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Katie Sullivan
22:41 02 Mar 23
Dr Hinz and his staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. They have made a tremendous difference in how I feel and how I can move. They removed the pain. I highly recommend them.
Kayla Embry
20:02 28 Feb 23
The staff is so kind and professional every time. I was always nervous going to a chiropractor but Dr. Hinz is not only informative of his practices, but also caring of his patients. My pain is not nearly as bad as it used to be, and I’m glad I decided to finally go to a chiropractor. Very grateful for CSC.
Dana Nelms
21:14 24 Feb 23
After my initial visit and x-rays, Dr. Hinz thoroughly explained what he believed was causing my problem and how he could help. I immediately started a treatment plan and have steadily improved. I am only a few weeks in, but know that I am in good hands!
Daniel Zimmerman
18:47 16 Feb 23
Jason Bowers
19:07 08 Feb 23
The best Dr. And Staff in middle Tennessee that provides chiropractic and Soft wave treatment.
David Pico
15:54 06 Feb 23
Friendly and accommodating
M MacAllister
18:16 01 Feb 23
Kelly Weathers
18:24 30 Jan 23
Great place!! Staff is top-notch!!
23:26 25 Jan 23
Great staff. Everyone is so sweet. Great chiropractor.
Cristina Smith
09:58 06 Jan 23
I had been struggling with pain and numbness in my hands and feet for years. This was my first chiropractic experience and I could not be happier. I had a huge improvement in the first week, and after 6 weeks the conditions were nearly gone. Dr. Hinz and his staff are so pleasant and easy to work with. Great overall experience!
Corey McLaughlin
16:43 02 Jan 23
Dr. Hinz and his staff are top notch
Iveta Raymond
15:44 01 Dec 22
Best chiropractor office ever!
Bev Burger
04:57 24 Nov 22
One of the best chiropractic practice. Thanks Dr. Hinz and staff.
Dan Mildenberger
18:11 23 Nov 22
Simply the best!!!
Alexander Beard
00:29 22 Nov 22
attentive staff and wholesome experience. also my back feels great
Renee Bender
16:16 18 Nov 22
Dr Hinz has helped me tremendously! He knows exactly how to adjust me differently each visit depending on my needs. He has also done treatments of decompression for my lower back issues that have helped manage my pain levels! I'm very grateful and Especially as we get older it's important to maintain our bodies. I highly recommend him and I have to add that ALL of his staff is so friendly and welcoming!
Paula MB
19:31 09 Nov 22
Dr Hinz is a knowledgable and caring Chiropractor; he has quickly taken care of a couple of issues I am having with my back and hips and I am happy I chose his practice for my Chiropractic care! His staff are warm, inviting and professional and I love the atmosphere of their office space.Thank you Dr Hinz and staff!
Jacqui Gray
19:15 07 Nov 22
Great staff - Excellent Customer Service. Clean and serene environment. Dr. Hinz is personable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend.
Tim Rainer
22:25 17 Oct 22
Customer service is kept at a high standard. Friendly, professional, clean.. staff always greets you by name.
Diego Esquivel
13:58 06 Oct 22
Very nice staff! I was having back pain but I feel better! Now we are in progress of fixing my jaw! But overall I love it
Amy Brown
23:26 19 Sep 22
The team at Cool Springs Chiropractic is always so helpful!
Kimberly Allison
20:39 24 Aug 22
I've been a user of chiropractic services for 25 years. In this time I've had only 5 chiropractors. My husband and I research extensively before going and I can say I'm so glad we found Cool Springs Chiropractic! The knowledge and explanation of services prior to starting treatment is TOP NOTCH! This facility is so much more than just adjustments! If you are on the fence about chiropractic or have had a past "bad" experience, you really need to give Dr. Hinz and his amazing team a chance. You won't be sorry.
