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Best Weekend Getaways near Franklin, TN

No one could have predicted that Franklin, a once-tiny town with a bloody past, could become the fun city it is today. Looking for the best weekend getaway? You should head to Franklin, TN right away. This historic city that sits 21 miles off Nashville is home to more than 70,000 people. It has some of the most prestigious schools in Tennessee and there are a handful of beautiful things you can enjoy there on a weekend.

Whether you just want to catch one of the city’s annual events and wander around its beautiful streets or you just want to escape into history, Franklin is your number one getaway. Several amazing parks and resorts are located a few miles away to allow you and your family to have an amazing weekend adventure. Without going any further, here are the best weekend getaways near Franklin you should consider

1. Downtown Franklin

Downtown Franklin is a better getaway spot for everyone who enjoys shopping, art, and good food. The 16-block center has some wonderful boutiques and shops for fans of vintage and contemporary fashion. For art lovers, there are antique shops and art galleries that display exceptional art collections.

And if all you want is to learn about American history, there are a few historic homes within the block that are meant for this purpose. Yearly, Downtown Franklin is graced by popular festivals like Mainstreet Festival, Pumpkinfest, and Mainstreet Brewfest which often occur on weekends.

2. Factory at Franklin

Dating back to 1927, everyone in Franklin knows about the Factory at Franklin. It has historic venues like the Little Theatre and Liberty Hall that are specifically meant to promote the building’s heritage. Though its history might not impress most people, the present will.

Today, the Factory at Franklin is supplied with the finest collection stores, food joints, and shops. So, you can get everything that you need to have an elaborate shopping adventure. Since there are so many stops you can make, a weekend at the Factory at Franklin is generally thrilling.

3. Forest Crossing Golf Course

Golfing has never been funnier than doing it in a small forest-barricaded gold course. This is the kind of experience that you get at the Forest Crossing Golf Course in Franklin. This beautiful golf course allows sign-ups over the weekend for both professional and amateur golfers of all ages. So, if you have someone in the family who is crazy about golf, this is the place to take them on a weekend. Its outdoor meeting space is stunning for hosting weddings and parties.

4. Gallery 202

Saturdays are just amazing at Gallery 202. This historic art gallery is located in Clouston Hall, a cozy federal-designed home that dates back to 1821. History records that more than three former US presidents held meetings there. Thus, visiting Gallery 202 allows you to learn about their experience at the mansion.

Also, you can explore some of the finest art pieces that America has to offer. Whether its paintings and sculptures or antiques and pottery, the options are endless at Gallery 202. The gallery is known to promote local talents. So, come prepared to be stunned by local art.

5. McConnell House

If you are looking to dip into Tennessee’s history in a fun way, then you should spend your weekend at McConnell House. This indoor space is one of the best in Franklin for hosting private occasions and celebrations. Currently, they can accommodate about 200 guests a day.

The worry though is that the rooms are highly-demanded and so it’s necessary to book in advance. Their food is delicious and their hospitality team is so friendly. Overall, you can count on the venue to provide you with an amazing resort-like experience for everyone to enjoy.

6. Soar Adventure Tower

Are you looking for a place where your kids can have the fun of their life? Then there’s no better weekend getaway spot than the Soar Adventure Tower. This gigantic structure features at least 100 obstacles that are categorized in different levels.

The kids are expected to overcome the obstacles and this is where the fun is. While the base area is meant for small kids, older ones can climb higher. You too can join them to have fun as the tower is also adult-friendly.

7. Connor Steak and Seafood

You cannot have a complete weekend getaway without having a taste of the finest steaks and seafood. That’s why a visit to Connor Steak and Seafood steakhouse is recommended. The steakhouse is one of the best in Tennessee and is known to have the most mouthwatering chops for both lunch and dinner.

From fresh seafood entrees like crab cakes and shrimp to irresistible cheesesteaks and chicken parmesan, they have it all on their menu. What’s more, they have an elaborate cocktail menu. So, you can count on this steakhouse to provide you with an intimate getaway experience.

8. Leiper’s Fork

If you just want somewhere out-of-town where you can have a simple and quiet getaway, then you should head to Leiper’s Fork. This traditional village is home to less than 700 people. But despite its small population size, the country setting is a charming getaway for someone who wants to escape the noise, pollution, and confusion of the city.

It has some fine local restaurants that serve the best American dishes and antique shops that you can visit to collect precious art. They even have a local theatre, the Lawnchair Theatre, where you can catch a show with your family.

9. Natchez Trace Parkway

Lastly, after you are done exploring Leiper’s Fork, it’s a good idea to drive along the marvelous Natchez Trace Parkway. This famous route is just a 20-minute drive from Leiper’s Fork. The biggest attraction of parkway is the bridge. It’s double-arched and stands 107 feet high.

This means you can see Leiper’s Fork and other neighboring villages up-close. You can also see the beautiful mountainsides and forests that make Franklin such a hot tourist spot. The fun of exploring this route is walking on the bridge. So, purpose to do so when you get there.

Closing Thought:

Whether you want to wander through American history or to explore its present in a fun way, Franklin is undoubtedly the city to visit on a weekend. There’s everything around it that you and your kids need to pass the weekend in an adventurous way. So, instead of just staying indoors glued to the TV, consider stepping out to visit any of the above getaways.

The Best Places to Splash near Franklin, TN

Whenever Franklin is mentioned in the history books, most people always associate the town with its darkest past, the American Civil War. Though this bloodiest war is important in history, so many lives were lost and Franklin happens to be the point of reference. It’s in this humble town where you’ll find evidence of bloodstain implanted on the floor when you visit the Carton Plantation. You’ll also see several graves belonging to slain American soldiers.

But if you can forget history for a second, Franklin has a bright present and future. There’s so much to see and do in this historic town. Like most towns, Franklin has some amazing fun spots that anyone who’s willing to be adventurous can go to. And when it’s the summer, there’s no better fun activity than splashing in a water pool or splash park. Luckily, Franklin has some amazing splash spots where you and your kids can have a great splash experience. Here are our best picks:

  1. Franklin Recreational Complex (1120 Hillsboro Road)

The Franklin Recreational Complex was primarily built for splash fun. They have a splash pad, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool where you can splash. The recreational complex is family-friendly and they are open every day of the week. So, you can always drop there for a splash any time of the day when you feel like letting loose.

If you want to learn to swim, they normally have swim lessons in the indoor pool area. Other than the splash parks and pools, you can also access a tennis court, an outdoor playground, a dance studio, and a fitness room. Your kids, in particular, will have an exciting time as most of the facilities are designed for them.

