Top 4 chairs for your back that don’t break the bank

Office Chairs

The importance of good posture and it’s effect on the health of your spine cannot be overstated. If your job requires you to be seated for long periods throughout the day, then your chair will be a critical ally for you and your spine. The problem is, many professional ergonomic chairs cost anywhere from $700 all the way up to $1,000+. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to get a good chair for your back. Here are 4 affordable options that will still provide the support you need.

Herman Miller – SAYL


Herman Miller is well-known for being one of the finest desk chair makers out there (with the price to match). Thankfully, there’s the SAYL, Herman Miller’s most affordable offering. Although it doesn’t feature the full customizations of their top-line offerings, it is still a cut above the rest of the competition in the same price range. This chair features a stunning design that they say was inspired by suspension bridges, and encourages a full range of motion all while providing you with comfortable support.



SPACE Seating – Air Grid


The Air Grid may look like your typical desk chair, but is certain to provide more support and comfort than your run-of-the-mill options. It features a mesh back for enhanced breathability and support to your back, while the seat is a comfortable padded leather that provides a solid foundation for sitting. This chair is also adjustable, so you can be sure you’re seated properly at your desk. The Air Grid would normally run in the $400 range, but is available at a great deal for just $159 right now.



IKEA – Markus


As with all things IKEA, the Markus is a great quality chair for the price. The seat is height adjustable and offers a high back (offered in different colors) for optimum support. The chair also sports features like a mesh back that provides breathability, as well as lumbar support for ergonomic comfort. Add to all of this that the general shape of the chair enforces good posture, and you’ve got the perfect combination for a comfortable seated experience.



Humanscale – Freedom Saddle Seat


The Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat may not be ideal for all-day sitting, but it’s the perfect task chair to encourage movement, while still being comfortable and good for your back. (This seat would also work well paired with a stand-up desk user that likes the occasional break to sit down.) The triangular shape of this stool seats you in a saddle position, which opens the hips, puts less pressure on the spine, and encourages good circulation. This seated position also reduces pressure points on the spine, providing long-term comfort.


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