The Franklin, TN Farmers Market

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Looking for a fun and healthy way to spend your morning? Why not visit your local Franklin, TN Farmers Market! The Franklin, TN Farmers Market is a non-profit agricultural organization that helps support local farmers by providing an area for them to sell their fresh food straight to the public. The Market has come a long way from the 8 farmers who participated in the beginning years, to now over 70 family farms. The market is open year-round with hours of 8am – 1pm.

The Franklin Farmers Market is located behind The Factory (230 Franklin Rd Franklin, TN 37064), at the corner of Franklin Road and Liberty Pike in Franklin Tennessee, and prides itself on being a true farmers market that believes strongly in 3 goals:

  • Our first goal is to keep local family farms productive and profitable by providing a reliable venue for farmers to sell what they grow or produce. Making a profit can be the difference between keeping the farm or selling off the land for housing or commercial developments.
  • Our second goal is to give the public easy access to healthy, locally grown fresh food. All vegetables and fruits; meats, dairy and herbs come from Middle Tennessee farms to the market. Much of the produce in grocery stores has traveled an average of 1,500 miles before it gets on the store shelves. It’s normal for it to be picked before it ripens on the vine, in order to keep it from bruising and rotting on its cross country trip. By the time it’s been picked, packed and trucked in to a grocery, it’s less than fresh and its nutritional value has decreased. Fresher food means more vitamins and minerals for you and your family and food from local farms is just about as fresh as you can get.
  • Our third goal is to educate about the positive impact that farming has on the local economy, the aesthetic values of communities and the environment.

– The Franklin Farmers Market 


So next time you’re ready to go grocery shopping try gathering the family together and making a trip to the Farmers Market to have everyone pick out their favorite foods! After visiting the market be sure to check out their website at www.franklinfarmersmarket.com for amazing healthy recipes and fun trivia for the kids.

Together we can help each other by supporting our local farmers and supporting health! Have you been to the Franklin, TN Farmers Market? Share your experience with us below!

Photo Credit: The Franklin Farmers Market

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