  1. Comfort Inn (4202 Franklin Commons Court)

Known for its spacious and comfortable rooms, Comfort Inn has grown from just being a luxurious hotel into becoming one of Franklin’s most sought-after splash spots. The hotel is located a couple of kilometers from the famous Goofballs Family Fun Center. So, whenever you bring your kids to Goofballs, you can always drop at Comfort Inn for a splash adventure.

The interesting thing is that pets are allowed and so you can always tag your animal friend along. As you watch your kids splash in the pools, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi that’s available to all guests within the hotel perimeter. Their pools are spacious and safe to help your kids. Actually, they don’t have to swim. Just the idea of jumping into the water is fun by itself.

  1. Home2Suites (107 International Drive)

Just like Comfort Inn, Home2Suites is not your ordinary hotel. It has grown to become an amazing splash spot. It’s famously known for having one of the most advanced indoor splash pools in Franklin. If you forgot to carry your swimming gear, you’ll be most likely tempted to jump into the pool the way you are.

The pool always has some form of activity going on. Whether it’s adult sitting on the pool wall with their legs dipped inside the water or kids jumping into the water and making a mess, the scenery is just spectacular. That’s how fun the splash spot is. Furthermore, they have free Wi-Fi that allows you to post your splash experience online after recording.

  1. Homewood Suites (2225 E McEwen Drive)

If you are driving from Aspen Grove Park and are looking for a 3-star hotel, Homewood Suites has to be at the top of your list. This majestic hotel has an incredible indoor splash pool that guarantees the best splash experience. You actually don’t have to book a room to splash at the hotel. You just need a special pass indicating that you are a guest there.

The spot is quite popular not just because of the indoor splash pool but also because of amenities like a gym, a café, ample parking, and free Wi-Fi. So, you can access all of these amenities when you go splashing there. However, they have age restrictions for admission. The minimum age is 21.

  1. La Quinta (4207 Franklin Commons Court)

Though it doesn’t enjoy the luxury that you find at Comfort Inn, one of its closest competitors, La Quinta is undoubtedly a great splash spot for anyone who’s adventurous. They have an indoor splash pool that’s fairly large and cozy. You are allowed to come with your kids and they can enjoy free Wi-Fi as they play in the waters.

In addition to the indoor pool, you can also enjoy a spa tub at La Quinta. It’s meant to complement the indoor pool and it’s the highlight of your splash adventure. They also have ample and secure parking in case you come with your family car. A day spent at the splash spot is always a memorable one provided you don’t go alone.

  1. Drury Plaza Hotel (1874 West McEwen Drive)

What makes Drury Plaza Hotel stand out is the fact that they have both an indoor and outdoor splash pool. So, you can choose where to splash as both options are exciting. This explains why the hotel enjoys a 4.8 guest rating. It simply means that the facility always lives up to the expectation of its guests. They allow kids and pets and like the other hotels; you can enjoy free Wi-Fi here as you take a break from the pool or just before you get into it.

  1. Best Western Franklin Inn (1308 Murfreesboro Road)

Bragging of its auspicious and spacious outdoor pool, Best Western is always a great splash stop for individuals and families. The motel is just a kilometer away from Goofballs. So, you can always make a stop on your way out of Goofballs. They have self-parking space and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi on site.

But still, the real adventure is at the outdoor pool. If you are bold, this is where you get loose. You can engage in any kind of fun activities at the pool with your family ranging from swimming to ball games. When you are done, you can grab a quick bite at the restaurant.

Closing Thought:

Despite its dark past, Franklin has grown to become a fun town for both locals and visitors. During the summer, you have the chance to unwind in some of Franklin’s best water spots. The splash spots discussed are family-friendly. So, you can bring your kids and have a family moment. You can take out your diary now and record the splash place you’ll visit in the coming days.

The Best Cup of Coffee in Franklin

We all have different tastes for coffee. Some of us like it black while others want it creamy. Some prefer to take with sugar and others like it without sugar. Whatever your preference is, coffee just makes your day better. Whether you want to stimulate your mind in readiness for a hectic day ahead or you just want to relax after a stressful day, a cup of hot coffee can offer you the escape.

Speaking of a cup of hot coffee; there’s no better place to have it than in Franklin. They have some of the best and budget-friendly coffeehouses that Tennessee has to offer. You can take your coffee there or on the go. Some coffeehouses even have delivery services when you book online or when you ring them. Wondering what spots we are talking about? Well, here are our top 10 recommendations:

  1. The Coffee House at Second and Bridge

When thinking about a local coffee shop that’s locally inspired, this coffeehouse has to top the list. Having launched in 2012, the Coffee House has expanded its menu to become the most desired breakfast joint on 144 2nd Avenue. They are open from 7 am to 5 pm and so you can have your coffee any time of the day. They also offer take-out services if you want to have your coffee on the go. Additionally, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi on site, outdoor sitting area, and ample parking. You can visit their Website to check the spot out.

  1. Franklin Coffee House

Franklin Coffee House is one of the recent entrants into the Franklin coffee market. The coffee house was launched in 2018. So, they are just a year old. But despite being young, the spot has the best coffee on Sparta, WI. They also offer a wide selection of bakery options to go with their coffee. The advantage is that you can make an online through their Website and have your cup of coffee delivered where you are.

  1. The Well Coffeehouse

Standing strategically on 1725 Galleria Blvd is the Well Coffeehouse. Many locals know the spot as an internet café since customers are allowed to enjoy fast free Wi-Fi as they sip their coffee. It’s open from nine to nine (am to pm) and you can have your coffee plain or with bread. The coffeehouse has a glamorous interior to inspire you. So, it’s great for special dates. You can visit their Website to familiarize yourself with their coffee specialties.

  1. Biscuit Love

Having launched in 2012, Biscuit Love is one of the most visited coffee spots in Franklin. It’s a family-owned business that’s known for the best local breakfast servings. Located at 132 3rd Avenue Street, Biscuit Love is open from 7 am to 3 pm. It has a casual but classy appeal and it’s quite spacious for group meetings. Additionally, the spot is wheelchair-accessible and kid-friendly. You can check them out here.

  1. The Good Cup

Just from the sound of the name, you can tell that coffee in this spot is good. A peculiar coffee spot on 2181 Hillsboro Road, the Good Cup is generally an amazing coffee shop. They open from six to six (am to pm) and they allow you to have coffee on a budget. They have free Wi-Fi and you can have your coffee outside if you prefer. So, if you work online, you can continue working as you sip your coffee. You can check what they have here.

  1. Starbucks

Whether you want the best cup of tea or coffee, you can get it at Starbucks. They are a popular spot on 5050 Carothers Pkwy. They are known to open early in the morning at around 5 am and close late at night. So, you are guaranteed the best cup of coffee any time you visit the joint. In fact, they have specially-branded takeaway coffee cups that are great for someone on the go. You can also ring them to make a booking. The coffee joint has an exciting modern style for anyone who cares about trends. You can see everything clearly on their Website.