16:30 17 Aug 22
I've been to many Chiropractors over many years in many states. All of the ones I have chosen to stick with had their strengths and weaknesses. I have now had 3 appointments with Dr. Hinz and his staff. So far they are very professional, friendly and effective. I have found Chiropractors vary in treatment styles. Some like to adjust everything every time. Some like to adjust what they feel necessary for what they diagnose after listening to the patient and feeling your spine. Dr. Hinz is of the latter persuasion which I prefer in the long run. Be aware that there are many good Chiropractors out there but there are also quacks. Find one that fits your preferred style and has good recommendations.
tiffany Berkowitz
17:04 28 Jul 22
Dr. Hinz is the best. I’ve seen numerous chiropractors around the country and he provided the most holistic care yet. He showed interest in other areas of my life that are causing stress, made recommendations for improving overall health, and his adjustments left me with relief every time. 10/10 recommend!
Kimm Chase
18:26 26 Jul 22
Always the kindest, most professional, and know how to get me pain free
Rolanda Hay
16:56 25 Jul 22
Ana Saravia
20:04 22 Jul 22
Dr. Hinz and his team are helping my body function better, muscles, ligaments, tendons begin to heal, being corrective with the health problem, Thank you all for accompanying me along the way, I highly recommend Cool Springs Chiropractic.
Lauren Jones
16:32 19 Jul 22
The staff is so friendly and make you feel so welcomed by calling you by your name when you walk in. Dr. Hinz is very caring for his patients and takes the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Great place overall. If anyone is looking for a chiropractor this is the place to go!
Brad Diaz
16:37 12 Jul 22
Dr. Pete Hinz does several things incredibly well: First, he sets the bar for the highest standard of care you will experience through out your journey. He sits down with you to explain what he can do for you and the path it will take to get there. After two months of treatment, I can say the bar was set and he and his team easily surpassed it. Second, he is a genuine person that will not treat you like a number. He engages with his patients. He cares about them. Third, he gets results. I have not finished my treatment course yet, but I am already miles ahead of where I was when I first walked into Cool Springs Chiropractic.I whole heartedly recommend this business!!!
Kristen Martinez
18:43 18 May 22
I have been to Dr. Hinz 2 separate times in a major bind and he fixed me right up! One of those times I had no movement of my hand and the Bone and Joint clinic wanted to do major surgery. So glad I tried chiropractic care first.
Shannon J
22:45 20 Apr 22
If you are looking for the Best Chiropractor in TN then Dr Hinz and Dr Marsh are it..... The Best That is...... I feel like everyone at Coolsprings Chiropractic makes me feel like I'm family. I honestly wouldn't think of going anywhere else. I am so grateful to be able to walk and sit without being in constant pain.Pain can make a person do and think some crazy things, and thanks to Dr Hinz, I have more Pain Free moments turning into Pain Free days. That is a miracle, if you ask me.Thank You everyone!
Karen Palomo
17:27 16 Apr 22
Cool Springs Chiropractic has been a Godsend. I was feeling so depressed because of my pain and inability to do normal things. Today I am feeling like my old self and I am so grateful.
Jocelin McCroskey
20:43 16 Mar 22
I love love love the doctor and the staff. The doctor explains everything thoroughly and let’s you know every step that is coming.I felt so much better after the first treatment. They have helped my baby with acid reflux so much. They definitely are the best in my opinion.
Seth Mann
20:22 21 Feb 22
Dr. Hinz and his entire team are excellent. This is truly a professional operation. The relieving effects of the adjustments are wonderful. Whether the case is severe or mild, we’d highly recommend allowing Dr. Hinz to help with your chiropractic plan.
Gregory Ciccone
15:31 15 Feb 22
After nearly a year of treatment, which originally started due to an auto accident, I've continued maintenance with Dr. Hinz. Dr. Hinz is always on time and courteous as is the entire staff!
Sarah W
21:40 08 Feb 22
Amazing staff! Dr. Hinz is super knowledgeable and has helped fixed chronic problems that I have dealt with for years. They are quick, flexible, easy to schedule appointments and always on time.
