6 Activities To Help You Lose Weight In A Week

6 Activities To Help You Lose Weight In A Week

We all know how an excessive weight gain can be a bother especially when you are involved in a career which requires constant movement. With an excessive weight, you may be unable to enroll for certain vacancies. It is not a matter of discrimination but rather a case of the job demands. You could enroll, but eventually, the going might get too tough for you. No need to panic, however, by the time you are done going through this article you will be aware of what activities to help you lose weight in just a week.


6 activities to help you lose weight in just a week

  1. Walking

As simple as it sounds, walking is very ideal as an exercise for losing weight especially if you are obese or suffering from certain heart conditions. With walking, you do not require any machine or equipment. You only need a fairly comfy pair of walking shoes. The advantage of walking is that it does not result in harmful setbacks such as hamstrings or knee injuries. Walking requires very little intensity thus it is very ideal for anyone with special conditions.

The recommended walking pace will depend on your weight. You can lose between 5 to 8 calories for every minute you walk. This means that if you complete a 45-minute walk, you should be able to burn as much as 360 calories. It gets even more interesting with the prospect of losing up to a pound in just a week. Enough talk now, put on those sneakers and cover some miles while listening to your favorite music from your iPod.

You can make walking a daily routine especially if your work place is close to your home.

  1. Try Kettlebells

Kettlebells for those who are familiar with this fitness equipment, are balls made from cast iron and are made with a single handle. The kettlebells may require some level of experience to work with. This is because the weights are unevenly distributed. As a result, you may have to balance between the weights and your body’s stability.

Due to the rigorous nature of the exercise, you can lose up to 400 calories exercising for about 20 minutes. The advantage of the kettlebells is that you may not have to lift them every day. You can let your exercise span over the week with 20-minute sessions. You could exercise for three days in a week. With regards to this schedule, you will cut a massive 1200 calories in a week.

Compared to benefits to your cardiovascular system and in terms of calories burnt, a 20-minute session of kettlebells exercise is equivalent to a six-mile run. To fully gain from the kettlebells, you must be careful not to get injuries in the process. For the beginners, you may have to attend classes at your local gym to get a better understanding of how to use the kettlebells.

  1. Doing push-ups and lunges

These are gym class staples which can help you sculpt your muscles and achieve quite a streamlined body.  For this particular exercise, you will be required to perform a set of 12 push-ups every day. When you perform push-ups, the exercise will impact on the upper part of your body. Lunges, on the other hand, tend to burn calories in the lower parts of your body. These areas include the hips, butt and the thighs.

During push-ups, you need to make sure that your legs and your back are in a straight line. This helps to improve the tone of your muscles. While performing the lunges, you could also put on some muscles by lifting some weights.

  1. Swimming

You cannot fail to know how to swim. Swimming is not a stress relieving exercise, but it also goes a long way to helping you to lose weight fast. Swimming regularly and vigorously can help you lose a massive amount of weight. Any swimming can help you lose between 400 to 700 calories in just an hour. You can shade pounds of weight by observing regular swimming sessions.  All sorts of swimming are equally beneficial, whether it is the backstroke, the dog paddle or the front crawl.

If you are looking for the best way not only for toning your muscles but for losing weight as well, swimming should be among your favorite choices. Your body will be toned and conditioned by this low impact exercise. Women who are in their last trimesters should embrace swimming if they feel the need to shed some extra weight. If you also suffer from conditions such as arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions or obesity, swimming should be your best alternative to losing weight.

Most persons who may be suffering from asthma can find other weight losing exercises to be strenuous. Swimming, on the other hand, is particularly ideal for such people. The moist warm air around you while swimming helps to keep your airways clear. The reasons as to why swimming attracts a lot of attention is perhaps due to the fact that it helps a lot of people including athletes to stay fit. Swimming is all comprehensive in that it will engage all the major body muscles. If you engage in other exercises such as running make sure to compliment them with a session of swimming.

  1. Cycling

There are many ways through which you can lose weight, but nothing beats cycling. Not only is cycling a low impact exercise, but it also helps to keeps your muscles flexed. During cycling exercises, you can lose a massive amount of pounds in short period. In most cases, the amount of weight you are likely to lose will also depend on the speed at which you are cycling. The terrain through which you cycle also affects your total weight loss through cycling.

This is where it gets more encouraging to cycle; cycling unlike running is much gentler to your joints. As long your bike can support your weight, even the most out-of-shape person can try out cycling. As much as cycling is gentle to your body, you can lose up to 1100 calories in just an hour.

If you would like to try out cycling, I would recommend, outdoor cycling. Outdoor cycling is good for weight losing because of the variance in the terrain. The differences in terrain enhance an all-round workout. You get not just to lose extra pounds but also a strong body and great cardiovascular workout. Just as I advised with walking, you should opt to cycle every time to your work place instead of taking a car or cab to work.

We have those of us who would like to use cycling as a means of losing weight, but outdoor options may be too dangerous. Spinning offers a better alternative to cycling. This is so because, with spinning, you get to exercise in a gym full of professionals. These professionals can always offer a helping hand when the going gets tough.

  1. Running

Running is as old as they come. This form of exercise is very basic and simple to carry out. With running, you might need sneakers and some sweat pants then you are good to go. No matter how heavy you think you are, try running today and see how it works out for you. You can lose as much as 600 calories within an hour of running. Running like any other exercise requires some level of discipline and commitment. It is recommended to warm up before you begin your regular running exercises. However, unlike we used to do back then, you do not have to stretch your muscles before running instead it is recommended to carry out simple marching exercises. I fancy running because of its simplicity and the large amounts of calories one burns in a very short period pf time.

Reading this article will not magically help you lose several pounds in a week. If you really want to let off that extra weight, chose your preferred exercise and get your body burning those excess calories. Try slow and see how much you can lose in a week.


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