Best Hiking Spots in the Heart of Nashville

Best Hiking Spots in the Heart of Nashville

Middle Tennessee is a gorgeous area- full of rivers, waterfalls, ridge tops, valleys, and more that make it perfect for hiking trails. Whether exploring Radnor Lake, the Warner Parks, or areas near the Natchez Trace Parkway, you can find the perfect hike for your skill level, while taking in the gorgeous scenes of middle Tennessee.

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Check out our list of the 8 best hikes in the heart of Nashville for the trails you should explore this spring:

1. Natchez Trace Parkway – Garrison Greek Loop Trail

This historic path, located near Franklin, is a 6.3-mile loop that forces hikers to wade through water at a few points, making it a pretty moderate hike. Bring plenty of water, sturdy shoes, and enjoy this historic trail that has been hiked for centuries!

2. Edwin Warner Park – Nature Loop

This trail is a short (0.75-mile) and easy trail that families can enjoy together. There’s a creek that kids can play in if there’s been enough rain, wildflowers, and a self-guided nature book with explanations and educational information about 20 different stops throughout the trail.

3. Edwin Warner Park – Harpeth Woods Trail

The Harpeth Woods Trail is a moderately difficult, 2.5-mile hike that leads hikers along a stream, through ridges, and past native plants and wildflowers. This hike calls for a great pair of shoes.

4. Radnor Lake Natural Area

Radnor Lake is one of the most breathtaking areas in Nashville. With several trails to choose from of varying lengths, you can explore the wooded trails or easily walk along the paved paths, checking out tons of wildlife.

5. Mossy Ridge Trail

Located in Percy Warner Park, this 4.5-mile trail has rocky paths, waterfalls, steep hills, and gorgeous views around every turn. Deemed a “moderate” hike, this is a classic one to check out in Nashville.

6. Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Nature Park

The Greenway is perfect for family friendly hikes as its made of four miles of paved trails — perfect for runs, walks, or even bike rides. Check out the wooded paths to see wildlife such as deer, birds, chipmunks, butterflies, and more. There’s even an overlook near the Shelby Park entrance to the Greenway that offers a great view of the Cumberland River.

7. Volunteer Trail

Located about 30 minutes from Nashville in Long Hunter State Park, the Volunteer Trail (aka the Day Loop Trail) is a flat, easy path with lakeside views. This 5.5-mile trail will take you along the shoreline, through 3 foot bridges, and through some amazing views.

8. Bells Bend Park

Bells Bend’s landscape is shaped by the Cumberland River, allowing hikers to take in gorgeous fields and wildflowers, as well as tons of wildlife. Its 2.3-mile loop trail lets you take in all the sights and sounds — pack a picnic and enjoy the views!

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