  1. Café Latte

When walking on 1800 Galleria Blvd, it’s hard to miss this coffee joint. Known to have a simple design, Café Latte is quite popular for coffee lovers on a budget. They allow you to have an inexpensive take-out. The only problem is that it often gets noisy inside since space is small and they don’t have parking space for both cars and bikes. The spot is just great for someone who wants to grab their best cup of coffee and sip it on the way.

  1. Java Dreams II

Like Café Latte, Java Dreams II is generally a simple and inexpensive coffee joint. However, this doesn’t mean that their coffee isn’t good. On the contrary, they probably have the best coffee on 730 Cool Springs Blvd. So, you are guaranteed the best serving when you visit the café. They are open from 7 am to 2 pm every weekday. So, it can be your regular spot if you go to work from Monday to Friday. Space may not be that large, but their coffee is unquestionable. It’s that good.

  1. Tiny Little Donuts

Originally started as a donut joint, Tiny Little Donuts has grown to become an amazing joint for coffee lovers. Actually, most customers prefer to have donuts with coffee. They have an amazing outdoor sitting area for consumers. You can visit the spot any morning hour on any day to have your cup of coffee. They are located at 328 5th Avenue. Alternatively, you can make your order online by visiting their Website.

  1. Perch Westhaven

Known as a classy restaurant by many, Perch Westhaven always serves the best local coffee. Though the price at the joint is a little higher than what you pay in most coffee joints, you are guaranteed the best perks. For example, they have an amazing outdoor space where you can sit alone or in a group as you enjoy free Wi-Fi. They also offer coffee take-out through branded coffee cups. You can check out their Website for more information.

Closing Thought:

Historically speaking, Franklin is generally a coffee drinking city. So, it doesn’t surprise that there are coffeehouses on almost all streets. With the above spots topping the list, you are always guaranteed a good time when you sip your preferred caffeine drink. Each spot has its’ own fair share of advantages. So, you just have to go to the one that matches your expectation.

The Best Concerts Coming to Nashville This Summer

The summer season is fast approaching and most of us just can’t wait for it to start. The season promises so much fun in different places. In Nashville, it’s all about music. From the old days, Nashville has always been regarded as America’s favorite music city. This is because of the amazing concerts that are hosted in the city every year. Other than music, you should expect to taste some of the best local cuisines and have some great fun moments with your family.

Therefore, if you are looking to take a break this summer, you should attend one of the summer concerts in this historic city. The concert that you choose will help you loosen up as you dance and sing to your favorite tunes. Since there will be dozens of festivals hosted each week in different places during the summer period, it’s important to know which ones are the best. Here are our top picks:

  1. Free Community Concert (June 25)

There is no better concert to kick start the summer season than the Free Community Concert. Historically, Nashville is known to be a city that encourages the spirit of communitarianism. So, it makes sense for the Nashville Symphony to organize this concert at Key Park. Entry to the concert is free and you are guaranteed amazing music, fine foods, and family fun.

  1. Sunset Concert (June 30, July 28)

This summer, you have the chance to enjoy a double treat of the Sunset Concert. It’s a music concert that features renowned band groups. On June 30, the concert will feature Johnny Cash and on July 28, it’ll feature Journey Tribute Band. The venue for the concert will be the Carnton Plantation and the fun will begin at 6 pm. Advanced tickets for the concerts will retail at $12 and $5 for adults and kids respectively. In addition to music, there’ll be lots of family-fun activities and foods to enjoy.

  1. Jerry Lee Lewis (July 1)

Expected to be performing on December 10th, Jerry Lee Lewis will now be performing on July 1st at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Most of his fans in Nashville and the whole of Tennessee have been waiting for this moment. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee will perform hits like ‘Breathless’ and ‘High School Confidential’ on July 1st. The concert is expected to attract the masses.

  1. Rob Thomas (July 9)

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center will also see another big name perform there this summer. Rob Thomas will be hosting a mega concert on July 9th to promote his newest album, ‘Chip Tooth Smile’. He’s also expected to perform his old-time hit, ‘Matchbox Twenty’, that saw him rise to fame. The talented vocalist is one of the few solo artists who has taken the music industry by storm.

  1. Music on Main (July 18)

Simmons Bank will be presenting Music on Main Concert at Main Street Park this summer. The concert will be free and shall start at 6:30 pm till late at night. The key performers will be Entice, a band group that has shared a stage with some of RnB and soul music finest names like Rick James, Cameo, and Ohio Players. Other than lovely music treats by Entice, you’ll be treated to amazing dinners. From seafood and assorted vegetables to waffles and BBQs, the options will be many.

  1. Jazz on the Cumberland (July 21)

Are you a jazz fan? Would you like to listen to some classics? Then you should attend Jazz on the Cumberland. The festival is marked annually in Nashville and this year it’ll be on July 21st at Cumberland Park from 5:30 pm. It’s generally family-friendly. You can bring your kids together with your jazz buddies and get to experience the finest that jazz music has to offer. Lots of foods will be served on site and there will be amazing activities for the kids.

  1. Kirk Franklin (July 21)

The undisputed King of Hip-Hop Gospel Kirk Franklin will be performing some of his best hits in Nashville this summer. Some of the tracks to expect include ‘I Smile’, ‘Brighter Day, and ‘Imagine Me’. The concert is scheduled for July 21st at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The multi-Grammy award winner promises an exciting music experience and you’ll have a chance to go home with a copy of his recent hit, ‘Long Live Love’.

  1. Revival Weekend (August 1-3)

Young people with a passion for gospel music will be coming together in Newsong Nashville this summer for an amazing revival weekend. This is a yearly concert that brings together gospel musicians from different parts of the country. The concert promises to be explosive for all those who are crazy about urban gospel music.

  1. John Mayer (August 8)

Multi-Grammy award singer and songwriter John Mayer will be performing this August at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. He’s popularly known for hot rock hits like ‘New Light’ and ‘Current Mood’. For those who know John Mayer, he’s an entertaining performer just as much as he’s a gifted vocalist. If you are into the rock music culture, then you’ll like it at the concert. It’s one of those that you just want to continue to the next day and the day after.

  1. 2019 Sing! (August 19-21)

Every year, gospel singers, pastors, and other members of the Christian fraternity always look forward to the Sing Concert. 1n 2019, the concert is all about singing for Christ and living like Him. So, expect to sing aloud as you get inspired by great speakers like John Piper, Keith Getty, and John MacArthur.

