Top 7 Salad Bars in Franklin, TN

Top 7 Salad Bars in Franklin, TN

Are you looking for salad bars in Franklin, TN? Finding a great place to eat out can take some trial and error. People prefer different things and have a different outlook about what is good and bad. The salad bar that a restaurant has is a big factor when people are rating whether it is a good place to eat or not. Dr. Peter Hinz at Cool Springs Chiropractic in Franklin, TN has some recommendations of spots to try in the area. 

Where To Grab A Bite To Eatsalad bars in Franklin, TN

Looking for a place to grab a bite to eat? There are many great places to enjoy in Franklin, TN. One of the many things that people look for in a restaurant is a good salad bar. There are several to choose from in this town. 

Sperry’s Cool Springs

This great restaurant originated from two brothers many years ago. It is one of the very first salad bars to ever open in the area. The location in Cool Springs is a second location that opened several years back. 

The reviews that can be read about this restaurant all rave about how great the salad bar is. Not to mention, the food on the menu is just as great. When you are trying to eat healthily and find somewhere that has wonderful salad varieties, it is a must-try. 

Golden Corral

Golden Corral is a chain restaurant that is available in many places, 42 different states. It is a great location to get fast service and delicious meals. You can enjoy great food and a good selection at the salad bar. 

Dr. Peter Hinz at Cool Springs Chiropractic in Franklin, TN recommends Golden Corral as a great place to stop and enjoy a salad. There is a variety of cold mixed salads that you can try, cheeses, veggies, and different meats to add to your salad. If you have diet restrictions, you definitely have a good selection to choose from.


Most people have eaten at a Shoney’s at some point in time, there are 17 states that have these restaurants. They have great selections on their buffet and a wonderful array of items for salads. You could definitely make a complete meal out of just the salad bar. 

At Shoney’s, you can get in and out in a short amount of time. This is a good option to have a healthy lunch on the salad bar even when you are short on time. If you are in a big hurry, you can even get a to-go box and make a salad to go. 

Stave Regional Kitchen & Lounge

If you are visiting or passing through, Stave Regional Kitchen & Lounge is a wonderful place to have a bite to eat. The restaurant connects to the Marriott Hotel making it very simple to walk over and eat at. It can be hard to find a good place to eat while traveling, so having one so close makes things easier.

If you are craving a salad, you will not be disappointed in your choices at Stave Regional Kitchen & Lounge. You can enjoy your salad in their indoor seating or outdoors when the weather is nice. 

Jason’s Deli

Jason’s Deli is a popular chain restaurant that is available in 28 states. It is a family-owned corporation. Dr. Peret Hinz at Cool Springs Chiropractic in Franklin, TN is health-focused, and Jason’s Deli takes out all artificial trans fats from their food. Making the options there a little more healthy.

They have a variety of signature salads that they can put together for you or you can choose to eat off of the salad bar. A good salad bar is nothing to take for granted. Many people have left great reviews about the salad bar at Jason’s.

Franklin Mercantile

If you are looking for a real treat when you visit Franklin, you have to eat at the Franklin Mercantile. It is nicknamed the “Merc” and is a loved restaurant to all locals and people passing through. There is for sure something for everyone to enjoy and many recommend the salad bar.

You will find an array of fresh veggies, cheeses, seeds, and deli meats to put on your salad. A good salad bar is hard to come by, and you are sure to enjoy your options at the Merc. You can go online and find wonderful reviews and testimonials about how much everyone loves this little gem of a restaurant. 

Chopt Creative Salad Company

If you are looking for a great place to get a salad, Chopt Creative Salad company will not disappoint. It is a build-your-own salad bar that is full of yummy ingredients. No matter what your style of salad is or your food restrictions might be, you are sure to find something you love here. 

They even have many themed salads that you can choose from and customize your ingredients to. It is a yummy and fun place to eat at. They even offer catering options for get-togethers and work meetings, a salad bar on the go.

Facts About Franklin, TN

Franklin, TN is a community that sits right outside of Nashville. There are many historical facts that you can learn about this town, dating back to 1799. You can visit the Lotz House, Carnton Plantation, Carter House, and McGavock Confederate Cemetery. There are also a lot of cute antique shops that you can enjoy downtown.

The community of Franklin is in Williamson County. There is a population of around 77,000 plus people living there. Nashville is a short drive away, leaving you with many choices of fun activities to enjoy there as well. Dr. Peter Hinz at Cool Springs Chiropractic in Franklin, TN loves this great community that he serves in and all that it has to offer to everyone. 

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