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How You Should Feel After A Chiropractic Adjustment

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How You Should Feel After A Chiropractic Adjustment
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How You Should Feel After A Chiropractic Adjustment
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How You Should Feel After A Chiropractic Adjustment
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How You Should Feel After A Chiropractic Adjustment
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How You Should Feel After A Chiropractic Adjustment

Jan 25, 2017 | Chiropractic, Headache, Health Tips, Symptoms

Chiropractic, as we know it is a simple method of treatment that to a larger extent, involves the adjustment of joints to free locked joints hence relieve pain or any other form of discomfort. Many people have sought chiropractic adjustment for many reasons. It is a notion that chiropractors only treat pain and today I want to rectify that notion. Chiropractors help to relieve a wide range of health-related issues.

Have you ever stepped into a chiropractic clinic to verify those common myths and rumors? Well if you haven’t, there is no better way you are going to learn. In fact, consultation with most chiropractors is free. Those who charge do so at very low rates compared to conventional doctors. Today, however, we shall drift away from benefits and reasons why you must check in a chiropractic clinic. Today we are providing an insight into the common side effects on chiropractic. Many studies have been carried out to come up with distinctive side effects of various chiropractic treatments. These studies were either conducted on volunteers or were as a result of conclusive surveys carried out in various chiropractic established localities.

How You Should Feel After A Chiropractic Adjustment

Why Is It Important To Learn About The Side Effects Of Chiropractic?

Ever heard about non-disclosure agreements? Well, maybe you have maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t, here it is; non-disclosure agreements are contracts prohibiting the parties to a contract from sharing any information with third parties. You will be happy to know that in chiropractic you will be not be baffled by such terms. Your chiropractor is required by law to inform you about the possible side effects of the particular treatment they are going to administer.

It all comes down to the right to information. You as the patient should be subjected to any form of chiropractic treatment without knowledge of the expected side effects if any. This should help to inform your decision. It will also prepare you. You can arrange for special care after treatment to weather down the side effects. It also serves the chiropractor’s interest to inform you in advance. This would clear the chiropractor of any after treatment dangers if you chose to proceed to go ahead with the treatment after being informed.

Well, now that you know, never walk into a chiropractic clinic and demand for treatment right away. Always sit down with your chiropractor and discuss the best possible option. This is especially crucial if you have a history of chiropractic treatments gone wrong.

Common Side Effects Of Chiropractic Treatment

Negative reactions to spinal manipulations are very common. They tend to commonly arise and disappear in a brief period immediately after treatment. Common among these reactions are;

1. Toxic Release

After your very first chiropractic treatment, you are bound to experience flu-like symptoms as well as a minor cold. Surveys suggest that in every 100 patients who seek chiropractic treatment for the first time, 20 of them experience this effect. If you have ever experienced this and never got to know what it was, then today is your lucky day in class.

The mild cold and flu symptoms arise due to what we call the toxic release. Well although the symptoms sound cynical, you be happy to when you experience them. This is a positive sign that your body is responding accordingly to treatment.

The term toxic release is as self-explanatory as they come. It denotes a case where the chiropractic adjustment you went through is getting rid of toxic substances from your body. According to the theory of negative and positive reactions, the negative side effects simply imply that your body is positively reacting to the adjustments.

The other symptoms associated with toxic release include general fatigue, tight muscles, diarrhea and sweating at night. Do not panic if you experience these symptoms especially after a chiropractic manipulation session.

2. Nausea

Feeling like you want to vomit is also a common side effect of chiropractic manipulations. Nausea is associated with spinal adjustments. This is because of the position that you lie in a while undergoing treatment. If you lie on your stomach for a prolonged period, your stomach will start to churn. This is what effects the feeling of nausea.

Neck joint manipulations can also cause nausea. Depending on whether your chin is resting firmly on a flat surface or if you are simply supporting your head with your neck muscles, nausea will be inevitable. You do not need to panic because nausea subsides after a short period as soon as you leave the chiropractic clinic. Nothing serious can result from nausea, but you can buy some OTC to weather down the effect.

Nausea should not be associated with any bodily response to the chiropractic treatment. It is a common myth that if you experience nausea, it means your body is rejecting the chiropractic treatment. I hope now you know; nausea is simply as a result of the discomfort in the stomach. In addition, the position you are set in while undergoing treatment causes it.

3. Headaches

It is common to experience a mild headache after a chiropractic session. It is probably nothing serious but if a headache persists, please sick medical assistance. The headaches usually accompany other side effects such as diarrhea, nausea or fatigue. Many patients have complained of mild headaches after seeking chiropractic treatment.

From the reports, most of the patients say the pain seem to be coming from the forehead. Depending on the chiropractic manipulation you were in for, the severity of the headaches could also vary. I happen to have talked to a patient who discouraged me against the high-velocity spinal manipulations. He claimed that after the treatment, he experienced thumping headaches that only subsided after taking some pain killer drugs.

Your chiropractor should be able to provide you with some form of relief from the expected side effects. Well established chiropractic clinics will be well stocked. From these, you can find painkillers and ice among other relief options for expected side effects. Headaches are most common, and this is why some chiropractors even fail to mention it. If your headaches are normally too severe to bear, you can discuss with your chiropractor to find a better alternative.

4. Dizziness

Feeling unusually sleepy after undergoing a chiropractic treatment should not sound any alarms. The chiropractic sessions can do quite a number on your number on your body. After undergoing a chiropractic treatment, you should take a 10 to 20-minute rest.

The chiropractors know that the manipulations exhaust your body’s energy reserves. The high-velocity low amplitude manipulations are especially a common result of dizziness. The twisting and turning off your joints and muscles leaves your body tired. This is the reason why you will feel like sleeping and doing nothing else after the exercise.

The side effects detailed above are what you should expect when you go for a chiropractic treatment. It is a guarantee that you will experience them. But if you do, then you have no reason to panic. It is probably nothing serious. If the symptoms persist, always feel free to seek medical treatment.

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