The Best Date Night Spots in Franklin, TN

The Best Date Night Spots in Franklin, TN

Listed as the 7th largest city in the state of Tennessee, Franklin is an interesting town to visit. Though it currently enjoys a population size that is around 70,000, the city is very lively all year round. It’s popularly known for its historic streets, annual live events, and rich music. With Valentine’s Day coming up, your date will be expecting something warm and cozy. You have to start looking for a date night spot where you can go. Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle to look for the joints when in Franklin, TN. Whether it’s a culturally-driven theatre, an artisan restaurant or a live music spot, Franklin never disappoints. To help you make an easier choice, here are 10 of the best night spots in Franklin that you should consider:

The Best Date Night Spots in Franklin, TN

  1. Big Bang – Dueling Piano Bar

Do you like live music? then, you’ll have a great experience at this bar. You’ll find a set of two pianos that are arranged to face each other. They are the theme of the bar and so you should expect the performance to be centered around them. What’s interesting about the piano bar is that you can make special requests for the kind of music that you want to be played. All you have to do is write them on the request sheet and add a tip. From country to love rock, you can request anything. In addition, you have over 10 beer options to choose from as you listen to music.

  1. Red Pony

Are you looking for a casual restaurant where you can be offered exclusive services? The Red Pony is a great option if this is the case. You are normally asked how you’ll want your seats arranged when you make a reservation. The waiters are timely and you have the chance to order some of the most delicious lobsters that America has to offer. Other specialties on the menu to consider are shrimp and mushroom. For desserts, you can have chocolate or vanilla cream.

  1. Franklin Theatre

When thinking of great cinema acts and live concerts, you have to mention the Franklin Theatre. They also have live music and you can grab a drink and pizza as you enjoy the performances. The theatre is family-friendly. So, if you want to take your kids to the night date, they won’t miss something to enjoy. There is a dance studio that suits them and you can watch them from the parents’ lounge.

  1. JJ’s Wine Bar

Franklin is traditionally known to be a city for the best wines. People here like to wine and dine. No spot gives you a maximum wine experience than JJ’s Wine Bar. It allows you to sample some of the best wine options that Tennessee has to offer. You can order wine for your pre-dinner celebration as you wait for the main dish. The ambiance is really cozy and so you should be confident that your date will like the setting. If you are also a fan of cocktails, you’ll get a wide selection at the bar. It’s one of those places that you can spend the whole night without getting bored.

  1. Leiper’s Fork

This is a charming historic village that is home to less than 1000 locals. In spite of its small population, Leiper’s Fork is supplied with so many antique shops, a theatre, and restaurants. It’s the kind of spot that allows you to hop from one date night venue to another without walking much. If it’s a show that you want to catch, you can watch it at the Lawnchair Theatre. Afterward, you can proceed to grab a hearty meal in one of the local restaurants. This can be followed with a night walk along the streets.

  1. Cork & Cow

Whether you are the chatty type or not, a date night occasion is an opportunity to know each other more. As you take your meals or listen to nice music, you should have the privacy to make social conversations. This is what you get at Cork & Cow. The date night spot has hearty meals and cocktails. The menu is rich in steaks, vegetables, salads, and beverages. The arrangement of the seat is meant to encourage conversations during a dinner date.

  1. Harlinsdale Farm

The Harlinsdale Farm is popularly known for hosting the Pilgrimage Festival which takes place annually in September. The festival brings together known artists from Tennessee and other states and they are able to entertain you for two days; from morning to late night. So, you can always catch the late-night performances with your date. From jazz to rock and roll, the festival never disappoints. Other than music, you’ll also have the opportunity of tasting some of the finest American cuisines. The atmosphere is just great if you are looking for an explosive and party-type kind of date experience.

  1. John’s Episcopal Church

It’s normal to be surprised when you hear of a church being a date night spot. Well, you don’t have to get into the church to experience the magic that this historic town has to offer. If you are not familiar with the church history, it may help to learn that its windows are designs of Louis Tiffany of the popular Tiffany Jewelry Company. The historic windows and doors are normally opened and you have the chance to have a pretty scenic snap with your lovely date.

  1. Puckett’s Grocery

When it comes to comfort delicacies such as BBQs, fried catfish, and pork sandwiches, not many spots in Tennessee can match Puckett’s Grocery. It’s a lively place to take your date on a romantic night getaway. The setting is great for sharing meals and for social chats. In addition, they play lovely music that you can dance to.

  1. Gray’s on Main

Lastly, when it comes to deciding between live music and throwback menu, it’s so hard to say which of the two best defines Gray’s on Main. This is because the songs played are as great as the items on the menu. So, it’s an amazing place to spend a night date. Besides, music is meant for the soul and food for the body. That’s all you need to have a memorable date night.

Closing Thought:

With Franklin richly supplied with great date night spots, it’s a perfect town to visit with your date this Valentine season. You are guaranteed the utmost fun experience that Franklin has to offer when you visit any of the discussed spots. It’s also an opportunity to have a feel of this historic town as some of the spots have history behind their establishment.

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