What to Wear to the Chiropractor

What to Wear to the Chiropractor

You’ve decided to make an appointment and join the millions of people who are experiencing the many benefits chiropractic care brings. First, let us congratulate you on your road to moving, performing, and even thinking better, as chiropractic adjustments will help with all of that! 

However, if it’s your first appointment to see a chiropractor, you may wonder what clothing is appropriate. That’s a question we get asked, all the time, and it’s an important one. The following helpful guide outlines what to wear to make your appointment go smoothly.

Dress for Comfort, Range of Motion

You may need to dress to impress at the office, but for an appointment with your chiropractor, informal is the way you should go. In fact, it’s all about comfort and being able to move around unhindered. To be at ease, forego the uncomfortable and restrictive suit jacket, tie and button-down shirt and choose roomy gym clothes instead. As far as tops go, wear one that’s not too loose, but not too constricting, either. Also, don’t wear button up jeans or pants. 

Choose Shorts and Pants over Skirts and Dresses

You’ll need to avoid skirts or dresses for your visit, as they may leave you more exposed than you would like. For example, when you are lying on the drop table, the chiropractor may be manipulating your legs in a certain way, which can get kind of awkward for everyone if you are wearing a skirt or dress. 

To stay covered, wear yoga pants or leggings that are made of stretchy material. Other good options to wear for your appointment include a thin pair of sweatpants, shorts and even skorts if they have a good range of motion. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes

During a chiropractor visit, it’s best that everyone wear comfortable, flat shoes, as hopping on and off the padded table in dress shoes or high heels can be a struggle. Sneakers and running shoes are a good choice – but sandals or slide off shoes are even better since they are easily and quickly removed when the chiropractor checks your leg length with no shoes on. 

Use Minimal Makeup

We understand that patients are often more comfortable wearing makeup in public. Nonetheless, avoid applying heavy makeup or creams to your facial area during your appointment with the chiropractor. You will be face down on a drop table during a good part of your visit and these cosmetics will only smear or smudge during adjustments. 

Likewise, remove your eyeglasses since they will interfere with your ability to lie face down on the padded table. To prevent them being bent or damaged during your treatment, store them in a safe location. 

Thin, Stretchy Fabrics Work Best

Your doctor may need to examine your back while performing an assessment. Therefore, the ability to stretch and bend while they are doing it is a must. To help with this, avoid wearing thick materials that make it difficult to move your arms and legs. In addition, avoid tight restrictive clothing like jeans and button up shirts. Go for loose-fitting garments made out of thin, stretchy fabric instead.

Don’t Dress in Layers

Big, bulky sweaters can make it a challenge for your chiropractor to perform an adjustment. Even when it’s chilly, and you have to rely on layers for warmth, remove the extra layer of shirts and sweaters before seeing your doctor. This suggestion also goes for pantyhose and other shapewear, suspenders, girdles and tight belts. 

You may also be wondering if you can wear a bra to your visit. Wearing a bra, whether it’s a regular bra or a sports bra, is permissible and won’t interfere with your treatment.

Nix the Jewelry, Bracelets & Watches

Necklaces, bracelets and watches tend to get tangled in your clothing, making it difficult for the chiropractor to adjust parts of your body. Because of this, these accessories should be removed prior to your chiropractic appointment. It’s also recommended that you leave them at home if you can, so you don’t lose anything valuable. 

Cool Springs Chiropractic may inform new patients about this during their initial visit, especially if an X-ray or other type of imaging is needed. Body piercings should be taken out, as well, since they can get painfully tugged at during the procedure. 

Will I have to Undress for My Visit? 

Those new to the chiropractic world often wonder if they will have to get undressed during their visit. That answer is no, and you can remain fully clothed, and it will not impede your adjustment. 

The Takeaways

If you intend to arrive at your first chiropractic appointment in suitable apparel, here are some takeaways:

  • If you wouldn’t wear it to a workout at the gym, it’s probably not going to be a good choice for an appointment with the chiropractor either. 
  • Avoid restrictive clothing like jeans and other button up pants.
  • Stretchiness and comfort are your friends. Consider wearing garments that allow a good range of movement, such as a loose top, leggings, shorts, yoga pants and sweatpants.
  • Wear shoes that are easy to take off and put back on.
  • Leave your jewelry and other accessories at home, or be prepared to take them off during your visit. Additionally, tying long hair back is a good approach, as it can get in the way during adjustments.
  • You don’t need to undress, and wearing all types of bras are permissible when you see your chiropractor.

Consider Cool Springs Chiropractic in Nashville, TN for Your Chiropractic Treatment 

We hope we’ve been able to demystify what to wear to a chiropractor visit for you. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact the chiropractor’s office ahead of time. Here at Cool Springs Chiropractic in Nashville, TN, we’re happy to meet the needs of all our patients.  

If you are in the Nashville area and ready to experience the wonderful things chiropractic care can bring, give us a call at (615) 503-9900 to schedule an appointment today! Alternatively, you can easily book an appointment with us by using our online form.

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