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Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate those we love and thank them for all that they do. It’s is also a great time to let your kids creativity shine and make something special for their Valentines. Valentine’s Day crafts are a fun way that kids can put their own unique touch on giving to those they care about. Below are some great Valentine’s Day craft ideas for you to share with your children.

DIY Valentine’s Day Craft: Goodie Bags

Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your child’s classmates? Making your own “goodie bags” filled with heart shaped or red sweets is sure to make the kids happy, although for the parents sake you may not want to fill them with too much sugar.


All of these supplies can be found at Michaels, JoAnn’s or your local craft store.

• Small cellophane bags or if you’re in a crunch for time you can use Ziploc bags and just make larger tags
• White, Pink, or Red heavy weight matte paper
• Heart or cupid shaped stamps
• Scissors, you can use craft scissors that cut in patterns or make your own patterns with regular scissors


Start by cutting the heavy weight paper the same length as the opening of your cellophane or Ziploc bag. Fold the tags in half and decorate. Let your child’s creativity take front seat on this DIY project allowing them to customize each baggie tag anyway they like. Place the open end of the tags on each side of the baggie and tape closed. It’s that easy; now just remember to make enough for the whole class!

For picture inspiration on this DIY project visit: www.marthastewart.com

DIY Valentine’s Day Craft: Card for Mom or Dad

Helping your kids make Valentine’s Day cards can be easier and much more fun the running to the mall to try and find a gift. It’s also a great way to save money!


• White, pink, and red construction paper
• Foam letter stamps
• Kids paints in red
• Patterned scissors
• Camera
• Tape


Using the construction paper, stamp letters and paint have your child make different signs saying things like “I love you Daddy”, or “Happy Valentine’s Day Mom”. Next take a picture of your child or children holding the sign/signs. Have the pictures printed or print them on your own photo paper at home.

Take another piece of construction paper and fold it in half to make your card. Cut around the border with your patterned scissors to make the card more interesting. Now just tape the picture or pictures to the front or inside of the card and have your child write a note or sign it. If they are too young to sign their name have them place their hand in the red paint and leave a handprint as their signature!

Have more great Valentine’s Day craft projects for parents to share with their kids! Comment below to share.

Photo Credit: Glorious Treats via Compfight cc

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