16:29 06 Feb 22
Very welcoming staff with a great facility. I'd welcome all to this place of business who looks to get their self: straighter, stronger, healthier, for the years to come!!
Hay Crosier
23:25 27 Jan 22
Love them so much!!! 💕 Amazing service
23:00 27 Jan 22
Dr. Hinz and his staff provide excellent care.
Eric Davis
18:35 05 Jan 22
Without a doubt the friendliest crew in town! Always ready to offer tips and tricks to stay on track.The office is always super clean and runs like a well oiled machine!
16:41 05 Jan 22
Update: 1/5/2022 - My second time back here...I stopped going because I was all healed up, but after hurting myself AGAIN and being out of the gym for 2 months from self-sabotaging myself, I had to come back to see Dr. Hinz. I literally couldn't even bend half way down or put socks on without tremendous effort. After about 2 weeks being back at Cool Springs Chiro, seeing him 3x/week, I felt tremendously better. By week 3 I was back to lifting and by weeks 4-5, I was able to actually hit legs again. Fast forward 3 months (to today) and I'm hitting 75%-80% of my regular weight/reps. I will be back to heavy lifting (385lbs+ squat) within maybe 2 more weeks as I'm just easing my way slowly back into my regular lifts.**I'd also like to add, I've randomly met a couple different folks on the town (like usual), but after talking gyms and training (of course, I'm always searching for new gyms nearby that I can advance my skills), we end up discussing injuries and recovery. On two separate occasions, after explaining my injuries, BOTH of these individuals immediately said I needed to go to the best chiropractor they know... lo and behold, it's Dr Peter Hinz! Haha I cannot make this up. For the record, it was one guy and one girl that brought him up, and I know for sure the girl sees him for routine maintenance regularly.Just as an extra credit note - if Dr. Hinz picked up and moved shop 30 miles out, I'd still go to him. Best of the best without a doubt.*********************************************For the record... I injured my back multiple times lifting in the gym - both with heavy weight and light weight. One little tweak and my back was destroyed for months. This happened multiple times. Thus, after about 2 years of these back issues, I finally decided to find a doctor to help.I found Cool Springs Chiropractic via Yelp (big yelp guy). Awesome reviews across the board, so of course I chose them. Coincidentally, I also follow them on my Instagram and didn't even realize that until after I had scheduled a consult with their office (felt like that was an omen haha).Dr. Peter Hinz sat down with me to help figure out my back problems. We did x-rays and set a follow up for the following week. From there he figured out exactly what the problem was... I have a sixth lumbar vertebrae in my spine. Moving forward, we set up 2x visits per week for 3 months. By month 1.5-2 I was cleared to lift again at normal pace/weight.**I went from my back nearly breaking on a 135lbs warm up squat, to squatting 385lbs again with zero worries or issues.I visit their office a few times a month still for adjustments to keep me on the right path and to prevent any issues from happening again.I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hinz!! An awesome guy all around. The front desk ladies are lovely and always super friendly, too!
Betty Liang
23:14 04 Jan 22
Amanda Body
15:15 30 Dec 21
Dr. Hinz and his staff are so efficient and kind. They stay on schedule and always greet me with a kind word and hello. It’s refreshening being in an atmosphere where you feel appreciated for choosing them. The difference in my health and how I feel, as well as I am able to move after being under Dr. Hinz’s care is night and day. I am so grateful to be his patient! If you’re in pain, this is the place to go!
John giovannetti
17:41 30 Nov 21
Dr. Hinz and the whole team is great! Take the time to assess your specific issues and treat them without trying to sell you on some long term package! Their goal is to fix you! Not to keep you coming in forever!!
Tim Ellis
18:42 25 Nov 21
Paul D
20:15 24 Nov 21
Awesome staff, very clean! Would highly recommend. My back has improved significantly! 5 stars all day long!
