Why Franklin, TN is America’s Favorite Small Town

Why Franklin, TN is America’s Favorite Small Town

When you visit Franklin, TN for the first time, there is no way you won’t fall in love with this historic town. The beautiful town sits 21 miles from Nashville and is known to be a top trading center in Williamson County. History records that Franklin was founded in 1799. Back then, it was just a simple business town. It was only until the 19th century that the course of Franklin history would change.

Why Franklin, TN is America’s Favorite Small Town

We are talking about the American Civil War that claimed thousands of lives and left scores injured. Things became much better in the 20th century. The town started to slowly claim its spot as a trading hub. This saw many people migrating from Nashville and the adjacent cities. Today, the migration is still on and Franklin has become America’s favorite town for most people. Here are the reasons why:

  1. History Makes the Town Special

The truth is that Franklin is haunted by history and this is what makes it special. If you go back to the history books to learn about the American Civil War, you’ll realize that the coldest war was fought right in this town. Several pointers will give you an overview of what the Civil War might have been like. Starting with the Lotz House that’s recorded to have served as a nursing home for the war casualties; you can spot blood stains in some of the rooms. This explains why Travel Channel Magazine lists the museum as one of the most feared places on American soil.

Another distinguished spot that shares the same history as the Lotz House is the Carnton Plantation. The plantation was used as a field hospital for wounded civilians. Like the Lotz House, there are also bloodstains on the floor at Carnton Plantation. The place is open for public tours and you can see several graves of brave soldiers who were brutally murdered. Last but not least, Franklin town is named after Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of this great nation (the USA).

  1. Food is Just Amazing

You can’t visit Franklin and claim to have had a good time without dropping in one of the town’s restaurants. You can start with the Red Pony. The spot is known for the finest winning and dining options for individuals and groups. If you find yourself in the Leipers Fork area, you shouldn’t leave without paying Gray’s on Main a visit. It’s a favorite spot for anyone who wants to taste local food. In case you find yourself in the north, there is no better place to have an Italian delicacy than at Amerigo. If all you want is seafood or steak, then you can have it at Connors Steak and Seafood.

  1. The Farmers Market is a Focus Point

Franklin takes pride in the historic Franklin Farmers Market. The market is one of the few in America that operates in full effect all seasons. This is where you get everything you can think of that the best market should sell. From vegetables and fruits to furniture and decorations, you’ll get everything at Franklin Farmers Market. Every Saturday, more than 70 local farmers set up temporary booths at the Factory of Franklin. The interesting bit about these booths is that they allow you to taste food specialties for free.

  1. Commercialism at its Best

You’ll only understand why Franklin is a business capital when you visit some of its famous commercial spots. If you are looking for antique products, you can find them at Franklin Antique Mall. They have antique clothing, antique furniture, antique decors, and memorabilia. The mall has been an attraction since its first day of opening in 1980. If what you want are boutique assortments, modern offices, grocery stores or swimsuit shops, you can find them at the Shop at McEwen. There’s also a barbershop and a beauty bar at this trading center.

  1. An Education Haven

Franklin has invested a lot in education. From preschool to university, there are amazing private and public schools to cater for different sets of students. For someone looking for a private school, there’s the New Hope Academy, Grace Christian Academy, the Battle Ground Academy; just to name a few. For higher education, students attend Williamson College, Belmont University, Lipscomb University, among others. All these learning institutions prioritize high educational standards and are known to produce quality graduates.

  1. So Many Celebrities Come from Franklin

Are you aware that the current Tennessee governor, Bill Lee, comes from Franklin? Well, he is not the only notable person who has roots in Franklin. So many famous singers and musicians and singers come from Franklin. They include Miley Cyrus, Robert Knight, and Julianna Zobrist. Other celebrities who originate from the town include Ben Zobrist (a professional baseball player), Dave Ramsey (a media personality), and Cal Turner Jr. (a notable billionaire).

  1. It’s a Beer and Wine Town

Franklin is known to be a beer and wine drinking town. So, if you are looking to have a memorable happy hour in the town, the spots never disappoint. For the finest local beer, you can visit Mantra Artisan Ales. The beer spot is situated in a peaceful neighborhood and is known to have an inspiring menu. If all you want is a glass of wine, you can visit the Arrington Vineyards. They have the finest strawberries and grapes in Franklin. They allow you to taste their wine flavors for free any time of the week. Most people come to the vineyard for picnic purposes, especially during harvest time.

  1. The Town Never Runs out of Annual Festivals

Every year, different festivals are hosted in Franklin, TN. Both the locals and visitors wait all year long to attend these festivals. If you want to experience the franklin culture and have a taste of local music, the event to attend is the Pilgrimage Festival. It’s held every September at the lively Harlinsdale Park. Just before Halloween, the town gets crazy at the Pumpkinfest. The fundraiser festival features local art, kids’ amusements, lots of food, and soul-winning music. Other festivals to look forward to are the Dickens of a Christmas and the Main Street Festival.

Closing Thought:

Generally, Franklin is a rich small town. It’s rich in history, cultural diversity, and beautiful sites. So, whether you want to literary walk down the path of American history or you just want to understand the culture of the American people, Franklin is the town to visit. You should also not forget the attractions that have put franklin on the tourism map.

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