4 Recipes For A Healthier Football Party








Football season is upon us, and that means the perfect excuse to gather your friends together to watch the big games. If you want to keep the snacks on par with a healthy lifestyle, but still full of flavor that everyone will love, read on for 4 recipes for a healthier football party.

1. Warm Spinach-Artichoke Dip


artichoke-dip-hl-1121119-xPairing iron packed spinach and healthy lima beans with light-mayo keeps the calories on this classic dish light. For a healthier crunch, serve this with celery and carrot sticks instead of tortilla chips and you’ll cut even more unnecessary calories.




2. Guilt-Free Buffalo Wings


R125276.jpg.rendition.largest.ssYou don’t have to sacrifice any flavor in the modified version of this fan favorite. By removing the skin from the wings and baking instead of frying them, you instantly make this a healthier option for you and your guests. Extra credit: swap the low-fat sour cream in the blue cheese recipe with greek yogurt for an even healthier dip.

Recipe: http://bit.ly/1uDjrMK


3. Creole Deviled Eggs


creole-deviled-eggs-ck-lThis healthier version of the classic dish still boasts all the health benefits of eggs, and the addition of a lot of great spices means that this is not lacking anything in terms of flavor. Swapping the regular mayo in deviled egg recipes with greek yogurt also makes for an instantly healthier alternative.

Recipe: http://bit.ly/WmCkaQ


4. Chili Nuts


R104996.jpg.rendition.largest.ssA bowl of nuts makes a great, easy snack, but can be loaded with sodium. Opt for this homemade recipe that adds spices (not sodium!) to give your nuts more flavor. Make this recipe healthier by selecting non-salted peanuts, almonds, and cashews.


Recipe: http://bit.ly/1rfRPtP

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