Why Franklin is America’s Favorite Small Town

Why Franklin is America's Favorite Small Town

America is historically a proud nation. She is proud of her tradition, food, people, and towns. One lovely town that clearly defines America’s pride is Franklin. Located in the outskirts of Nashville, the little town has developed tremendously. Since the 80s, the humble town has grown its population by 500%. Records show that the population in 1980 was just slightly above 12,000. Now, it’s estimated to be at least 73,000. So, why the enormous difference? Historic, fun, productive, hospitable, and unique are just some of the words that can be used to describe Franklin, TN. Whether you are looking to settle down or just to take a vacation, Franklin is an amazing town. It’s America’s favorite small town and here are the reasons why:

Why Franklin is America's Favorite Small Town

American History in Full Effect

The town was named after Benjamin Franklin during the American Civil War Era. The famous war was one of the bloodiest in America’s history. In Franklin, you have the opportunity to dive deep into this history. You’ll feel like it’s something you personally experienced. You are able to tour the famous Carter House which gives you a comprehensive experience of what went down during the civil war. You are able to understand how painful it was for the civilians more so having to bury each other. This can be understood further if you visit the Confederate Cemetery. This historic cemetery is a resting place for about 1500 murdered souls.

Impressive Ranking

According to a recent CNN report, Franklin occupies position 52 in the top 100 list for America’s best small towns. The reasons clear in the report are low unemployment rate, rich American history, and an upbeat lifestyle. The other factor that is not just in this report but also in others that precedes it is the fact that most people consider Franklin a safe, comfortable, and hospitable town to settle and invest in. It has a competitive advantage over the neighboring towns in terms of investment opportunities, historic spots, and exciting atmosphere. Another survey by Travel & Leisure ranked Franklin at position 8 overall in the list of the most-popular small-town travel destination. Under special categories, the survey ranked Franklin at position 7 and 14 for being the friendliest and most-romantic town respectively.

Strategic Location and Great Weather

Franklin is centrally located. It offers close proximity to about 8 states which neighbor Tennessee. This makes it a great option for interstate travelers. The location is boosted by amazing weather. The average temperature in July, for example, is 26.30C and that in January is 3.20C. According to most locals, the temperature variation is what makes life in Tennessee fun and unique.

Low Cost of Living

One reason to explain the massive migration into Franklin, TN is a low cost of living. Considering that Tennessee is among the 6 states which do not allow personal income taxation, so many people consider Franklin a great place to reside and do business. Other factors that contribute to a low cost of living in Franklin are affordable housing, availability of cheap local produces, and fair utility charges.

Appreciating Property Market

In recent years, the real estate market has been appreciating in Franklin. Actually, this is one of the reasons why so many people are relocating to the humble town. People want to buy properties before they get more expensive. When they do, they can decide to sell them. There are also others who prefer to buy land so that they can build customized homes.

Lovely Schools

Franklin is a town that really appreciated schooling. To the town, education is a priority for the locals. In the eyes of many, Franklin is an affluent town. Therefore, schools in this town are held with high esteem, be it private or public. They have invested heavily in them. The town is associated with affluent schools such as Franklin High School, Centennial High School, and Freedom Middle School. For parents who are migrating to Franklin, the education system guarantees them and their kids quality learning and innovation. The schools are advised to apply the curriculum effectively to create job creators instead of job seekers.

Never-Ending Entertainment

All year round, the town of Franklin never sleeps. It’s historically known for live music and other forms of entertainment. The town is home to a number of world-class entertainment venues such as Gray’s on Main and the Franklin Theatre. Each night, you have the opportunity to experience some of the best live performances that America has to offer. In addition, there are several festivals that are solely for entertainment reasons. The most popular one is the Pilgrimage Festival that runs in the Fall. It’s the largest music and cultural festival in Tennessee. There is also the Pumpkinfest Festival in the Fall and the Franklin on the Fourth in July.

Historic Annual Events

Franklin is a historic town and so you should expect touches of history even in the annual events. The most popular one is the Rodeo Event. Since its launching in 1949, the Franklin Rodeo event has captured the hearts of many. The longest-running historic event features parades in addition to contests. If you are a cowboy wannabe, then this annual event is a must-attend. The other well recognized annual event is the Strawberry Festival that’s held at the Farmer’s Market. The festival provides your kids with a perfect opportunity to sample some of the best strawberry products.

Shopping Experiences Like No Other

Franklin town has always preserved its historic heritage even in the commercial sector. From artisan shops to awesome outdoor markets, Downtown Franklin has it all. The perfect way to have a nice shopping tour experience is walking down the main street. You can join Franklin by Foot Tour with your whole family. You’ll be able to enjoy the town much better just by walking across the streets. If you are interested in local antiques, you can visit the Scarlett Scales or Franklin Antique Wall.

Final Thought:

Clearly, there are so many reasons why anyone would want to visit or reside in Franklin, TN. The town is rich in resources and culture. If you are looking for a new or unique experience in Tennessee, Franklin should definitely be on top of your list. This is the kind of town that you can confidently call your home. It’s truly America’s favorite town and pride.

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