How Frequently Should I Get My Back Adjusted?

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There are many different aspects that determine the frequency of chiropractic visits. Generally though you can form a frequency sliding scale based on how creatively your pain occurred. For instance, if you slept on your stomach for three days you probably won’t need to come as often as someone who para sailed into a tree. Since there are so many variables though, it is impossible to determine the frequency of chiropractic visits you will need without first performing a thorough examination. Every injury is unique and because of that calls for a unique treatment plan to help each patient reach their level of maximum restored health and movement.

 The Pop Explained

People who have never been to a chiropractor often have a picture in their head of how the doctor will turn them into someone flexible enough to be twisted into a pretzel and “cracked”. There usually surprised to find that there are many different forms and techniques of care that can be based around their personal comfort level. Adjustment types range from non-force, to low force, decompression care, to hands on treatment.


The doctor will take into consideration both your symptoms and comfort level when choosing which types of care will be the most beneficial for you as an individual. To help with the healing process Dr. Hinz may also assign physical therapy exercises for you to do while in the office and at home to strengthen muscles. Though the doctor will set a treatment plan with a frequency of chiropractic visits, your level of commitment to your care and appointments truly determines how long and how often you will need treatment.


Our bodies function best when our spines are aligned properly and have a normal nerve supply. When subluxations, a bone out of place that is not completely dislocated, or misalignments are present our bodies cannot perform as they are meant to. This often results in deteriorating function and pain. Though subluxations can occur from traumatic injuries related to sports or car accidents, they can also form as a result of strenuous lifestyle habits, poor posture, and mental or physical stress. Almost half the patients we see are not from serious accidents but form patients who hurt themselves getting up from the couch. Chiropractic care concentrates on correcting these injuries through adjustments which result in pain relief and better overall health.

All Natural

Chiropractic is an all-natural approach that targets the problem instead of covering up the symptom of pain with medication. This allows you to return to normal function without the sometimes dangerous side effects of drugs and surgery, along with a better long term cost comparison.

Make an appointment today with your Franklin Chiropractor to find out exactly how your treatment plan will look and how many chiropractic visits you will need.

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