  1. Backstreet Boys (August 26)

No one could have predicted that this legendary band will be back again on the same stage singing like the old good days. Well, it’s now official – Backstreets Boys will be doing a tour this summer and one of their stops will be Nashville. They’ll perform at the Bridgestone Arena on August 26. The aim of the tour is to promote their newest album, DNA. But still, expect them to perform their old-time hits after 15 years of silence.

Closing Thought:

Depending on your taste for music, Nashville will be hosting some of the best concerts this summer. So, you should look at the list for the one that you really like and attend it. All of them guarantee a musical experience like no other and so much fun for the whole family. Surely, theirs is no better way to pass a summer break than to have a merry moment at a Nashville concert.

The Best Festivals Coming to Franklin

Spring is here with us and it means so much for everyone who has wanted to take a vacation. Whether you want to take a break from work or a bad relationship, there’s no better place to be than the beautiful city of Franklin, TN. The city has so many festivals for the spring that are tailored for different kinds of people. For example, there are family-fun events, trade events, and educational events. Regardless of the event type that you choose to attend, you are promised a new and special experience. To get you in the mood of visiting Franklin, here are the best events coming to the city this spring.

  1. Movie in the Park (April 26, May 31)

If you love music, there’s no better experience than to watch it on a big screen in a park and with so many people. It’s just crazy. On April 2016, they’ll be showing the Incredible 2 at Pinkerton Park from 8 pm. On May 31 on the same park and at the same time, they’ll be showing Ralph Breaks the Internet. Both movies are animations and are great for kids. But you can also join them for the fun. The movies are free and all you have to do is bring a seat and some blankets to keep you warm.

  1. Main Street Festival (April 27 & 28)

The Main Street annual festival is scheduled for Saturday, April 28. So, it’s a great festival for the first weekend after Easter. It’s among the largest annual events in the Southeast. The festival promises so much fun for the invitees. From exceptional foods and drinks to exciting activities like scavenger hunts and bungee rides, Main Street Festival has it all. The location is Franklin’s Main Street and the celebrations will start at 10 am on 27th May to 6 pm the following day.

Since the festival is organized by the Heritage Foundation, the focus point is art and culture. In terms of art, you should expect to see the best handicrafts and photos. In terms of culture, expect the best musical performance and dances. This year, the festival will be marking its 35th anniversary. So, it’s expected to be as big as the other ones. Normally, the festival attracts a crowd of roughly 100,000. This is likely to be the number this year.

  1. Cinco De Mayo (May 1)

Are you looking for business networks in your sector? Well, you should attend the Cinco de Mayo festival this spring. The event will be held at E Space Downtime Franklin and will feature professionals from around the world. You are required to make an advanced booking by paying $10 before May 1.

The theme of the event may be business networking but it’s never formal. The professionals here are always in a social mood. So, expect to network under friendly conditions. Moreover, they’ll be serving the best tacos and margaritas. You can also ask for local beer as it’s normally in the event’s menu.

  1. BBB Songwriters Night (May 3)

This is an annual music festival that’s organized by BBB to appreciate the worth of music integrity. The event will be held at the Factory in Franklin and promises so much for the guests. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals and fine beer. There will also be live music performance from some of the top artists in the world. You just need to book a table for $125 and you’ll have your booking reserved.

  1. Creative Breakfast (May 11)

Do you have a creative mind and would love to exchange ideas with minds alike? Then you should attend the Creative Breakfast event at Crossroads of the Nation. It’s really an exciting opportunity for creative people to sit down over breakfast as they discuss amazing ideas. Entry to the event is free and thus you can tag friends along. You only pay $5 at the door for the food.

As you dine together, you’ll have the opportunity to socialize and know each other. You may find someone who can inject ideas into your project. You too can invest an idea into someone’s project. Actually, there’s no speaker at this event. The platform is opened for creative-to-creative fellowship. You also get the chance to pray for each other.

  1. Women of Influence (May 16)

Women have come a long way in the corporate sector. These days, there’s absolutely no corporate office that a woman can’t run for. Majorly, it’s because of influence by other women who have managed to break corporate barriers. If you are looking for motivation in the corporate sector, then you have a great platform at the Women of Influence festival.

This festival gives women of all colors and ages the opportunity to network with other women. You can bring your daughter, sister, or mother to the event. It’ll be held at the OP Jenkins Furniture & Designs. There would be some established women in the corporate sector to inspire guests.

  1. Touch a Truck (May 17)

Do your kids marvel at big trucks and super vehicles? You should give them the opportunity to not only see some of these heavy machines but to also touch and climb some of them. You just have to take them to Jim Warren Park on May 17th from 5-8 pm. The event promises you and the kids a fun-filled adventure. From fire trucks and tow trucks to police vehicle and back-hoes, the festival has it all. In addition, food and drinks are offered on site.

  1. The Great Slider Showdown (June 1)

This year will mark the second celebrations for the Great Slider Showdown. Banking on last year’s success, the organizers of the Great Slider Showdown are looking at an equally explosive event this year. Taking place at the Factory in Franklin, this event promises you the best sliders in Tennessee. The sliders are created by 10 of the most talented chefs in America competing for $300, gold-cast cookers, and other prizes. Once you book the ticket, your job is to witness the competition as you taste some of the sliders.

  1. Music for Seniors (June 12)

Lastly, if you are a senior who wants to experience the lovely music of yesteryears, then there’s no better place to go this spring than the Academy Park Performing Art Center. The festival features the San Rafael Band. The band is known to play the best of rock music and Latin jazz. They also do salsa. Whether it’s to listen to old-school music or to dance to it, the experience at Music for Seniors Festival is unmatched.

Closing Thought:

During spring, Franklin is generally a fun place to be. The events are fun-filled and lively. They basically make you appreciate spring more. You simply can’t wait to attend the festivals again next year and the year after. No doubt, Franklin is the best getaway destination for the spring season.

Why Franklin is America’s Favorite Small Town

America is historically a proud nation. She is proud of her tradition, food, people, and towns. One lovely town that clearly defines America’s pride is Franklin. Located in the outskirts of Nashville, the little town has developed tremendously. Since the 80s, the humble town has grown its population by 500%. Records show that the population in 1980 was just slightly above 12,000. Now, it’s estimated to be at least 73,000. So, why the enormous difference? Historic, fun, productive, hospitable, and unique are just some of the words that can be used to describe Franklin, TN. Whether you are looking to settle down or just to take a vacation, Franklin is an amazing town. It’s America’s favorite small town and here are the reasons why:

American History in Full Effect

The town was named after Benjamin Franklin during the American Civil War Era. The famous war was one of the bloodiest in America’s history. In Franklin, you have the opportunity to dive deep into this history. You’ll feel like it’s something you personally experienced. You are able to tour the famous Carter House which gives you a comprehensive experience of what went down during the civil war. You are able to understand how painful it was for the civilians more so having to bury each other. This can be understood further if you visit the Confederate Cemetery. This historic cemetery is a resting place for about 1500 murdered souls.