Aaron Patten
02:28 13 Nov 21
Allison Pitts
20:56 10 Nov 21
Clayton Pezza
18:42 09 Nov 21
Kathy Garst
16:57 20 Oct 21
I always said I would never go to a chiropractor but after the last few months of pain in my back I decided I would give it a try. Dr. Hinz is awesome. He spends a lot of time with me, explains everything clearly and really is concerned about my health. It's unbelievable how much better I feel in just 6 weeks! His staff, especially Catherine, is so nice and professional. His office is spotless and I never have to wait.Update: I am still being treated by Dr. Hinz and he has helped me tremendously, especially with neck pain and headaches. My back pain has also improved so much. Dr. Hinz takes the time to listen to me and knows exactly what treatment I need. Dr.Hinz is the best. He and his staff are very courteous, caring and professional. I highly recommend him.
Lisa Jordan
12:57 20 Oct 21
Shannon Jackson
19:25 12 Oct 21
I cannot say enough great things about Dr Hinz and teamThey're so incredibly kind and considerate of my needs. These amazing people truly want me out of pain. I am so grateful to each of them.
Alisa Last
02:59 16 Sep 21
Eric Brown
17:54 01 Sep 21
Always happy and accommodating! Staff is awesome
Klint Jackson
16:49 01 Sep 21
Andy Ortiz
19:48 30 Aug 21
Great staff! Friendly and extremely helpful. They are always smiling and know how to make you feel welcomed. The adjustments are amazing and have been helpful! I look forward to my appointments knowing that I’m walking out of there feeling revived! Thank you CSC!!
crissy welhoelter
19:31 26 Aug 21
Pam Jones
14:28 26 Aug 21
Olivia Roberts
16:53 24 Aug 21
I can’t say enough good things about this practice. I have been going here for many years and have never had a bad experience. The staff is genuine and care so much! I started going here after a bad car accident, was very nervous after hearing bad experiences with other chiropractors from friends and Dr. Hinz sat down and talked with me for a long time. He made me feel very comfortable and dispelled my fears!I have never felt rushed or like he didn’t have time to talk with me, and he has always helped me find the best solution for finances and plan. I am now 7 months pregnant and have continued to see him, he has helped with my pregnancy pains so much and helped me navigate my body changing. I trust him 110% with my body and my baby, and I know he would only do things to help us prepare for birth!VERY highly recommended!!!!
Michaela Miller
00:19 17 Aug 21
Dr. Hinz and his staff are so kind and respectful! I love this place!
Denise Campopiano
23:18 11 Aug 21
The staff is wonderful & patient care is excellent here. I am very happy with the treatment & adjustments here. Dr. Heinz is very good at patient care & knowledge of how to proceed with treatment. I have vertigo so adjustments are complicated but Dr. Heinz is not only super patient but attentive to the situation. I have felt great since having treatment there.
Shelly Ravenscraft
13:07 05 Aug 21
Trevor Cole
14:37 29 Jul 21
I had a really bad motorcycle wreck 3 years ago, and due to that I have a lot of back pain and issues. After multiple steroid shots and everything else nothing was working. Dr Heinz and his crew have been the absolute best and more professional than I ever would have imagined. I did not believe in chiropractors and thought it would be a waste of time to try it but I was desperately searching for something to help without doing any surgeries and specialist visits. But dr Heinz got me in, they do all their X-rays in house so it’s simple easy and you can get answers almost immediately. He has helped so much and I could not be more great-full. I have recommended numerous people that ask about a chiropractor to this facility and I will recommend it to anyone at all looking for answers relief. if he’s able he will and you will not regret visiting this place
Nick Farmer
14:06 29 Jul 21
Everyone is truly professional and relatable. Employees appear to care and want to mend good relations with people who they take care of. Dr. Hinz is knowledgeable and can thoroughly explain the issues with your back, along with a road map of how to correct the issue. Overall, had a great experience and would recommend to others.
