Top 10 Natural Detox Foods

Top 10 Natural Detox Foods

Bad eating habits, stress, and the residue of some nasty sicknesses begin to catch up with our body. In a few years, this has a profound effect on our mood, health, strength, and endurance.


By taking advantage of natural foods that detox the body of these harmful chemicals and impurities, you can experience an immediate and drastic improvement with weight loss efforts and mental health. If you already have injuries such as a herniated disk, liver damage, or a torn muscle, the body can devote even more effort to pain management and healing if cleansed of all the toxins built up inside of you.

Here are 10 of the top natural detox foods that not only taste great, but get you back into prime condition.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is revered as an excellent cure to most of the human body’s ails. With healing effects on headaches, stomach aches, and even mood imbalances, it’s no wonder this root also serves to pry out all the impurities lingering in your body and flush them out for a renewed feeling. You can dice up ginger and add it to your regular meals, or use it in tea for a quick morning pick-me-up in place of soda or coffee, which add toxins to the body. You can also chew on the root for a faster effect.

  1. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has earned a bad reputation as a favorite of health nuts who don’t mind the taste, but you can find ways to get around the flavor and still reap the healthy benefits. One is to squeeze half a lemon into your wheatgrass smoothie; the sharp tastes balance each other out into a more pleasant flavor. A smoothie a day will give your body a boost of alkaline, lower your blood pressure, give you more energy, and most of all, cleanse your liver of current or old party days.

  1. Hibiscus Tea

A great drink for relaxing and purifying your body, hibiscus tea is a favorite of those trying to lose weight with a lack of stress and some good ol’ natural remedies in one. The water of course helps your body better function, but the hibiscus works to fight back against the natural bloat that occurs when you consume too much sodium or your body has its fill of toxins. By counteracting your aldosterone levels, your body will release its bloat and water weight, taking off extra pounds so that your strained disks and muscles can feel better.

  1. Guacamole

Ever been told that feeling the burn is a good thing? Then no wonder this Mexican food favorite is great for detoxing your body. The avocado in guacamole works to rid your liver of toxins while the cilantro contains a blend of linalool and geranyl, which calm the stomach, improving your body’s ability to digest and process further toxins. If you find that your back injury is giving you greater discomfort, adding guacamole to your diet will ease the strain your internal organs are experiencing so they can work better to relieve you of pain. If you’re looking to lose weight, without the roadblocks of poor digestion and an overly toxic liver, you can process your foods and drop unnecessary weight faster.

  1. Grapefruit

Juicy, flavorful, and able to go with anything, grapefruit is a large citrus that can gather toxins to it and flush it from your system almost instantly. Since it’s such a juicy fruit, its high water levels help fight against dehydration and work to better flush out your system. While doing that, it’s also contributing fiber for better digestion and vitamins C and B1 to boost your energy and health. It encourages the body to drop extra fat and detoxes your system at the same time.

  1. Green Tea

By now you’d think that green tea fixes nearly everything, right? You’d be correct. Green tea contains less caffeine than any other kind of tea, but replaces its low levels with energizing antioxidants that hunt down and eliminate free radicals within your body before they can drain you of your health. In essence, by allowing your body to function at its peak condition, there’s no need for supplements to give you the energy you lack. By fighting free radicals as they appear and better hydrating your body – while cola and coffee dehydrate you – green tea helps your body work better by staying lubricated and encouraged to flush out unnecessary fat.

  1. Olive Oil

For emergencies and for everyday good eating, olive oil is an excellent natural detox food. You can use it instead of butter in all your cooking, top your salads with it, and even spread it across bread for a wholesome snack to give you energy. Olive oil contains 93% of your daily allowance of vitamin E and is more healthy than some other oily alternatives. If you mix it with fruit juice and drink down a glass, your liver will be encouraged to cleanse itself of toxins and gallstones, but even in lighter doses, it works to drain your body of impurities.

  1. Kale

Nothing kicks back against toxins quite like kale. This lefty green plant has a more appealing taste than some other plants of its kind, and offers specialized abilities in cleansing your kidneys of built-up toxins. As kidneys are somewhat overlooked in the detoxing arena, even if you observe a healthy diet, your kidneys could need some help. It’s a highly effective anti-inflammatory packed with nutrients and antioxidants, so blend it into a smoothie for the most heavy-hitting punch at kicking impurities from your system.

  1. Water

You can’t argue with good ol’ water. The human body is meant to drink, on average, a gallon of water a day – but few people do. However, water serves as an excellent substitute to most other drinks as it curbs hunger, prevents migraines, and by staying hydrated, the joints and discs of your body are able to function better without pain. As the discs in our back rely on water to keep their proper distance from one another, a herniated disc will experience less pain if kept well hydrated. Livers and kidneys work much in the same, and cannot properly filter and flush toxins if they’re running dry. By upping your water intake, you can detox unnecessary fat and even improve your pain levels in injuries.

  1. Asparagus

You’d think something so tasty would be low on the healthy level, but on the contrary, asparagus is a favorite for flushing your system to be as pure and pristine as it was meant to be. Its natural nutrients are designed to peel out the toxins lingering in those hard-to-reach places and help our organs flush them from the body. This leaves your skin healthier and looking younger, kicks back against cancer, calms the stomach, and strengthens the heart. If you’re looking for improved health all around as well as starting back at square one, steaming some asparagus and adding it to your diet is the trick.

When you’re looking to purify your body, all you need is these 10 foods added to your diet. Tasty and effective, you can cleanse your body with every meal.

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