Impressive Ranking

According to a recent CNN report, Franklin occupies position 52 in the top 100 list for America’s best small towns. The reasons clear in the report are low unemployment rate, rich American history, and an upbeat lifestyle. The other factor that is not just in this report but also in others that precedes it is the fact that most people consider Franklin a safe, comfortable, and hospitable town to settle and invest in. It has a competitive advantage over the neighboring towns in terms of investment opportunities, historic spots, and exciting atmosphere. Another survey by Travel & Leisure ranked Franklin at position 8 overall in the list of the most-popular small-town travel destination. Under special categories, the survey ranked Franklin at position 7 and 14 for being the friendliest and most-romantic town respectively.

Strategic Location and Great Weather

Franklin is centrally located. It offers close proximity to about 8 states which neighbor Tennessee. This makes it a great option for interstate travelers. The location is boosted by amazing weather. The average temperature in July, for example, is 26.30C and that in January is 3.20C. According to most locals, the temperature variation is what makes life in Tennessee fun and unique.

Low Cost of Living

One reason to explain the massive migration into Franklin, TN is a low cost of living. Considering that Tennessee is among the 6 states which do not allow personal income taxation, so many people consider Franklin a great place to reside and do business. Other factors that contribute to a low cost of living in Franklin are affordable housing, availability of cheap local produces, and fair utility charges.

Appreciating Property Market

In recent years, the real estate market has been appreciating in Franklin. Actually, this is one of the reasons why so many people are relocating to the humble town. People want to buy properties before they get more expensive. When they do, they can decide to sell them. There are also others who prefer to buy land so that they can build customized homes.

Lovely Schools

Franklin is a town that really appreciated schooling. To the town, education is a priority for the locals. In the eyes of many, Franklin is an affluent town. Therefore, schools in this town are held with high esteem, be it private or public. They have invested heavily in them. The town is associated with affluent schools such as Franklin High School, Centennial High School, and Freedom Middle School. For parents who are migrating to Franklin, the education system guarantees them and their kids quality learning and innovation. The schools are advised to apply the curriculum effectively to create job creators instead of job seekers.

Never-Ending Entertainment

All year round, the town of Franklin never sleeps. It’s historically known for live music and other forms of entertainment. The town is home to a number of world-class entertainment venues such as Gray’s on Main and the Franklin Theatre. Each night, you have the opportunity to experience some of the best live performances that America has to offer. In addition, there are several festivals that are solely for entertainment reasons. The most popular one is the Pilgrimage Festival that runs in the Fall. It’s the largest music and cultural festival in Tennessee. There is also the Pumpkinfest Festival in the Fall and the Franklin on the Fourth in July.

Historic Annual Events

Franklin is a historic town and so you should expect touches of history even in the annual events. The most popular one is the Rodeo Event. Since its launching in 1949, the Franklin Rodeo event has captured the hearts of many. The longest-running historic event features parades in addition to contests. If you are a cowboy wannabe, then this annual event is a must-attend. The other well recognized annual event is the Strawberry Festival that’s held at the Farmer’s Market. The festival provides your kids with a perfect opportunity to sample some of the best strawberry products.

Shopping Experiences Like No Other

Franklin town has always preserved its historic heritage even in the commercial sector. From artisan shops to awesome outdoor markets, Downtown Franklin has it all. The perfect way to have a nice shopping tour experience is walking down the main street. You can join Franklin by Foot Tour with your whole family. You’ll be able to enjoy the town much better just by walking across the streets. If you are interested in local antiques, you can visit the Scarlett Scales or Franklin Antique Wall.

Final Thought:

Clearly, there are so many reasons why anyone would want to visit or reside in Franklin, TN. The town is rich in resources and culture. If you are looking for a new or unique experience in Tennessee, Franklin should definitely be on top of your list. This is the kind of town that you can confidently call your home. It’s truly America’s favorite town and pride.

The Best Fall Events in Franklin, TN

While it may not feel like fall just yet, there are plenty of fall events happening soon in Franklin, TN. Read on for some of our favorites!

The Best Fall Events in Franklin, TN

With the blazing hot summer days coming to an end and fall creeping up on us it’s time to get out and enjoy the beauty of the season. Though I may be bias, I feel Franklin, TN is one of the most breath taking places to watch the seasons change. With fall in full swing and Halloween fast approaching, there is a cornucopia of events in Franklin to celebrate the change in seasons. From the classic Pumpkinfest to wandering through a corn maze, check out some of the best events below:

Gentry’s Farm

Gentry’s Farm located at 1974 New Highway Ninety Six West Franklin, TN 37064 is a child’s dream. The farm is open the weekends of September 29th – October 29th and features 25 acres of home grown pumpkins for picking. There is a $6 admission fee (ages 2-65) for the activity area which includes a pretend country café, farm play set, pretend farmer’s market, “I Spy” farm set, hands-on loom, Lincoln logs, horseshoes, hayrides through the historic farm, inside straw maze, friendly farm animals, grain troughs, tire swings, four acre corn field maze, and more.

Wine Down Main Street

Wine Down Main Street started in 2001 and has since become a well-known and excitedly anticipated tradition to many in Franklin. This year the tasting will take place on Friday November the 2nd. During this event adults sample wines from around the world while exploring the delightful shops along historic Main Street. This is the most unique wine tasting event in Franklin with world class wines that bring people from all over, including 20 states and many foreign countries

The Boiler Room Theater

The Boiler Room Theater is conveniently located in the heart of Franklin at The Factory, 230 Franklin Rd. building 8. This is an intimate theater which seats 120 guests in movie-theater style seats and cost $20 per ticket for all shows unless you have a season pass. The fall calendar this year has 2 very different shows running. The first, Parade, running October 5th -20th is the true story of the tragic trial and lynching of a man wrongly accused of murder. The second running October 26th – November 3rd is the well-known Rocky Horror Show. This play tells the tale of two clean-cut young people who run into trouble on their way to visit an old college professor and seek help at the freaky Frankenstein mansion.


The Pumpkinfest in Franklin is a fun event for the family. Over 65,000 people descend on the tiny town of Franklin each year to revel in the pumpkin and in the other delights offered by the state at the Pumpkinfest. Costume contests, all-day music events, arts and crafts vendors, a food and beer tent and extreme pumpkin carving all bring this festival to life. Free kids’ events, including bouncy houses, face painting, games and even an area dedicated for the preschoolers help keep this day fun for kids and adults alike.

It’s a time when residents and tourists alike can celebrate the fall season and enjoy everything that relates to pumpkins. Numerous vendors set up tents and booths to sell foods, crafts, and other handmade items.

