5 Tips for a Healthier Super Bowl Spread



This Sunday, while the Seattle Seahawks face off against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, millions of Americans that have just recently made resolutions to have a healthier new year will face off against the snack food table. Avoid the guilt (and stomach ache) that accompanies the usual Super Bowl snacks with these 5 tips for a healthier spread.

1. Serve Pre-Portioned Snacks

One easy way to manage your consumption on game day is to serve pre-portioned snacks.

These individual 7-layer dip cups are a perfect example of a snack that would otherwise be easy to over-do it on. Bonus: no concerns about double dipping!

2. Opt For Healthier Versions Of Your Favorites

Sweet-Potato-Skins-1You can almost always find creative ways to swap out ingredients in your favorite game day foods in order to make them healthier. For example, swapping out those regular potato skins covered in sour cream and toppings for these sweet potato skins with cheese and guacamole!

Other easy swaps would be trading deep fried anything for a baked option, or subbing-in greek yogurt where you would otherwise use sour cream.

3. Have A Healthier “Crunch”

Satisfy the need for a crunchy snack to accompany delicious dips by having a veggie tray.

Celery sticks, carrot chips, cucumber slices and bell pepper boats are all perfect vessels for enjoying any dip. Bonus: along with cutting out extra calories, you’ll be adding all sorts of nutritional value to your snacking.

4. Avoid Loading Up On Liquid Calories

Serving flavored sparkling water or fruit infused water is a great way to cut out liquid calories without completely sacrificing flavor.

Want to enjoy an adult beverage during the game? A serving of vodka with club soda and a lime wedge has only 67 calories. If you prefer beer, but still want to avoid loading up on extra calories, make sure you pick up the “light” version of your favorite brew.

5. Find New Favorites

It never hurts to get outside the comfort zone of typical game day snacks to try something new. Who knows, you might even discover a new favorite!
Hint: anything football themed is sure to be a hit. Case and point – these chocolate covered strawberry footballs!

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