5 Healthy Foods That Are Amazing Cancer Remedies

5 Healthy Foods That Are Amazing Cancer Remedies

As an expert in food and nutrition, Dr. Stein asserts that living a healthy life depends highly on what you choose to eat. In light of this, many health complications have resulted from poor eating habits. A large number of diseases that face us today, especially chronic illnesses, are as a result of a certain type of foods that we always seem unable to keep away. From what I have been hearing from my friends, they have suffered from food induced illnesses at one point in their life. Therefore, we must be keen on what we put in our mouths. However, as we give a critical look at our diet, we must comprehend the fact that food can also be a great source of medicinal benefits. In this article, we shall look at foods that are a great remedy for cancer. Cancer remedying foods can be found in plenty not only in nature but as processed products as well. Most processed products which act as cancer remedies are usually made in the form of supplements. In this regard, we cannot fully consider them as foods.

Over the years cancer has taken many lives. The most saddening fact though is that many types of cancer are categorized as lifestyle diseases. What this means is that our lifestyles have a direct relationship to the probability of a cancer infection. In most studies, food has taken center stage with regards to the frequency of cancer infection. Many people who have died of cancer over the years had poor diets. Most of us confuse between a poor diet and a heavy diet. A poor diet does not necessarily imply have very little food. Quite to the contrary, a poor diet means having a lot to eat but all of which has a very low nutritional value. One of the many foods that have been associated with the highest number of cancer infections is fast foods. Fast foods which contain too much cholesterol are highly discouraged. Choose to live a healthy life by avoiding such foods.

5 Healthy Foods That Are Amazing Cancer Remedies

Well, now assuming you already have cancer or you know someone who has cancer, what would you recommend to such a person? In my opinion, the first thing needs to do is reassure the person that cancer is treatable. A few years ago, without the extensive research in the field of medicine, many people lost their lives to cancer. This was due to the lack a proven treatment at the time. However, in our modern era, you can breathe with ease knowing there are many remedies for cancer. Of these remedies, preventive measures are preferable to curative alternatives. With this in mind, therefore, all cancer patients need to have reassurance that their condition has a cure.

Among the many cures at for cancer at present are chemotherapy, surgical removal of the cancerous cells and my best is antioxidants. Most of the other cancer remedies have been found to have some serious side effects. Fortunately, the foods we are going to look at have no side effects at all. This fact makes these foods the ultimate cancer remedies. As we look at each one of these foods, you must take a moment to reflect on your diet. This article is intended to open up your mind so that you can have a healthy diet.

Below are the best-known cancer remedies that are both organic and free of artificial compounds.

Most of these are raw foods or fruits. Fresh fruit and raw foods especially vegetables are great because they prevent the growth of cancer. They do this by hindering the multiplication of cancerous cells.

Most of these are raw foods or fruits. Fresh fruit and raw foods especially vegetables are great because they prevent the growth of cancer. They do this by hindering the multiplication of cancerous cells.

  1. Carrots

Generally speaking, the specific phytonutrients present in carrots have not been categorically classified as cancer-fighting. However, many studies class carrots to be some of the best cancer remedies among the many foods that we consume. Carrots have been emerging as a cancer-fighting food. What is the secret behind carrot’s profound ability to remedy cancer? You should know that carrots contain carotenoids. These are a group of pigments that gives carrots the orange color.

There are reported cases where cancer patients chose to use carrot juice and natural water only. In a couple of weeks, they were completely cured of cancer. There a high chance that with time extensive research will bring to light the full extent to which carrots can fight cancer. At the moment, however, it is best that you ensure carrot juice is part and parcel of your diet. For vegetable carrot juice, I would recommend that you only use one to two quarts on a daily basis.

  1. Try Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy vegetables, especially those with a green pigmentation, are the beat cancer remedies. The reason for this lies in their rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals. On the other hand, these vegetables have very low fat, calories, and sodium content. Additionally, you will find these foods to be amazing because they have near zero toxicity.

There are many leafy greens that you can try eating from today. These include kale, spinach, arugula salads, romaine, collard greens and watercress among others. All these green vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants. These antioxidants have great cancer-fighting properties. Some of the antioxidants present in leafy greens include Vitamin C and beta-carotene. Beta carotene is a special kind of Vitamin A.

The presence of inactive carcinogens in green leafy vegetables is of great essence to your body. These carcinogens will program the cancerous cells in your body to die off. Moreover, studies support the findings that such inactive carcinogens counter the formation of tumors. They also prevent metastasis.

  1. Cruciferous Vegetables

Apart from the leafy green vegetables, we also have cruciferous vegetables as the other powerful cancer remedies. A large number of cruciferous vegetables contain glutathione. Glutathione is a compound that can scavenge for any free radicals in your body. By now you know that cancer is spread fast by free radicals in your body. Any compound that can safely interact with and neutral these free radicals can make a great cancer remedy.

All other members of the Brassica family of cruciferous vegetables are packed full of nutrients. More specifically, they contain an invaluable source of phytochemicals. These chemicals belong to a larger family of isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates are great remedies. Cabbages, as well as broccoli, are also known sources of powerful antioxidants. These two cruciferous vegetables contain sulforaphane and indoles. The two antioxidants also help to detoxify your body. In this way, your DNA gets protection.

  1. Brightly colored Orange Foods

If you get any fruits or vegetables which are bright orange in color, you are sure that they contain numerous phytochemicals. Some Carotenoids such as alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, cryptoxanthin; are simple derivatives of Vitamin C. These are found in squashes, citrus, pumpkin, and berries among other fruits. From extensive studies on beta-carotene, we can determine that beta-carotenes are crucial for your body’s detoxification, liver health and more importantly in the fighting of cancer.

Veggies which are rich in carbs such as potatoes, whole grains, beetroot and other tubers are amazing when it comes to reducing the risk of some kinds of cancer.

  1. Spices and Fresh Herbs

You can also compliment your conventional cancer treatment with some fresh herbs and spices. Consider a spice such as the turmeric. This magical spice can deter the formation of tumors in the body. Turmeric is also a great breast and colon cancer remedy. You will find that spices are absorbed much fast compared to other types of cancer remedies. For an optimal dosage, you can rely on a tablespoonful of the powdered turmeric plus another 1/4 of blackberries.

You can also depend on other spices which also will help to boost your body’s immunity. Some of the spices include juices, smoothies or dressings of thyme, garlic, oregano, cayenne pepper and other spices.

As you go through this article, it is my sincere wish that you learn a thing or two and turn around your poor eating habit for the best. You need to take responsibility for your diet and lifestyle. Let us see the rate of deaths from chronic cancer go down tremendously. With your determination, we will achieve this

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