15:15 27 Jul 21
Joanne Kennedy
17:08 21 Jul 21
I have been receiving consistent treatments for a little over 3 months now. I am a little over half way through my care plan and I am feeling great! When I first arrived I was in terrible pain from my sciatic nerve. I was skeptical. It seemed like a lot of money at the time and what if it didn’t work?! My first visit was a consultation to review my X-rays and discuss a treatment plan The next visit was my first adjustment, it left me in a lot of discomfort. This was expected but I was still worried. The office responded quickly and gave me suggestions to help ease the pain and inflammation (mostly ice and ibuprofen) and Dr Hinz himself called to follow up as well. After the second adjustment, I started feeling a little better. I was going 3 times a week for the first two weeks and then twice a week until now. They gave me an app for my daily exercises that Dr Hinz assigns specifically for my needs. He adds new exercises as I progress. When I reached the halfway mark of my care plan, Dr Hinz and I met again to discuss how I was feeling and my expectations. I was better but still having nerve pain down to my foot. The decompression therapy table was my next option for treatment in addition to the adjustments and exercises. It was amazing! It was expensive but he gave me a discounted price with a purchase of 12 sessions and it was worth every penny! It was a complete game changer!! My nerve pain is almost completely gone. It only flares up on occasion, usually when I am abusing myself with heavy lifting but it doesn’t last and I don’t even need pain medicine anymore.The location is convenient, parking is right at the door. The office itself is super clean and runs so efficiently! As long as I am on time, I usually have no wait time. The staff are absolutely amazing! They are all so kind and care for each client as if they are the only one. I am greeted by name each time I walk in the door. These ladies are always smiling, I’m sure sometimes they don’t feel like smiling but they do it anyway to make the clients feel warm and fuzzy and it works!I am incredibly impressed with Cool Springs Chiropractic, Dr Hinz is fantastic! He explained my situation to me in a way that I could comprehend. He answered all my questions and if I had a question later on, I could always call the office or even text. Yes, text! If you choose to do so, they will text to confirm appointments and to communicate any appointment changes. Heck yeah!!If you are looking for a new chiropractor or if you are trying to decide if you want to try it out for the first time, this is the place to go! Just tell them Joanne sent you! 🙂 thank you and stay well.
Bill Jones
15:16 06 Jul 21
Dr. Hinz got me in (new patient) immediately and has really improved my low back issues.The staff are nothing short of amazing. Very friendly and helpful!
Jeff Giedt
16:44 30 Jun 21
Amazing Doc and great office. They run things so smoothly. My plan was made clear and the results were incredible.
Tambra Collette
04:17 29 Jun 21
Jacob Matthews
18:50 15 Jun 21
Jamie Kuiper
19:34 09 Jun 21
Samantha Thornton
17:01 26 May 21
After a crippling lower back injury, CSC totally saved my back!! They are not only amazing at what they do but are super caring and thoughtful about your personal situation! They are a great team that I look forward to being part of my spine health for the rest of my days!!
Pamela Logue
02:28 21 May 21
The staff is competent, friendly, and accommodating. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere, and the fact that, after driving almost an hour, I never have to wait more than a few min to be seen! I have seen real results frommy adjustments and recommended exercises. Dr Hinz was recommended to be by a friend, and I would certainly recommend him to others.
Joselyn Cervantes
21:19 20 May 21
great experience! staff is very friendly are very accommodating to your needs !
Ty Christian
16:00 19 May 21
Dr. Hines and his staff are professional, friendly and happy every week! My body Is already feeling better after 3 weeks of help. I look forward to continuing my progress with this great group. Highly recommend!
Richard Nicorvo
16:28 04 May 21
Absolutely the best chiropractor! Knowledgeable, experienced, helpful and with the best service organization. Healthcare at its best.
00:39 23 Mar 21
Friendly staff. above and beyond actually treating the problem and helping me rehab, not just doing the minimum to keep me longer.
