5 Healthy Eating Habits To Lose Weight

5 Healthy Eating Habits To Lose Weight

Everyone is looking for the right way for them to lose weight. What works for some, may not be the right decision for another. There are some steps that you can make and habit changes you can implement that will help you to lose weight.  Dr. Peter Hinz in Franklin, TN is a chiropractor at Cool Springs Family Chiropractic understands the struggle it can be to make changes like these.

Sometimes it is just a matter of changing the times you eat or the portions that you consume. Healthy eating isn’t just about omitting everything that you are used to eating. If you cut yourself off completely from the foods you are a custom to, you won’t follow through. Making slow and steady changes are best. 

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Why Creating A Habit Is Important

Creating a healthy lifestyle that you aren’t used to living, isn’t going to magically happen overnight. You are going to make mistakes and you are going to start over. A habit is learned and created. 

When you follow the same routine every day, it will soon become normal for you. Making healthy options more enjoyable, rather than wishing you had a big piece of pizza instead. Here is a handful of healthy eating habits you can put into action to help you lose weight.

Try Not To Eat After Dinner

Grazing the kitchen after dinner is where bad habits form. You aren’t going to make as healthy and smart decisions about the food that you consume when you are quickly trying to find a snack at bedtime. Make the dinner that you are eating healthy, filling, and satisfying. 

A trick that a lot of people use is to brush your teeth after you are finished eating for the day. This will help you to not want to go grab that bag of chips or ice cream at bedtime. Even going and grabbing a second or third helping of a healthy item can make you go over your calorie intake for the day. 

Always Sit Down When Eating A Meal

Grabbing food and walking around or sitting in front of the tv to eat it, is a bad idea. Dr. Peter Hinz in Franklin, TN believes that the best way to follow through with the new lifestyle of healthy eating is to have a designated area you sit for meals. You will be able to sit down and relax while you eat. 

Making a habit to focus on dinner time and the food that you are consuming, rather than eating and not paying attention to quantities. Pay Attention To The Calories In Your Beverages

Prepare For The New Healthy Lifestyle

Preparation is key when you want to make this healthy new lifestyle change. You can’t expect to leave the same unhealthy options floating around your kitchen and you not to be tempted to indulge in stressful or weak moments.  Go through your kitchen and your pantry, and remove all the unhealthy or processed foods that you are not wanting to consume anymore. 

Have the healthy and nutritious foods cleaned, chopped, and made available for those moments you aren’t wanting to prep to have a snack. That is a reason so many turns to the unhealthy options, is because it is easier to grab quickly. You can make fruits and veggies that way too, by taking a few moments one a week and prepping it all. 

Research The Calories In Your Beverages

Drinking a large portion of your calories for the day isn’t going to help you stay full and keep from snacking. So many beverages have very high calories in them. So, while you have planned out your day and the calories for each meal that you are consuming, don’t forget the beverage you are drinking. You wouldn’t want to waste your allowance for the day on something that isn’t going to benefit you. 

Find An Accountability Partner

Dr. Peter Hinz in Franklin, TN offers wonderful amounts of support and encouragement to his patients. Finding someone who will help you along your journey is very important. The person who you can tell, “Don’t let me engorge myself in the chocolate fountain!”. 

This person can also offer an ear when you have had a stressful day, so you don’t turn to food as comfort. Pretty soon the habits that you create will become easier and easier. You won’t have to work as hard to keep yourself from the old habits you once had. 

How Long Does It Take To Create A Habit

There are many studies going around about how long it can take someone to have a habit become a normal routine of their own. This is a broad research, because once again, what works for one person doesn’t always for the next. Some people can create a habit for themselves in as early as 18 days. While others may take 200 or more days. 

You need to find a way that works for you. It is a matter of committing yourself and following through. Don’t worry about minor mistakes, tomorrow is a new day for you to make it right. 

A Little Bit About Cool Springs Chiropractic

Dr. Peter Hinz in Franklin, TN, and the staff he has can offer you wonderful care and support. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just a suggestion that he gives people, it is one he lives himself. When you fuel your body with what it needs, you will have amazing results. In the office at Cool Springs Chiropractic, you will find the doctor, 2 chiropractic assistance, and a massage therapist. You will be absolutely thrilled with the service you receive there. If you are in need of one of the services that they provide, call today!

Are you suffering from back pain, sports injury, or an accident? Did you know Chiropractic can possibly help treat these injuries?

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