6 Things To Do in Franklin, TN

6 Things To Do in Franklin, TN

Franklin is a wonderful area in middle Tennessee that has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. Dr. Peter Hinz has a chiropractor business in this area and loves the community that he has the honor of serving. No matter what your interests are, you are sure to find something to catch your interest here. Franklin TN

There is plenty of nature spots, historical museums, fun shopping, great restaurants, and so much more to visit in Franklin. Whether your scene is enjoying scenic views or coffee shops, you can find it. You can even find an array of antique shops to stroll through. 

A Little About Franklin, TN

Maybe you live in Franklin, or maybe you are just visiting, but knowing just a little bit about this great community will help you to appreciate it that much more. It is a mid-sized town that is located just outside of Nashville, TN. There is a lot of history that lies within this town, dating back to 1858. There is a population of around 81,000 people or more.

Franklin, TN is known to be one of the most popular places to live within Tennessee. You still have a small-town feel, with big city life a short distance away in Nashville. The best of both worlds. 

Exploring Franklin, TN

When you are searching for something to do in Franklin, TN, there is so much to choose from. You don’t have a shortage of options to choose from. Some of the most popular ones are listed below. 

SOAR Adventure Tower

This is something that the whole family can enjoy at any age. SOAR Adventure Tower is an amusement park like you have never seen, it doesn’t have your conventional roller coasters like you are imagining. This is more of an interactive amusement park for you to enjoy. 

You can spend hours and hours climbing and swinging from the different courses that we have. There is plenty to experience and see for everyone who comes to visit. There is even mini-golf for those that are not fond of heights. This is a great place for things such as:

  • Family Outings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Group Gatherings
  • Youth Groups
  • Christmas Parties

 It is a great place for team building and bonding with peers. Everyone is sure to have a great time enjoying all that SOAR Adventure Tower has to offer.

Natchez Trace State Park Bridge

Are you the type of person who enjoys nature and scenic drives? It can be so relaxing and peaceful to take in the beauty that nature has to offer. In Franklin, TN you can enjoy the gorgeous views that the Natchez Trace State Park has to offer. 

This state park is one that winds through a large area of middle and west Tennessee. There are lakes, rivers, creeks, and more to take time to enjoy. The Natchez State Park Bridge is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. There is so much to take in and see when you travel through. You will be so happy that you spent the day enjoying the scenic views. 

Lotz House Museum

Do you enjoy history? The Lotz House Museum is an absolutely great place to visit for all the history and civil war fanatics. There is so much to learn and see, that you will spend hours taking everything in. 

You can take a guided tour throughout the museum house and the battlefield. There is a variety of different things that are offered, such as:

  • Halloween Ghost Tours 
  • Christmas Candlelight Tours
  • Christmas Twinkling Lights
  • And So Much More

Leiper’s Fork Distillery

Are you looking for a great way to spend the day, a weekend, or a date night? The Leiper’s Fork Distillery is a great place to plan your next outing. If you are looking for great quality and entertainment this distillery will not disappoint you. From music to tours and everything in between, you can find it here. 

There is plenty of history in this business and town to back up this business. The decor and atmosphere is something that you will find amazing. The gift shop is located in a historical log cabin built by James Daniel back in the 1820s. You can’t go wrong with an evening or day spent at Leiper’s Fork Distillery.  

Eastern Flank Battle Field Park

History and battlefields are a great attraction for many people. It can be a lot of fun for everyone, even the ones who are not big on historical scenes. There is always something for everyone to be entertained by. 

The Eastern Flank Battle Field Park is a great place to take the day or even just a few hours and walk around. There are 110 acres of fun and scenic views to take in. Some of the things you can do at Eastern Flank Battle Field Park are:

  • Picnics With Friends or Family
  • Trails To Walk Down
  • Shade Trees To Sit Under 
  • Have A Wedding In The Pavilion
  • Have A Special Event In The Pavilion
  • And So Much More…

Historic Downtown Franklin

Taking a day or afternoon to just walk downtown Franklin is sure to give you plenty to enjoy. Everything from small-town shops, coffee shops, and small-town theaters can be found. The unique and quaint atmosphere that you find is one that will be surely enjoyable. 

There are so many different types of events and gatherings that happen in downtown Franklin, such as:

  • Main Street Festival
  • Franklin on The Forth
  • Wine Down Main Street
  • Touch A Truck
  • Pumpkinfest
  • And So Much More…

One of the most popular things that occur is the Dickens of a Christmas. Everyone dresses up in historical clothing, enjoys a craft fair, and different performances. It will be an event that everyone will want to revisit year after year. 

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