5 Popular Chiropractic Myths You Need To Know About

5 Popular Chiropractic Myths You Need To Know About

Chiropractic as a form of treatment has gained a lot of criticism over the years. Though it continues to work successfully for many folks, some rumours still go round about chiropractic. Myths about chiropractic have been around as long as I can remember. Controversies have been rife concerning the effective of chiropractic in the treatment of several health conditions. As a result, unfounded claims have been circulating about chiropractic. The myths about chiropractic are many, but here we have a comprehensive list of the five well-known myths.


5 Myths on chiropractic

If you have come across any chiropractic forum, you must have heard about some myths on the same. Chiropractic as a science of treatment doesn’t have so much publicity. This is the reason why such rumours thrive. Statements such as; chiropractic adjustments hurt or chiropractic is risky to your health are quite common. If you haven’t heard of them, then you will. However, before you do, I would like to keep you informed so that the next time you hear of them, then you will well aware that they are just that, myths.

  1. Chiropractic care and treatment is expensive

Those who have not tried it will burst out of how chiropractors charge highly. Do not follow these mislead innuendos. The fact is, chiropractic treatments are cost-effective compared to other traditional forms of treatment. It will be a surprise for you when you realize how expensive other treatment options in comparison to a chiropractic session. According to studies, there was an incredible 40% difference in costs of back pain treatment in favor of chiropractic treatment versus medical doctors. This clearly points out that unlike such claims, chiropractic care is actually cheap.

Consider this; a doctor will give you an appointment. They may also require you to pay for the consultation. You will see the doctor who might recommend you go for a lab test. Lab tests cost money, but that is not the end. Hold on, yes; you now have to pay for the actual treatment which is most cases is an injection. If that is not sufficient, your doctor will prescribe for you drugs to purchase from a pharmacy. This again requires more money.

On the other hand, a chiropractor will administer the whole treatment under one cost. For instance, if you need a spinal manipulation, this is what you’ll get. In some cases, you may pay for consultation fees, but in a majority of chiropractic clinics, the consultation is free. You will leave a chiropractic clinic feeling better instantly unlike a medical clinic where you need to stay for a couple of hours before the injection starts taking effect.

The judgment: the statement that chiropractic treatment is expensive is a mere myth with no foundation whatsoever.

  1. There is no quitting once you start seeing a chiropractor

Most people are afraid of seeing a chiropractor for one silly rumor they heard somewhere. Seeing a chiropractor is your own choice, and as such you retain the right to withdraw whenever you feel like. It is understandable, however, where such rumours originate from. Because chiropractic adjustments are a type of a lifestyle, many people prefer seeing a chiropractor regularly. Simply put, it is like going to the gym. You cannot be coerced into going to the gym every day. You can quit the gym as you please. Similarly, for chiropractic treatment, it isn’t a must to have regular sessions.

If you simply see a chiropractic to sort out a medical issue such as back pain, the trend could be different. The frequency of seeing a chiropractor will depend on the severity of your condition. For example, a single session of a chiropractic adjustment is enough to heal some people. However, for others, it might take you longer to completely get over the medical condition affecting you especially if you sort late treatment.

We can, therefore, conclude that for a full recovery, you can see a doctor once or even twice. It is definitive how regularly you will be required to see a chiropractor. It is, however, evident that people can decide for themselves when to start seeing a chiropractor and when to stop visiting a chiropractic clinic.

  1. Undergoing chiropractic adjustments is dangerous.

According to studies, the above statement is extremely false. Research shows that it is much safer to consider chiropractic care and treatment than most activities people opt for. It is common practice to see people wash their hair in the shower, break dancing or laying on the grass. These are simple exercises that are very safe to do. Now consider this, according to verified studies, chiropractic treatment is much safe than the aforementioned practices.

Doctors are usually required to pay a malpractice insurance considering the risks involved in their line of work. The higher the risks, the more the insurance fee you will have to pay. Basing on this simple criteria, we can choose the treatments are considered to be fatal. Chiropractors worldwide pay the lowest insurance cover fees. This is an ideal demonstration that unlike popular belief, chiropractic care and treatment is safe. There is a very little probability of occurrence of a risk within the field of chiropractic.

Another criterion to refute this myth can be approached from the legal perspective. If you follow news on a regular basis, you should always be informed about the lawsuits facing different professionals. There is an aspect of murder by negligence. This is a charge against a medical professional whose patient died while undergoing treatment. Now, how many times have you heard of lawsuits against a chiropractor? Probably none but if you have, then rarely. Studies show that lawsuit claims for injuries caused are very rare against chiropractors as compared to other fields.

In light of the above two criteria, you can be the judge now. Is chiropractic care and treatment dangerous? Or is it a myth that we should with the contempt it deserves?

  1. Chiropractic adjustment is only relevant in treating back pains

Not only is this myth misleading but it is also discouraging. Back pains are common in the majority of the population. This is perhaps the reason as to why chiropractors treat back pains quite regularly as compared to other medical conditions. It is not right, however, to claim that chiropractic doctors are only good at treating back pains.

Qualified chiropractic doctors have specialized in the general treatment of the joints, and their specialty is improving the functionality of the joints. If you have visited a chiropractor before, you will have noticed the wide range of treatment options offered. Also, chiropractic focuses on maintaining motion around the joints in the spine, neck, ankles, knees, feet and hand joints.

You can see a chiropractor if you are seeking treatment for neck pains, headaches, after traffic injury cure as well as relief for sciatica pain. Pregnant women will value chiropractic treatment for the treatment of recurring pains. Most popular athletes have found a lot of relief in chiropractic treatment.

There is a never ending list of medical conditions that a chiropractor can treat. You cannot learn everything from the street. The self-proclaimed medical analysts who have never stepped foot in a chiropractic class should not teach limit your thinking. You should visit a chiropractor to be enriched about the treatments provided in a chiropractic clinic.

  1. Chiropractic adjustments are extremely painful

I will start by refuting such a myth and say this, according to many patients I have talked to, there is a sense of relief and no pain during chiropractic treatment. During a chiropractic treatment session, the doctors will usually use specific movements to achieve adjustments to the spine. Shifting of the body is done to enhance movement around joints that may be locked.

A chiropractor can administer several spinal manipulations. The common of these treatments is the gentle and smooth spinal manipulation. This is a very tender adjustment of the spinal joints done to relieve headaches and back pains. It is carried out especially in children and the pregnant women. Like the gentle spinal adjustment, most other chiropractic adjustments are tender and smooth. You as the patient will feel no pain at all. There is only a relief when you undergo a chiropractic treatment.

The myths about chiropractic adjustments are broad and many, but we have put down those you are likely to come across. If you hear anything you doubt about chiropractic, always feel free to walk into any of our offices and ask the attentive chiropractors for advice.


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