This event is the largest festival of its kind in the town. It draws thousands of people to the streets of Franklin so that they can enjoy the fall air and the special events that take place during the day. The main events of the festival take place on Main Street, but the side streets in the area are also full of vendors and stages for entertainment, such as dancing and singing. There is a special area for kids that feature several inflatables, rides, and games.

Pony rides and face painting are also available. Most activities in this area require a ticket, but guests can purchase a wristband for unlimited time with some activities. A costume contest is held toward the end of the festival. There are categories for people and pets with prizes for each category. A food and beer tent features an abundance of pastries, fried foods, hamburgers, chicken and a variety of beer. Pumpkin carving takes place as well along with a few tours of the cemetery in Franklin in the evening after the festival.

Grave Matters Tour

Once a year, costumed reenactors portray some of the cemeteries’ most interesting people. Join us on Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 7:00-9:00pm for a walk through history. We also offer guided tours Thursday evenings at 5:00pm.

Either way, you’ll meet the Carter father and son whose home is the epicenter of the Battle of Franklin. You’ll be introduced to the little-known but still fascinating two Georges, Grummond and Cuppett, who fought on opposite sides of the War, and are remembered for different reasons. Brave teenager Fannie Courtney, a Union sympathizer who tended to the Union wounded at First Presbyterian Church will tell her story (you won’t believe the rest of it).

Not all the stories are Civil War-related. You won’t want to miss the grave of Anarchy Cowles, a freed slave, or the marker of the two infant Marr sisters, whose short, tragic lives are commemorated by a broken shaft. Not to be missed is the grave of the Unknown Civil War soldier whose remains were uncovered at a Franklin construction site in 2009 and later reinterred at Rest Haven.

City Farmhouse Pop-Up Fair

The city farmhouse pop up fair, in franklin Tennessee is a vintage & antiquing extravaganza featuring 50 hand selected vendors from across the U.S. The Fair was named one of the top five events to attend in October by Southern Living, the top October event to attend in Tennessee by Garden & Gun.

Back by popular demand is the city farmhouse holiday market featuring seventy five vendors showcasing everything from antiques & vintage, holiday decor, jewelry, handmade, food and many more. The Holiday Market deemed a lifestyle shopping extravaganza is located in both Jamison & Liberty Halls at the Factory at Franklin.

The Amazing Cool Springs Sports Complex

What comes to your mind when you think about the Cool Springs Sports Complex? For those of us who have been to the sports complex, you know how amazing the place is. If you haven’t been to the Cool Springs Sports Complex, you don’t know how much fun you are missing. There are many activities both for adults and kids. At the sports center, you can bring your family for family festivities and other gatherings. Moreover, you can organize with the management so as to host birthday parties at this excellent place. But what makes this sports facility always crowded on a daily basis? Perhaps it is important that we get a look at some of the activities and factors which give Cool Springs Sports Complex the fame and populace it commands.

The Cool Springs Sports facility also acts as a premiere golf facility. It is as state of the art design which attracts visitors from all over America. The facility rests on a 58-acre piece of land. It offers both indoor and outdoor activities. It has a driving range as well as a dining section. So if you are planning an occasion the sports complex, you do not have to carry your food all the way. There is even an option to rent sections of the facility for your club to practice in. You can also organize for summer. For camping, you can book morning, afternoon or entire day slots. The facility offers very friendly charges for its amenities.

You will be happy to know that Cool Springs Sports Complex usually organizes for league competition. These leagues are grouped into various categories. The sporting activities at the Cool Springs offer a variety. This ensures that you compete in an event you find more convenient and fun. Some of these sports include mini golf, kickball, basketball, relay races and soccer. If you are bringing kids along, they will have a time of their lifetime. They can participate in art and craft among other activities. Furthermore, there is plenty of thrilling movies that kids can watch at the sporting complex. Besides movies, art and craft there are inflatables which kids find quite thrilling. Youth clinics are also available at the Cool Springs Sports Complex.

The Cool Springs Sports Complex is one of the best driving ranges in North America. Whether you are simply looking to drive for fun or professional practice, this is the place to go. You will have the best terrain, and the amazing outdoor layout provides the best thrill. Furthermore, you do not have to spend too much money on this. The charges are very fair. Everyone who has been to the Cool Springs Sports Complex can ascertain to the unforgettable driving experience. You will be happy to know that the driving range is fully turfed.

Cool Springs driving range which features advanced technology is designed to enable professional golfers to hone their skills. Moreover, you will find the hitting area adorned in open air mats. These areas have a nice cover which facilitates practicing during all weather conditions. The Cool Springs Sports Complex driving range provides crucial and engaging training feedback to young folks who come to train. This makes it wholesome driving range in North America.

The standard high-quality driving range features world class Srixon Golf Balls with protractor technology. It also features a two-storey driving range. You can get heated bays with state of the art indoor golf simulators. The 18-hole golf course also utilizes the services of certified PGA instructors. There is a conference center as well as a bar and grill for your entertainment. Nothing beats the Cool Springs Sports Complex when it comes to offering the ideal place to have fun.

Are you looking for an efficient fitness center while you are on vacation? Worry not because the Cool Springs Sports Complex features a fitness center which promises to keep you in good shape. Whether you are looking for a hassle free way to lose weight or simply want to live healthy, this fitness center will give you exactly that. The training program and schedules are friendly and inspire a sense of belonging. You will go through fitness exercises at your pace. The instructors are friendly and welcoming. Every other participant provides support and inspiration to all other group members.

Cool Springs Fitness center has lined out the fitness programs to be both challenging and fun. By the time you are done with the fitness exercises, you will contend with it. I cannot fail to mention how the center enhance workout experiences by providing you with all the tools necessary.

While at the Cool Springs Sports Complex fitness center, there are rules that you need to be aware of. This will ensure that you are not thrown out of the place, or your membership revoked. If you have been to this place, then you have a good grasp of these policies. However, for those planning to visit, I will be your prior tour guide. Hence I would like to keep you in the know concerning the rules and regulations at the fitness center. First, of, you might want to leave your phone behind especially if you would be looking to enter the strength and cardiovascular areas. Nevertheless, the place provides a common area where people can make phone calls. This is why I continue to emphasize that Cool Springs Sports Complex has your covered in all aspects. You should also know better than to come with gym bags, coats and other personal items such as purses to the fitness area. Visitors are instructed to come in appropriate fitness gear. This includes proper footwear, and your top should cover the whole torso.

Like any other public place, the fitness center strongly prohibits and condemns profanity. It is also a rule that members who are of ages between 14-17 must use weight training equipment. This is after completing a Fitness Equipment Training program with the staff. For courtesy to other members, it is important that you wipe all equipment for training with the disinfectant wipes. You cannot bring foods to the fitness center however, water and sports drinks are an exception to this rule. Last but not least, you must be careful and responsible for your property because the management provides a strong disclaimer against any loss of property.

