Chiropractic Benefits for Infants

Chiropractic Benefits for Infants

So many adults know the benefits that come with seeing a chiropractor. From managing pains to relieving stress, they go to see this expert. However, they become too shaken when the term chiropractic for infants is mentioned. Understandably, they have safety concerns. The truth is that chiropractic for infants has been found to be safe as long as it’s administered by a trained and licensed practitioner. Dr. Hinz at Cool Springs Chiropractic knows how to gently apply calculated pressure on the infant’s body so as to promote relief and healing.

Chiropractic Benefits for Infants

With infants experiencing problems like colic, constipation, and lack of sleep so often, it’s advisable to seek out a chiropractor for your baby. Remember, these issues recur because the conventional treatments that you go for only mask the symptoms short-termly. So, the underlying issue is left unaddressed. This is where a pediatric chiropractor comes in. A lot of times, all these issues are linked to misalignments on the infant’s spine. Being a musculoskeletal expert, a chiropractor is able to realign the spine, resulting in functions restoration.

Generally, chiropractic may benefit your infant in the following ways:

  1. Manages Different Pains

Since an infant can’t talk, they can’t verbally express when they are in physical pain. This is why it’s important to observe them. Look at how they behave to identify signs of pain and body discomforts. If you are not sure about the cause or its treatment, just take the infant to a chiropractor. This expert can treat pains like headaches, back pains, arm pains, and stomach pains. Headaches, for example, may be associated with muscle tension around the neck area. A chiropractor is able to do adjustments on the affected part to bring out pain relief.

  1. Treats Colic

It’s estimated that close to 15% of infants are diagnosed with varying degrees of colic. So, colic is one of the commonest conditions today. It’s very uncomfortable for the infant as it makes the little one cry continually. Some cases disappear just like that but there are others which require expert intervention. The good thing about taking your baby to a chiropractor is that the condition is permanently addressed and recurrences are stopped. So, you won’t have to worry about your baby crying all night because of colic.

  1. Boost Physical Development

At birth, the baby only has the thoracic and sacral spinal segments. During the first year, the spine doubles up in length as the baby grows. The growth of the spine is associated with developments like head lifting and sitting. These adjustments are supposed to happen naturally. In case they are delayed, you should take your baby to a chiropractor. It’s also advisable to take your infant to the expert even when there is no delay. At least, this helps to boost the developments. Basically, it acts as a preventive approach for possible development complications.

  1. Treats Breastfeeding Complications

More often than not, breastfeeding complications are due to undetected injuries on the baby’s spine. A chiropractor is able to diagnose the injuries and fix them through spinal adjustments. Once the injuries are treated, then the baby is able to breastfeed normally.

  1. Enhances Sleep Quality

It’s estimated that nearly 30% of kids around the globe experience different kinds of sleep disturbances. They range from insomnia (lack of sleep) to sleep apnea (sleep interruptions). Saddening, the statistics also include infants. The good news though is that a chiropractor can correct the issue to bring about better sleep quality. The expert gently massages the infant’s body and renders spinal adjustments. This is meant to relax the infant. In doing so, the infant is able to respond by giving in to the demands of sleep.

  1. Solution for Irritable Syndrome

It happens to most parents that the baby is just irritable and you can’t point out exactly what might be wrong. The condition is called Irritable Syndrome. Chiropractors have the extra ability to fix the issue. Once sickness is ruled out by your trusted pediatrician, just take the baby to a chiropractor. Since Irritable Syndrome is due to spinal restrictions, a chiropractor is able to remove the restrictions by administering soft spinal adjustments. This reduces fussiness.

  1. Manages Digestive Issues

The infant’s digestive system takes time to adjust to changes that come with what they consume. If the system is not happy with the changes it shows issues like constipation, tummy ache, and gastroesophageal reflux. The advantage is that these issues can be managed by gentle chiropractic adjustments. You probably are not aware but the infant’s spine is connected to the digestive tract at some point. So, misalignment on the connection triggers the manifestation of the digestive issues. By realigning the baby’s spine, a chiropractor is able to treat the issues.

  1. Treats Post-Birth Trauma

The birth process can be as traumatic to the infant as it is to the mother. As a result, it may take time before the baby can settle into the new world. It takes proper body support to help the little one recover from the sad experience at birth. A chiropractor is able to hasten the recovery process by ensuring that the infant’s spine is well aligned. As you know, a misaligned spine is the primary source of most post-birth complications.

  1. Boosts Infant Immunity

Experts argue that spinal health is just as important as proper nutrition when it comes to the infant’s immunity. The infant’s body is made in such a way that all the organ systems are interlinked. For example, the nervous system is linked to the immune system. Thus, if the infant’s spine (a part of the nervous system) is misaligned, then the immune system gets challenged. A chiropractor is able to realign the crooked spine in order to restore immune functions and to promote natural healing.

  1. Treats Ear Infection

Like colic, ear infections are quite common among infants. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that 83% of children experience earache at some point. Often, the issue is associated with factors like cold and sinus infection. Even though most ear infections can be managed by antibiotics, your infant could also use chiropractic adjustments. Unlike antibiotics, there are no side effects with pediatric chiropractic. Additionally, chiropractic fixes the underlying problem and not just the symptoms.

Closing Thought:

As seen, chiropractic addresses so many issues that most infants face on a regular basis. The treatment is gentle and safe for the little one. More importantly, it’s able to treat the underlying issue together with its symptoms. Contact Dr. Hinz at Cool Springs Chiropractic today!

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