Jennifer Newman
00:04 10 Mar 21
Brittany Mason
02:17 09 Mar 21
Great staff and dedicated to helping their patients.
Mackenzie Curtis
22:40 03 Mar 21
Zia Ullah
00:49 12 Feb 21
My experience over the course of 2 years has been phenomenal.The entire team is awesome, you can feel work environment is great and the teamLoves what they do.I am very happy with quality of care, speed of delivery and all that with smile is matchless!!Keep up the awesome culture guys.
Alexander Sviridov
19:01 04 Feb 21
Great place! Dr. Hinz helped with upper and lower back.
Davey Jordan
22:01 15 Jan 21
Dr. Hinz and his team are wonderful folks. He will take the time to listen and understand your history and concerns. He will tell you his goal is to overtime transition the work from him to you. Meaning he will often encourage less visits as you progress. This is not a cash grab, they truly offer genuine patient focused treatment.
suzanne williams
17:42 14 Jan 21
Kimberly Calcote
18:11 13 Jan 21
Dr. Hinz and his staff are wonderful! From the initial consultation to the treatment, they never make you feel rushed, always answer all of your questions, and provide amazing treatment. Dr. Hinz is so informative regarding all of the aspects that can be affected from a few small aches and pains. One thing that is also wonderful, is that he takes insurance, and works to maximize your insurance benefits so that chiropractic treatment is reasonable. I highly recommend him and his staff!
Viki Field
01:54 12 Jan 21
Dr. Hinz and the staff are great! Excellent results with the individualized program designed for my acute problem. Definitely recommend!
katrina kiedis
16:30 22 Dec 20
Kamran Malek
21:57 17 Dec 20
I definitely recommend Cool Spring Chiropractic. Great people.
Ashley Prowant
22:27 16 Dec 20
Sarah Sandes
20:27 10 Dec 20
Eric Mannino
23:22 08 Dec 20
I have been a patient of Dr. Hines and his amazing staff for over 2 years and he has been able to do something other chiropractors were not able to do ... fix my back. I haven't had a back problem in well over 18 months thanks to Cool Springs Chiropractic. Visited them today for a pulled muscle and I feel amazing already. Don't hesitate, if you need a chiropractor, see Dr. Hines!
Danny Nelms
01:37 06 Dec 20
I have been a patient at Cool Springs Chiropractic for almost a year. The issue I was having with my neck is 100% better and now just on a maintenance and wellness program. The staff is excellent and efficiency is outstanding compared to the rest of the healthcare industry.Amazingly, I recently had surgery unrelated to my chiropractic care and received a super thoughtful flower delivery from the Cool Springs Chiropractic Team. Who does that these days? Would 100% recommend Dr. Hinz and his outstanding team.
Gaby Doss
02:21 24 Nov 20
Doctor Hinz is amazing! He is so kind, knowledgeable and has changed my life. Was having awful consecutive headaches, doctors told me it was just allergies, but my neck was actually messed up. I have not had a single headache since coming to Hinz, I can think clearer, have more energy and feel happier, this truly has been life changing for me! His staff is also amazing and so so kind! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Cassie Sanders
01:56 10 Nov 20
Amazing office! Dr. Hinz has such a soothing and calm bed side manner all while remaining focused and effective for your chiropractic needs. I look forward to every adjustment I have with him. Catherine and Karianne make it such a pleasant experience as well. They have been helpful since my first phone call to the office and when I need to make or change an appointment they are so accommodating. Would highly recommend this office to anyone needing immediate relief or just routine adjustment needs!
Adrienne Thompson
18:11 04 Nov 20
Ashley Robeck
19:34 15 Oct 20
Cool Springs Chiropractic is the place to go. I haven't felt this good in a long time. The care is very thorough and way more advanced than other offices I have visited. The staff is amazing, super sweet and never forget a name.
Great experience! Dr. Hinz is friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. The staff are great, and the facility is always clean and inviting.