The is a range of membership options to choose from. The Cool Springs Sports Complex provides rates that go with preference. If you are looking to join the Cool Springs Family, you can start off by simply subscribing to the membership of your choice.

We have Individual, Corporate, Family, Couple, Silver, and Senior Memberships. The Corporate membership is available for businesses which have five and more staff members. The Family membership is the best for your entire family. If you are a couple with kids under the age of 18, you can subscribe to this membership. This membership also provides KidKare. For families with a single parent or singles without couple or kids, the couple membership is the most ideal for you. The senior membership is solely for senior members that do not have cover through the Silver Sneakers and Fit. The Silver Sneakers and Fit membership program is insurance based. This provides a health care coverage to its members.

The Cool Springs Sports Complex has a lot more to offer. All you have to do is visit or contact the management through their online website and register for membership. Once you are a member of the Cool Springs Community, all the befits accrue to you. Get all the fun you ever wish for as an individual and a family in one place with the Cool Springs Sports Complex.

5 Best Schools for your Kids to Attend in Cool Springs

When planning for a place to stay, there are some principle factors we must consider. One of the most fundamental things that we keep in mind is security. Everyone wants to live in a peaceful environment. Peaceful in terms of security as well as a piece of mind. Cool Springs was rated one of the safest places to live in the United States. As such, there is no doubt about the availability of security in Cool Springs. There is one other thing you may have to think about when moving to Cool Springs. That is where your kids will be attending school. Luckily, Cool Springs and its surrounding also have some of the best elementary schools. These schools have a high rating due to the quality of education offered.

Whether you have very young kids who are just joining pre-unit or for your older kids in advanced levels of studies, Cool Springs, and its environs will offer you the best education. Cool Springs has a host of both public and private schools. Both schools have highly qualified teachers. These schools will provide your children with wholesome education. So sit back and relax, let Cool Springs schools instill knowledge and skills in your kids as they grow up.

If you are new to Cool Springs, I have picked some prestigious schools you can start with. I have varied the schools depending on the levels. This list will help you whether you have very young kids or kids continuing with elementary school education.

  1. The Battle Ground Academy Schools

The Battle Ground Academy has a mission to ignite as well as nurture the curiosity of its students, their intellect, and their good character. Battle Ground Academy graduates are unique, but they all carry an indelible experience which equips them for success both in college and life outside of college. If you want a school that will instill courage, integrity, and compassion, then this is the ideal academy for your kids.

Battle Ground Academy believes in moral development while at the same time engaging its students spiritually. Scholarships at Battle Ground Academy are also available. These scholarships are an offer to the students who exhibit creativity and innovation. The school boasts of an honor code that makes it one of the great schools in the region.

The Battle Ground Academy has a Lower School, Middle School, Upper School as well as a College Counseling. The Lower School covers kindergarten up to the fourth grade. The Lower School provides a mastery of the fundamental education which is blended within a vibrant academic program. The curriculum incorporates research-based methods. As your children become reflective thinkers, Reading and Writing Workshops are also incorporated into the curriculum. The Lower School adopts a proven Singapore Math approach to craft its mathematics program. Their science program, on the other hand, gives your kids a hands-on approach.

Battle Ground Academy also implements a co-curricular program in its education system. The co-curricular classes help to complement the core curriculum. The co-curricular classes have a design that will truly develop your child wholesomely.

If you are in Cool Springs, Franklin, you can enroll your children at the Battle Ground Academy which is located at 150 Franklin Road. The school also has a Glen Echo Campus at 336 Ernest Rice Lane.

  1. Franklin Elementary Schools

The Franklin Elementary School is another famous school within Franklin and its only 7.8 miles from Cool Springs Boulevard. The Franklin Elementary School is in proximity to the heart of Franklin TN. The surrounding of the Franklin Elementary School is a historic one. However, the professional teaching is an innovative and research-based one. Franklin Elementary School recognizes the ethnic and economic diversification that exists among its students. The school is more like a family and provides a good community for the growth of your child in an academic atmosphere.

The Franklin Elementary School has a comprehensive curriculum. The learning departments and the curriculum collaborate with the principals and teachers to evaluate, create and implement instructional programs. This school follows the Tennessee Academic Standards which are considered the most rigorous in the whole nation.

Franklin Elementary school adopts the Standards Based Grading System for the K-4 grades. A letter based grading is used for grades 5-8. Once your kids are through with the highest grade, they are provided with a comprehensive guide on advanced education placement. The Franklin Elementary school is a good option especially if you want your kid to join one of the Franklin Special School District.

  1. Winstead Elementary School

The Winstead Elementary School is a great place for instilling academic excellence in your children. The school has great teachers, and the administration is second to none. You can always find kids smiling to show you how wonderful the place is. There is an after school PAAW program which is fundamental to the growth of your kids. If you are looking for a family oriented school, then Winstead Elementary school is a better place for your kids.

You might hear people refer to this school as the Franklin’s Private School. However, the truth is that Winstead is a public school. It claims that accolade due to the fact that it outshines the performance of most private schools.

Every parent who has their child at Winstead will tell you about the excellent atmosphere surrounding the school. Everyone at Winstead is friendly, courteous, polite and responsive. You also be happy to know that Winstead is has school buses to pick up and drop your kids at their preferred stages.

  1. Primrose School of Cool Springs

Welcome to the Primrose School of Cool Springs, a center of excellence as many of the residents refer to it. A school which selects its caregivers and teachers based on their passion to help others. The Primrose School is at the center of Cool Springs and you can easily locate it. If you have children within the following age groups, you can enroll them at Primrose School: toddlers, infant, early preschool, preschool, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

The Primrose School is a leading institution in early education and care for your young kids. Primrose School of Cool Springs is part of the national system of the Primrose Schools. These schools have accreditation as private preschools. They provide your children with an early premier education and child care experience. For a proper and efficient foundation, the Primrose School of Cool Springs partners parents, school staff, leadership team and the franchise owners.

The purposeful curriculum provided to the infants as well as for early education, passes through thorough scrutiny. The school focuses on what best serves your children’s needs. Primrose School has an eye for talent and innovation. It advocates for a high-quality early childhood education. This is a decent school especially if you have very young kids and would like them to grow in an intellectual surrounding.

  1. Cool Springs Montessori

The Cool Springs Montessori is a social environment that respects and supports each child’s unique development. The school is founded upon the Montessori approach. Montessori approach provides your child with a broad education vision which aides in life development. At the Cool Springs Montessori, your child is offered a unique and endless opportunity to expand their knowledge base. The school ensures that your kids benefit from lifelong skills whenever they get motivation by a spontaneous interest.

