Why Our Facial Hair Is Saving Lives – and How You Can Get Involved Too


Tis the season for facial hair growth!

Although spending a month growing out mustaches may seem completely disconnected from saving lives, the fact is that every year men across the globe do just that.

About “Movember”

“Movember” kicked off in Australia in 2003, and each year it raises money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancers.

While funds raised from this campaign are beneficial, the creators say that the awareness raised is just as important. By changing their appearance, those that participate can spark important conversations about men’s health.

Prostate and Testicular Cancer Facts

According to the National Cancer Institute, there will be an estimated 233,000 new cases of prostate cancer in the US in 2014. This means that prostate cancer alone would account for 14 percent of all new cancer cases, making it one of the most common types of cancers in the US.

The National Institute of Health estimates that 29,000 people will die from prostate cancer this year, making it account for approximately 5 percent of all cancer deaths.

Additionally, the NIH estimates that 8,820 people will receive a testicular cancer diagnosis in 2014, as well as an estimated 380 people that will pass away from the disease.

How We Participate

Here at Cool Springs Chiropractic, we are kicking off our third annual Movember and hope to once again raise money and awareness to support this important cause.

Want to get involved? Make sure to start with a clean shaven face, and have a photo of your facial hair taken by one of our assistants later in the month so we can share it on the wall of fame in our office.

We also have a goal of raising $2,000 for this cause, so whether or not you are growing out your facial hair we invite you to donate to support prostate and testicular cancer research. We will be collecting donations in our office at 3252 Aspen Grove, Suite 13, Franklin, TN 37067.

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