everywhere by threading a cupcake liner onto the popsicle stick.

  6. Hide veggies in mac and cheese — butternut squash and carrots work like a charm.

  7. Coffee creamer containers make great on-the-go storage for your kid’s snacks.

  8. Using too many cups? Try magnets on the back of your kids’ cups for easy access to the same one. They can stick it on the fridge when they are done.

  9. Make their day by making heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs. Learn how to here.

  10. Cook family-sized portions of oatmeal in your rice cooker.

  11. Use a straw to easily remove the stem from a strawberry.

  12. Stop your brown sugar from turning rock-hard by throwing a couple marshmallows into the bag.

  13. Freeze a batch of PB&J sandwiches ahead of time so you don’t have to make lunch every morning.

  14. Put watermelon slices on popsicle sticks to cut down on messes.

  15. Ripen bananas by putting them in the oven.

  16. Use a sponge as a DIY lunchbox ice packs. Simply wet, put in a plastic bag, and freeze.

  17. Keep ice cream soft by putting it in a ziplock bag.

What’s the most helpful parenting meal-time hack you’ve been told? Share in the comments below!

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