Guest Post: Chiropractic Care for Autoimmune Disease

2989437967_b6bd00c4d2_mUnder one environmental setting, we may breathe in the same air and deal with the same things every day. But isn’t it a surprise how we are not struck equally by the same diseases? This is largely because our bodies have differences in health and nutrition. We eat different food and have different lifestyles. We have different genetics and react in different behaviors. While some of us can hinder viruses and bacteria from attacking us, some of us can’t. These factors all are relevant to how our immune system responds to “viral aliens” or evaders in our body.


The nervous system controls the immune system. It’s said in the sciences that when one bone in the spine is not arranged or aligned as appropriate, our nervous system will react from the interference. This tends to trigger the declination of the immune system to function in optimal performance. When this is kept for long, one might be caught with autoimmune diseases.

In this page, we’ll discuss how individuals with autoimmune disease can benefit from chiropractic care.

Little Known Facts About Autoimmune Disease

By far, autoimmune diseases account for the third largest category of illnesses in the US. Sadly, because not much attention is given to this condition unlike cancer and HIV, more and more people are getting affected without them knowing.

There are over 80 known types of autoimmune diseases, spanning from chronic fatigue syndrome, allergic asthma and arthritis to rare ones that are hard to pronounce like Wegener’s granulomatosis and Goodpasture’s syndrome. For the most part, women are more prone to these. In fact, out of all the recorded patients of autoimmune disorder, 75% of the mare females.

At the start, autoimmune diseases may be seen as the ordinary diseases inflicted to humans, such as the common colds or flu. However, when remain undiagnosed, they can be very harmful to our health. Manifestationscan be so serious to the point that this illness can cause to lose one’s life.

Treating the Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease

Before anything else, it’s important to know the earliest signs that you are inflicted with autoimmune disease. Typically, symptoms are prolonged tiredness that extends to fatigue, flu, problems in the urinary tract and malaise in the respiratory tract. After these, stiffness in the joints, muscles extremities and spinewill be experienced. Organs like the lungs and kidneys will start to malfunction as well.

As autoimmune targets and causes the immune system to weaken, doctors aid in providing prescribed medicines to boost nutrition to support the immune system. But more critically, chiropractors must enter the picture after the diagnosis. Facilitating in the healing process, their manipulative hands are more powerful instimulatingthe connected nerves in the immune system.

Right Chiropractic Care for Autoimmune Disorder

Patients of autoimmune disease will have a harder time doing everyday errands. Walking will start to be a chore, and going up even one short flight of stairs will be tasking. Stretching and exercises may help to increase flexibility, muscle strength, and joint mobilityand oxygenate the tissues. But the best thing to do is to consult a chiropractor to relieve the autoimmune disease completely.

To improve motor performance, chiropractic manipulative therapy begins with mobilizing the joints and soft tissues, applying heat and reducing the pains and stiffness in joints. The spine will be manipulated with special considerationto increase blood flow critical to body organs. These are all in the effort to make the spine aligned perfectly.

Autoimmune diseases in general have a profound effect on health care and the society. As this has been a growing concern through the years, people should be more educated about the causes, symptoms and right cure for this sickness. To decrease the need of using medications, we must turn to chiropractic therapyas a more effective medical treatment. 

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Author Bio:

Dr. James Maggio is a Level three certified trainer of the ProAdjuster System. Some of Dr. Maggio’s professional achievements since beginning practice in 1995 include remarkable results treating headaches, arthritis, and many other conditions.


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