4 Small Posture Changes That Make a Big Difference

How to have Better Posture

How to Have Better Posture

There are many reasons you may want to improve your posture. Good posture exudes confidences, it makes you appear taller, and it helps to prevent long term spinal problems while easing back pain. Correcting your posture isn’t hard if you’re determined. Good posture, just like bad posture is a habit and habits take time to break and reform.

Don’t Slouch

You’ve heard it from your parents, your teachers, and your chiropractor; don’t slouch! Simply put slouching may feel comfortable now but in the long run it will cause you nothing but pain.

Practice Proper Posture:
1. Place your feet parallel to each other and about hips width apart.
2. Pull up through the top of your head straightening you back.
3. Your pelvis should be in a neutral position, directly over your thighs and tucked in slightly engaging your abdomen.
4. Your shoulders should be pushed back slightly and relaxed.
5. Don’t allow your head to jet out, rather keep your head in line with your shoulders.

How to Have Better Posture By Training Your Body to Stand Tall

Since it is impossible to keep your mind focused 24/7 on making sure you have good posture your body may at times slip and fall back into its slouchy old ways. A great way to help improve your posture is by building up and strengthening the muscles in your back and shoulders. When these muscles are strong they automatically help hold your spine in proper alignment. When your shoulder and back muscles are weak they need reminding and effort to help keep your body up straight. Exercising these muscles regularly builds muscle memory which is a great way your body adjusts to good posture without you having to constantly think about it.

Check Your Self

When you’re passing by the office mirror or shopping store window don’t be afraid to check yourself out! Look to see how you’re carrying yourself and straighten up your stance if need be. Another great way to check your posture is to ask your friends to tell you when you’re slouching. This is helpful because a lot of times we are unaware of our posture and a reminder from a friend to stand up straight may be just what you need.

Balance Your Weight

Favoritism, we all do it, especially when it comes to shifting our body weight to rest on one side. After standing for a while we become restless and tend to favor one side of the body. We shift are weight sticking a hip out and locking that knee to hold the pressure of our weight while resting the other side. Even if you occasionally changeup which side you shift your weight to the repercussions of constantly misbalancing your body’s weight are harsh and can leave you in pain. It is best to stand with your weight evenly distributed on both legs with your knees just slightly bent, never locked.

For a more in-depth look at how to have better posture read my guest blog on UpDesk: Top 20 Ways To Improve Your Posture In Everyday Life

Are you a former sloucher? Comment below to share your tips on how to have better posture.

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