How To Beat The Heat And Still Have Fun Outdoors

It has been a gorgeous summer here in Tennessee so far, and it’s hard not to want to get outside and enjoy it! However with temperatures and humidity still at a high, there are certain precautions that should be taken in order to stay safe and healthy. Follow these steps to beat the heat and still have fun outside.

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Slather On The Sunscreen

While a certain amount of natural Vitamin D is great for you, extended time in the sun (and the resulting sunburn) are not! Practice safe sun and make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to the exposed parts of your body (don’t forget your ears!). Not sure how much is enough? Aim to use 1 oz (or about a shot glass full) and re-apply the same amount approximately every two hours while outside.

Seek The Shade

A full day in the sun can be taxing on your body, but you don’t have to submit yourself to an entire season indoors in order to protect yourself. Stay safe by seeking the shelter of some shade whenever possible. This will not only extend the time you can enjoy being outside, but your skin and body will thank you as well.

Stay Hydrated

Staying properly hydrated is important no matter what the season, but it is especially important when you will be sweating it out in the sun. There isn’t a definite amount of water that you should be drinking (experts say eight 8-ounce glasses per day, others say half your body weight in ounces), but try to take at least a sip every 15 minutes and you should be on track.

In addition to drinking more water, avoid sugary sodas and limit alcohol intake, both of which can deplete your body of its needed hydration.

Stay Cool

Another great way to beat the heat while enjoying the outdoors is to enjoy a “cooling” exercise, such as swimming in a pool, a day at the waterpark, or running around with the sprinkler on. If running/walking or some other outdoor activity is more your pace, avoid the heat of the day and try to stick to an early morning or late night stroll when the outdoor heat and sun exposure will be reduced.

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