4 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Day

fit exercise into your day

Fit Exercise into your Day

When it comes to exercise it seems working out always starts out close to the top of our daily to do list. Unfortunately as our days get busier and things come up exercise slowly drops down the list until it’s finally moved to sometime next week.

No matter how busy your schedules become though with the proper planning you can not only fit exercise into your day but make it a permanent place in our daily lives. Here are some tips on how to fit your workout into even the most hectic days.

 1.    Exercise First Thing In The Morning

Exercising when you wake up is one of the best ways to fit workouts into your daily routine. Morning workouts are a great way to energize your body for the day.  Another perk of exercising early is that you can come home from work and sink into the couch guilt free! 

Depending on your personal goals simply set your alarm 15-30 minutes earlier than usual. Use the extra time to go for a morning run, hit your at home gym, or workout to an exercise DVD. If you’re like me and at home exercise isn’t for you, check into the gyms near you as many open early for morning exercisers.  

 2.    Involve Your Kids In Your Exercise Routine

Kids are wonderful exercise buddies because they have a never ending supply of energy. They are also great motivators because they have fun which makes them push you to continue. With older children try hiking or swimming and with younger children there are great “mommy/daddy and me” classes available. Another added bonus: working out with your children makes nap time easier.

3.    Use Your Lunch Hour

Lunch breaks are the perfect time to fit your workouts in. Many gyms offer a variety of lunch time fitness classes. If you don’t have a gym close to your office you could look for a nearby park where you could jog.

Usually go to lunch with co-workers? Ask them to join you! Instead of sitting and eating for a full hour invite them to join you for a 30 minute workout and half hour lunch.

4.    Turn Your Office Into a Gym

If you’re having trouble leaving the office to go to the gym, then just bring the gym to your office. Get creative! Don’t just take the stairs instead of the elevator; push yourself by jogging up and down the stairwell in your office on breaks. You can also stretch at your desk.

The most important tip about fitting exercise into your daily routine is planning! Decide what works best for you whether its morning or lunch workouts and stick to it. Staying consistent is extremely important when building new habits!

For more ideas on how to fit exercise into your day visit our blog on Time Saving Tips to Better Your Health and Well-Being

So as you can see, you can fit exercise into your day. Have more tips on making time for exercise on a busy schedule? Comment below to share!

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