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Chiropractic Care Techniques for the Elderly

With time, our bodies age gradually. This necessitates the need to live a healthy life to maintain strength in our bodies. Although our muscles and bones do weaken, you still have the chance to go around doing those things which interest you. If you are a senior citizen, it is common to get chronic pain, so you don’t need to panic if it happens. Chronic pain and other disorders have a close association with your body’s depreciation with time. Fortunately, research shows that you can rely on chiropractic care to improve your mobility. Chiropractic care for the elderly goes into helping them to reduce the risk of falls as well as other injuries.

I have come across senior citizens who raise concerns over the use of spinal manipulation. This is because of their bodies’ delicate nature. Chiropractic doctors have enough experience to allow them to treat sensitive conditions such as senior citizens suffering from neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Any older adult needs advice on the need to check their spine regularly. This enables a chiropractor to detect any disorientation in their vertebrae as early as possible. The results of such subluxations to an elderly person’s health. Early signs of subluxations include pain as a result of misalignment. This is usually the case when there is a blockage of the nerve endings.

Most seniors tend to suffer from a decrease in mobility. Luckily for the elderly folks, studies support the use of chiropractic care to remedy immobility effectively. Depending on the individual’s needs, the results can vary accordingly. An elderly person recovering from partial immobility will be able to bend over and even play with their grandchildren in the backyard after a few sessions of treatment.

We all know how the rich elderly folks love golf. If you are one of these gentlemen, I do not need to stress the importance of fitness and flexibility. You can increase your mobility using chiropractic care techniques. This is also a nice way to increase your drive distance. Generally speaking, chiropractic care for the elderly people can help them to improve their quality of life in their old age.

Types of Chiropractic Care Techniques for the Elderly.

Senior citizens are usually affected by old age in different ways hence the need to have different options of treatment to choose from. Most chiropractors tend to suggest a specific treatment for this respectable lot. A qualified chiropractor should lay the options on the table. He or she must then explain the benefits and the risks that each method involves. This will give you a good measure of each alternative to prefer.

We have two broad chiropractic care and treatment methods that senior citizens choose from. One of these methods is the manipulative technique. Alternatively, you can request for nonmanipulative chiropractic techniques depending on your preferences and needs.

  1. Spinal Manipulation as a Chiropractic Care Technique.

This chiropractic technique is very popular among most chiropractors. Also known as a spinal adjustment, this process traces its origin in the ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Greek communities. Thus technique involves the massage and manipulation of the joints to readjust or realign the spine. This chiropractic care method is superior because it also helps to heal the tissues related to the spine. Almost every chiropractic doctor bases their practice on the spinal manipulation technique.

The majority of system reviews on this method support its effectiveness in helping to deal with chronic back pain. Ask any senior citizen which pain they suffer from most and chronic back pain will pop up. There are, however, concerns over the safety of manipulative technique in the treatment of various conditions among the elderly. Despite such concerns, it is a good thing that chiropractic care treatment rarely results in death. In fact, statistics show that manipulative care treatment has a null probability of resulting in death.

Types of Manipulative Techniques

There are several types of manipulative treatment alternatives that you can choose from. These methods can be a suggestion from your chiropractic depending on your condition. Among the common techniques used include Atlas/orthogonal technique, diversified technique, Activator method, the Koren specific technique, Graston technique, Trigenics, Cox flexion, Gonstead and the Thompson technique.

  • Diversified manipulative technique

This technique is an eclectic and nonproprietary approach used in spinal adjustment. It is mainly used method among chiropractors. We attribute this method to the works of Joe Janse. It is estimated that 96% of chiropractors use this method to treat 70% of their clients. This technique features high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust. We consider this to be the most generic manipulative technique.

  • Atlas Orthogonal

This technique was developed by Roy Sweat and is it is the most common technique that we use to treat upper cervical. A percussion instrument is usually used in this technique to correct any disorders that an X-Ray shows. These are generally subluxations of the atlas vertebrae. Most straight chiropractors make use of this technique.

Advantages of Manipulative Technique

  1. This method proves to be effective in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. The treatment that an elderly will get for this disorder will be for lower back pains, neck pains as well as other related disorders.
  2. Manipulative techniques are also the best when senior citizens are looking to remedy non-musculoskeletal disorders. However, you need to note that there are controversies on this subject.
  3. General costs of manipulative treatment options are low for the treatment of chronic lower back and sub-acute pain.
  1. Non-Manipulative Chiropractic Care for the Elderly

Non-force chiropractic adjustments are of great benefit to a group of patients belonging to the following categories: those in acute pain, patients in spasms, those who have a very sensitive nervous system and all the elderly patients. In addition, non-manipulative chiropractic care for the elderly helps patients who have arthritis, degenerative joint syndrome, spinal stenosis, and children as well as adolescents. It also goes without saying that the use of gentle and non-manipulative adjustments is crucial when attending to infants.