The Cool Springs Montessori has toddler programs if you have a child aged between 18 months to three years. The toddler environment provided is best for nurturing child skills. The school also has a primary program which serves children above three years old. The primary program covers the kindergarten level as well. The Homeschool program offered at the Cool Springs Montessori is fun and engaging especially for homeschool elementary-aged students. Worry not about quality because the Cool Springs Montessori recently received designation as a validated Montessori school in Tennessee.

Education-wise, Cool Springs is one of the richest. I hope you find these schools worthwhile. While Cool Springs has a lot to offer, what it assures you is quality education for your children.

5 Foods To Try out in Cool Springs

While Cool Springs offers a lot of amazing things to make you beg for more, nothing will keep you going back as frequently as the food. There many restaurants all of which provide amazing delicacies of the most popular meals within the region. If you are in the vicinity of Cool Springs, grab lunch or supper at one of the most famous restaurants, and you will be amazed by the mouthwatering tasty dishes. Just to give you a tip of the iceberg, here is a list of five meals to try while in Cool Springs.


A comprehensive list of the five most popular foods in Cool Springs has been prepared for you. This should give you a rough idea of what to order when handed a menu at one of the many restaurants there. You can always make other choices if these do not impress you. Some of the foods on this menu might look obvious, but I can assure you, the taste is not. Try out any of them, and you will have a first-hand experience;

  1. The Herb Veggie Burger

Are you looking for the best organic foods around? Are you fed up with lots of GMFs (Genetically Modified Foods)? Well here is something to take away all your frustrations and replace them with something worth craving for, the herb veggie burger. The herb veggie burger is a favorite you will find in any restaurant in Cool Springs. Well, is a restaurant doesn’t stock Herb Veggie burger, then it is not a restaurant at all.

The Herb Veggie Burger is specially prepared for the vegetarians, but the non-vegetarians find it equally yummy. The herb’s home-made patty consists of a duo of quinoa and kale. Besides, the herb burger adds brown rice, roasted mushrooms, shallots as well as garlic to its nice exquisite taste.

This strong flavor combined and blended in perfect harmony help to add an earthy taste to the herb patty. The herb veggie burger is tastier especially due to the buttery brioche bun that it comes on. The burger is dressed in Cali style with sweet onions, lettuce, tomato avocado, and cheddar. The roasted rosemary potatoes further boost the yummy taste.

My idea of a vegan menu is one that is not complete without a herb veggie burger on it. Walk into any restaurant in Cool Springs and order yourself a plate of herb veggie burger. You will get a satisfaction of a lifetime as while ironically craving for more.

  1. Lobster roll

Cool Springs is located in an ideal location which makes lobsters quite a common delicacy. The deal, however, is to find a restaurant which prepares a lobster roll quite consuming. The lobster rolls that we are used to are nothing compared to what you should expect in Cool Springs. You will be baffled by how the taste varies in an intricate sweet manner.

You will most probably find lobster rolls being served in two distinct ways. Those who consider themselves as cooking innovators may opt for a tangy, crunchy and spicy lobster roll. This lobster roll version is prepared by incorporating lettuce, celery, cayenne and lemon juice in among its ingredients.

However, there are those of us who do not want to mess up the original taste of the lobster. These are called the purists. If you happen to be a purist, then the purist’s version of the lobster roll is what you need. This lobster roll will leave everything else the innovators add to the lobster. During the summer, most of those who live in Cool Springs prefer gobbling down a lobster roll with dry rose. Try out a lobster roll today, and you will be in for a real treat.

  1. Smoked sausage and cheese board

A smoked sausage is a staple food in almost every town. In Cool Springs, for instance, smoked sausage can be served alongside cheese boards. The perfect combination that makes everyone yearn for more. If you happen to be in Chanhassen, then look for any restaurant serving various combinations of smoked sausage.

You will be happy to know that the smoked sausage can also be prepared at home. You might, however, need to follow some rigorous recipes thoroughly. This is one of the most favored delicious appetizers in Cool Springs.

The cheese board is loaded with meat that has cooked, smoked and extraordinarily cured. If you remember the medieval French feasts, then the smoked sausage and cheese boards bring out the best of the tastes.

The sausages are pork sausages, and as such, every customer must be well informed before purchasing any of these foods. It is no secret that, the smoked sausage and cheese boards are tastier than any other meal around. The satisfaction one gets from a single bite is enough to last a day, but the craving afterward will not allow you to stop at one bite. Taste out a bite of smoked sausage and cheese board today and you will not regret a single bite.

  1. Chicken sandwiches

Any decent restaurant should not miss a chicken sandwich on its menu. A chicken sandwich is you have never tasted it is breast of chicken which is typically skinless and boneless. A chicken sandwich can be served either on a roll, a slice of bread or a bun.

You might walk into a restaurant and be amazed by the different variations of the chicken sandwich being served. These variations might include chicken on a bun or chicken burger. There is also an option for the chicken salad or the hot chicken.

Chicken sandwiches will normally consist of a chicken patty, bread, and toppings. You can either ask for the deep fried chicken or grilled chicken for your chicken sandwich. Boiled or roasted chickens are also an option for the chicken sandwich. I have tasted a wrap chicken version in Cool Springs, and it turned out to be extremely amazing. In this chicken version, the chicken sandwich ingredients are usually rolled inside a tortilla or any such rolled flatbread.

There are many other versions of chicken sandwiches that I have come across while in Cool Springs. The open version chicken sandwich is one I cannot fail to mention. The chicken sandwich is can also be served hot with green peas. This is a rather tasty sandwich that is a staple among the neighboring towns. The chicken sandwich is without a doubt worth tasting.

  1. The Stromboli

From the popular chef, Nazzareno Romano, comes another delicacy; the Stromboli. This is a type of turnover which is filled with cheese and a variety of Italian beef. Vegetables are also included in some circumstances. The Italian or pizza dough may be used to prepare the Stromboli food.

Most of those who have been to Cool Springs may have noticed the variety provided by the classy restaurants in this town. From Chinese to Italian foods, there is almost something from every area of the globe. Mexican dishes are also popular, but I chose Stromboli because of it’s the satiation it provides.

To prepare the Stromboli, a dough topped with the ingredient of pizza is rolled up and baked. You may ask for other variations of the Stromboli which includes the addition of pizzas sauce.

There are many amazing foods that you will likely come across in any of the restaurants in Cool Springs. The good news, however, is that the list mentioned above incorporates the best dishes. These are foods anyone would love to have a bite at. It is also worth noting that the foods mentioned above are healthy and provide a balanced diet. Don’t leave Cool Springs before you try any of these foods.