The Best Day Trips to Take from Nashville This Spring

The Best Day Trips to Take from Nashville This Spring

There is so much excitement when you hear of Nashville, TN. Popularly known as the home of cool country music; you are always guaranteed maximum entertainment. If you are not a fan of country beats, you can tour any of the cultural centers or museums to learn a few things about American history. There are also amazing art centers where great performances and operas are showcased. So, the Tennessee capital is naturally an entertainment hub. If you are not sure where to start, there are several organized day trips that you can take right from Nashville. They are exciting and memorable. Here are the top ones on our list:

The Best Day Trips to Take from Nashville This Spring

  1. Cummins Falls

Situated 80 miles from Nashville, the Cummins Falls is an exciting destination for a day trip. It’s not just meant for people who are interested in a great waterfall but also for those who are crazy about hiking adventures. According to a recent report by Travel + Leisure Magazine, the Cummins Falls is among the best swimming spots in the US. Well, the report doesn’t surprise considering that a 75-foot waterfall feeds a spacious and calm swimming pool.

  1. Tennessee Aquarium

Located along the Tennessee River, just 2 hours from Nashville, the Tennessee Aquarium is believed to be home to more than 12,000 marine animals belonging to 800 species. The aquarium has been in operation since 1982 in two main buildings; the River Journey and the Ocean Journey. For example, the River Journey shows exhibits like the Rivers of the World (which features worldly creates) and the Appalachian Cove Forest (which features species from the Mississippi Delta). Overall, the Tennessee Aquarium is considered one of the largest and most exciting aquariums in the world.

  1. A Day Trip to Memphis

Any time of the day, a trip to the historic Memphis never disappoints. There are so many interesting stops to consider. For example, the Elvis Presley Complex provides you with an audio-guided tour of royalty. You are able to tour the Graceland Mansion comprehensively. At the mansion, you have the opportunity to look at the King’s luxury cars, jets, and costumes. Later, you can head to Memphis Downtown to exploit Beale Street. The street allows you to explore historic centers like the Sun Studio where Elvis once recorded.

  1. A Day Trip to Short Mountain

Located about an hour and 15 minutes away from Nashville is a secret sanctuary that is yet to be fully exploited. There’s so much to see and enjoy here. Starting with the Short Mountain Distillery; you have the opportunity to taste some of the best authentic American sugar-shine liquors. On your way home, you can stop at the Mayday Brewery for a happy hour moment. Basically, if an alcohol-based trip is your fancy, then you’ll like this day trip. Additionally, the locals are known to create amazing crafts for sale and there are lots of artisan foods to relish.

  1. A Day Trip to Lookout Mountain

When driving around Nashville, you are likely to see signs on the road indicating ‘Visit Rock City’. Are you curious about such displays? Well, you can experience what Rock City is all about if you take a day trip to Lookout Mountain. It’s a small town in the peaceful Hamilton County, just a few miles from Chattanooga. In the town, you’ll have the opportunity to exploit the amazing waterfalls of Rock City. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to exploit Incline Railways, the world’s steepest railway, and the lovely Ruby Falls.

  1. Bourbon Heritage Center

Probably not an ideal day trip to take when you have your kids with you, the Bourbon Heritage Center provides you with the opportunity to sample America’s fine-aged whiskeys. The center is just 2 hours and 20 minutes away from Nashville and it features a range of distillery tours. One popular distillery that you should visit is the Heaven Hill Distillery. The distillery is one of the biggest family-owned producers of bourbon. The other interesting stop during the tour is the Parker Beam Tasting Barrel. There, you’ll have a taste of three different whiskeys.

  1. A Day Trip to Gallatin

This is probably the shortest day trip that you can take from Nashville. It takes roughly 40 minutes to get to Gallatin City. The city dates back to 1802 and it’s named after former US treasury secretary, Albert Gallatin. It is home to Tennessee’s oldest mansion, the Trousdale Place. The mansion is worth touring for its historic book collection and furniture. The property also houses the Summer County Museum where over 250,000 artifacts are on display. They include fossils, antique toys, and early settlers’ commodities.

  1. US Space & Rocket Museum

Do you just marvel at things to do with space? Whether you want to see rockets up close or to understand a few things about the US space program, this is the museum to visit. It’s just an hour and 15 minutes from Nashville and you are guaranteed an awesome time. Actually, it’s among the world’s largest space museums. It dates back to the 70s and there are more than 1,500 interactive space exhibits, rocket artifacts, and army aircraft to exploit.

  1. A Day Trip to Knoxville

Situated 3 hours away from Nashville, Knoxville is a city with a strong education history. It’s popularly known for being home to the University of Tennessee. Guided day tours are available to the university and you get to enjoy splendid gardens. From the university, you can view the neighboring Sunsphere Tower, the Confederate Memorial Hall, and Market Square. You can also make a stop to the East Tennessee Museum to view a few historic artifacts.

  1. Mammoth Cave Day Trip

Just an hour and 20 minutes from Nashville is the world’s largest cave. The Mammoth Cave became a national park back in 1941 and it was established to serve as a major tourist site not just in Tennessee but globally. If you are not scared of the dark, you can spend a few hours there. There’s so much mystery to discover. Actually, only a fraction of the cave’s tunnel has been explored. You are promised to see interesting features like Fat Man’s Misery and Frozen Niagara.

Closing Thought:

Whether you want to learn a bit of American history or to get entertained, Nashville has it all. The best way to experience its beauty is taking a day off and going for an organized day trip. The level of adventure is just incredible for individuals and for groups. You won’t be disappointed.

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