The Best Places to Splash near Franklin, TN

The Best Places to Splash near Franklin, TN

Whenever Franklin is mentioned in the history books, most people always associate the town with its darkest past, the American Civil War. Though this bloodiest war is important in history, so many lives were lost and Franklin happens to be the point of reference. It’s in this humble town where you’ll find evidence of bloodstain implanted on the floor when you visit the Carton Plantation. You’ll also see several graves belonging to slain American soldiers.

But if you can forget history for a second, Franklin has a bright present and future. There’s so much to see and do in this historic town. Like most towns, Franklin has some amazing fun spots that anyone who’s willing to be adventurous can go to. And when it’s the summer, there’s no better fun activity than splashing in a water pool or splash park. Luckily, Franklin has some amazing splash spots where you and your kids can have a great splash experience. Here are our best picks:

The Best Places to Splash near Franklin, TN

  1. Franklin Recreational Complex (1120 Hillsboro Road)

The Franklin Recreational Complex was primarily built for splash fun. They have a splash pad, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool where you can splash. The recreational complex is family-friendly and they are open every day of the week. So, you can always drop there for a splash any time of the day when you feel like letting loose.

If you want to learn to swim, they normally have swim lessons in the indoor pool area. Other than the splash parks and pools, you can also access a tennis court, an outdoor playground, a dance studio, and a fitness room. Your kids, in particular, will have an exciting time as most of the facilities are designed for them.

  1. Comfort Inn (4202 Franklin Commons Court)

Known for its spacious and comfortable rooms, Comfort Inn has grown from just being a luxurious hotel into becoming one of Franklin’s most sought-after splash spots. The hotel is located a couple of kilometers from the famous Goofballs Family Fun Center. So, whenever you bring your kids to Goofballs, you can always drop at Comfort Inn for a splash adventure.

The interesting thing is that pets are allowed and so you can always tag your animal friend along. As you watch your kids splash in the pools, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi that’s available to all guests within the hotel perimeter. Their pools are spacious and safe to help your kids. Actually, they don’t have to swim. Just the idea of jumping into the water is fun by itself.

  1. Home2Suites (107 International Drive)

Just like Comfort Inn, Home2Suites is not your ordinary hotel. It has grown to become an amazing splash spot. It’s famously known for having one of the most advanced indoor splash pools in Franklin. If you forgot to carry your swimming gear, you’ll be most likely tempted to jump into the pool the way you are.

The pool always has some form of activity going on. Whether it’s adult sitting on the pool wall with their legs dipped inside the water or kids jumping into the water and making a mess, the scenery is just spectacular. That’s how fun the splash spot is. Furthermore, they have free Wi-Fi that allows you to post your splash experience online after recording.

  1. Homewood Suites (2225 E McEwen Drive)

If you are driving from Aspen Grove Park and are looking for a 3-star hotel, Homewood Suites has to be at the top of your list. This majestic hotel has an incredible indoor splash pool that guarantees the best splash experience. You actually don’t have to book a room to splash at the hotel. You just need a special pass indicating that you are a guest there.

The spot is quite popular not just because of the indoor splash pool but also because of amenities like a gym, a café, ample parking, and free Wi-Fi. So, you can access all of these amenities when you go splashing there. However, they have age restrictions for admission. The minimum age is 21.

  1. La Quinta (4207 Franklin Commons Court)

Though it doesn’t enjoy the luxury that you find at Comfort Inn, one of its closest competitors, La Quinta is undoubtedly a great splash spot for anyone who’s adventurous. They have an indoor splash pool that’s fairly large and cozy. You are allowed to come with your kids and they can enjoy free Wi-Fi as they play in the waters.

In addition to the indoor pool, you can also enjoy a spa tub at La Quinta. It’s meant to complement the indoor pool and it’s the highlight of your splash adventure. They also have ample and secure parking in case you come with your family car. A day spent at the splash spot is always a memorable one provided you don’t go alone.

  1. Drury Plaza Hotel (1874 West McEwen Drive)

What makes Drury Plaza Hotel stand out is the fact that they have both an indoor and outdoor splash pool. So, you can choose where to splash as both options are exciting. This explains why the hotel enjoys a 4.8 guest rating. It simply means that the facility always lives up to the expectation of its guests. They allow kids and pets and like the other hotels; you can enjoy free Wi-Fi here as you take a break from the pool or just before you get into it.

  1. Best Western Franklin Inn (1308 Murfreesboro Road)

Bragging of its auspicious and spacious outdoor pool, Best Western is always a great splash stop for individuals and families. The motel is just a kilometer away from Goofballs. So, you can always make a stop on your way out of Goofballs. They have self-parking space and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi on site.

But still, the real adventure is at the outdoor pool. If you are bold, this is where you get loose. You can engage in any kind of fun activities at the pool with your family ranging from swimming to ball games. When you are done, you can grab a quick bite at the restaurant.

Closing Thought:

Despite its dark past, Franklin has grown to become a fun town for both locals and visitors. During the summer, you have the chance to unwind in some of Franklin’s best water spots. The splash spots discussed are family-friendly. So, you can bring your kids and have a family moment. You can take out your diary now and record the splash place you’ll visit in the coming days.

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