5 Reasons You Should Nap More

5 Reasons You Should Nap More

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for — someone telling you that you actually need to take a nap in your adult life because it is good for your health! Besides the fact that a great nap just feels nice, here are 5 reasons to catch some extra sleep!

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1. Increases Job Productivity- napping improves alertness, sharpens memory, and reduces fatigue — thus increasing your productivity throughout the day. A quick nap helps you function more effectively and cross more things off your “to-do” list!

2. Can Reduce Anxiety and Depression- When you’re running on fumes and not getting enough sleep, long term, your body’s immune system and vital organs to not function as they should. This leads to some pretty terrible side effects — anxiety, depression, memory struggles, and more. By taking a nap, your body has time to rest and rejuvenate, helping prevent these issues.

3. May Strengthen Professional and Personal Relationships- When you’re tired and stressed, you are more likely to become angry and harder to deal with. If your hormones become unbalanced due to lack of sleep, your emotions also become out of whack. Taking a nap can help re-balance hormones and de-stress your life, thus improving your relationships and making them more enjoyable!

4. Makes Your Workday More Enjoyable- Napping helps rejuvenate the mind and body by allowing your body’s systems to rest and rebalance. This leads to more efficient and more rewarding work, which actually makes work more enjoyable!

5. Reduces Death Rates from Disease- Napping has actually been proven to decrease death rates from heart disease in countries where afternoon siestas are common!

Time to go rest your eyes and improve your health!

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