Best Weekend Getaways near Franklin, TN

Best Weekend Getaways near Franklin, TN

No one could have predicted that Franklin, a once-tiny town with a bloody past, could become the fun city it is today. Looking for the best weekend getaway? You should head to Franklin, TN right away. This historic city that sits 21 miles off Nashville is home to more than 70,000 people. It has some of the most prestigious schools in Tennessee and there are a handful of beautiful things you can enjoy there on a weekend.

Whether you just want to catch one of the city’s annual events and wander around its beautiful streets or you just want to escape into history, Franklin is your number one getaway. Several amazing parks and resorts are located a few miles away to allow you and your family to have an amazing weekend adventure. Without going any further, here are the best weekend getaways near Franklin you should consider

Best Weekend Getaways near Franklin, TN

1. Downtown Franklin

Downtown Franklin is a better getaway spot for everyone who enjoys shopping, art, and good food. The 16-block center has some wonderful boutiques and shops for fans of vintage and contemporary fashion. For art lovers, there are antique shops and art galleries that display exceptional art collections.

And if all you want is to learn about American history, there are a few historic homes within the block that are meant for this purpose. Yearly, Downtown Franklin is graced by popular festivals like Mainstreet Festival, Pumpkinfest, and Mainstreet Brewfest which often occur on weekends.

2. Factory at Franklin

Dating back to 1927, everyone in Franklin knows about the Factory at Franklin. It has historic venues like the Little Theatre and Liberty Hall that are specifically meant to promote the building’s heritage. Though its history might not impress most people, the present will.

Today, the Factory at Franklin is supplied with the finest collection stores, food joints, and shops. So, you can get everything that you need to have an elaborate shopping adventure. Since there are so many stops you can make, a weekend at the Factory at Franklin is generally thrilling.

3. Forest Crossing Golf Course

Golfing has never been funnier than doing it in a small forest-barricaded gold course. This is the kind of experience that you get at the Forest Crossing Golf Course in Franklin. This beautiful golf course allows sign-ups over the weekend for both professional and amateur golfers of all ages. So, if you have someone in the family who is crazy about golf, this is the place to take them on a weekend. Its outdoor meeting space is stunning for hosting weddings and parties.

4. Gallery 202

Saturdays are just amazing at Gallery 202. This historic art gallery is located in Clouston Hall, a cozy federal-designed home that dates back to 1821. History records that more than three former US presidents held meetings there. Thus, visiting Gallery 202 allows you to learn about their experience at the mansion.

Also, you can explore some of the finest art pieces that America has to offer. Whether its paintings and sculptures or antiques and pottery, the options are endless at Gallery 202. The gallery is known to promote local talents. So, come prepared to be stunned by local art.

5. McConnell House

If you are looking to dip into Tennessee’s history in a fun way, then you should spend your weekend at McConnell House. This indoor space is one of the best in Franklin for hosting private occasions and celebrations. Currently, they can accommodate about 200 guests a day.

The worry though is that the rooms are highly-demanded and so it’s necessary to book in advance. Their food is delicious and their hospitality team is so friendly. Overall, you can count on the venue to provide you with an amazing resort-like experience for everyone to enjoy.

6. Soar Adventure Tower

Are you looking for a place where your kids can have the fun of their life? Then there’s no better weekend getaway spot than the Soar Adventure Tower. This gigantic structure features at least 100 obstacles that are categorized in different levels.

The kids are expected to overcome the obstacles and this is where the fun is. While the base area is meant for small kids, older ones can climb higher. You too can join them to have fun as the tower is also adult-friendly.

7. Connor Steak and Seafood

You cannot have a complete weekend getaway without having a taste of the finest steaks and seafood. That’s why a visit to Connor Steak and Seafood steakhouse is recommended. The steakhouse is one of the best in Tennessee and is known to have the most mouthwatering chops for both lunch and dinner.

From fresh seafood entrees like crab cakes and shrimp to irresistible cheesesteaks and chicken parmesan, they have it all on their menu. What’s more, they have an elaborate cocktail menu. So, you can count on this steakhouse to provide you with an intimate getaway experience.

8. Leiper’s Fork

If you just want somewhere out-of-town where you can have a simple and quiet getaway, then you should head to Leiper’s Fork. This traditional village is home to less than 700 people. But despite its small population size, the country setting is a charming getaway for someone who wants to escape the noise, pollution, and confusion of the city.

It has some fine local restaurants that serve the best American dishes and antique shops that you can visit to collect precious art. They even have a local theatre, the Lawnchair Theatre, where you can catch a show with your family.

9. Natchez Trace Parkway

Lastly, after you are done exploring Leiper’s Fork, it’s a good idea to drive along the marvelous Natchez Trace Parkway. This famous route is just a 20-minute drive from Leiper’s Fork. The biggest attraction of parkway is the bridge. It’s double-arched and stands 107 feet high.

This means you can see Leiper’s Fork and other neighboring villages up-close. You can also see the beautiful mountainsides and forests that make Franklin such a hot tourist spot. The fun of exploring this route is walking on the bridge. So, purpose to do so when you get there.

Closing Thought:

Whether you want to wander through American history or to explore its present in a fun way, Franklin is undoubtedly the city to visit on a weekend. There’s everything around it that you and your kids need to pass the weekend in an adventurous way. So, instead of just staying indoors glued to the TV, consider stepping out to visit any of the above getaways.

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