There are several non-manipulative techniques that the elderly citizen can choose from. The most common ones are electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and massage. Massage might also provide a range of options. These options are myofascial release, deep tissue massage or acupressure.

Myofascial massage is intended to release the pressure inserted on the fascia sheath. The constriction of the fascia usually causes pain. During the myofascial release, the chiropractor will use his or her fingers to stretch the fascia gently and firmly. Deep tissue massage is intended to improve the flow of the lymphatic fluids. Overuse and injury can cause numbness and stiffness.

 Advantages of Non-Manipulative Technique

This particular chiropractic care technique is usually a favorite of many people because it is gentle on the body. More often than not, patients do not believe how painless the procedure is. I would recommend non-manipulative to anyone especially those who are very sensitive to pain.

If you have the responsibility to take care of your old man, do not frown whenever you need to help them back to their feet. Better still, bring your senior folks to our chiropractic clinic and let them know of the many ways through which they can regain their mobility. We strive to make a better life for your aging days.

5 Best Schools for your Kids to Attend in Cool Springs

When planning for a place to stay, there are some principle factors we must consider. One of the most fundamental things that we keep in mind is security. Everyone wants to live in a peaceful environment. Peaceful in terms of security as well as a piece of mind. Cool Springs was rated one of the safest places to live in the United States. As such, there is no doubt about the availability of security in Cool Springs. There is one other thing you may have to think about when moving to Cool Springs. That is where your kids will be attending school. Luckily, Cool Springs and its surrounding also have some of the best elementary schools. These schools have a high rating due to the quality of education offered.

Whether you have very young kids who are just joining pre-unit or for your older kids in advanced levels of studies, Cool Springs, and its environs will offer you the best education. Cool Springs has a host of both public and private schools. Both schools have highly qualified teachers. These schools will provide your children with wholesome education. So sit back and relax, let Cool Springs schools instill knowledge and skills in your kids as they grow up.

If you are new to Cool Springs, I have picked some prestigious schools you can start with. I have varied the schools depending on the levels. This list will help you whether you have very young kids or kids continuing with elementary school education.

  1. The Battle Ground Academy Schools

The Battle Ground Academy has a mission to ignite as well as nurture the curiosity of its students, their intellect, and their good character. Battle Ground Academy graduates are unique, but they all carry an indelible experience which equips them for success both in college and life outside of college. If you want a school that will instill courage, integrity, and compassion, then this is the ideal academy for your kids.

Battle Ground Academy believes in moral development while at the same time engaging its students spiritually. Scholarships at Battle Ground Academy are also available. These scholarships are an offer to the students who exhibit creativity and innovation. The school boasts of an honor code that makes it one of the great schools in the region.

The Battle Ground Academy has a Lower School, Middle School, Upper School as well as a College Counseling. The Lower School covers kindergarten up to the fourth grade. The Lower School provides a mastery of the fundamental education which is blended within a vibrant academic program. The curriculum incorporates research-based methods. As your children become reflective thinkers, Reading and Writing Workshops are also incorporated into the curriculum. The Lower School adopts a proven Singapore Math approach to craft its mathematics program. Their science program, on the other hand, gives your kids a hands-on approach.

Battle Ground Academy also implements a co-curricular program in its education system. The co-curricular classes help to complement the core curriculum. The co-curricular classes have a design that will truly develop your child wholesomely.

If you are in Cool Springs, Franklin, you can enroll your children at the Battle Ground Academy which is located at 150 Franklin Road. The school also has a Glen Echo Campus at 336 Ernest Rice Lane.

  1. Franklin Elementary Schools

The Franklin Elementary School is another famous school within Franklin and its only 7.8 miles from Cool Springs Boulevard. The Franklin Elementary School is in proximity to the heart of Franklin TN. The surrounding of the Franklin Elementary School is a historic one. However, the professional teaching is an innovative and research-based one. Franklin Elementary School recognizes the ethnic and economic diversification that exists among its students. The school is more like a family and provides a good community for the growth of your child in an academic atmosphere.

The Franklin Elementary School has a comprehensive curriculum. The learning departments and the curriculum collaborate with the principals and teachers to evaluate, create and implement instructional programs. This school follows the Tennessee Academic Standards which are considered the most rigorous in the whole nation.

Franklin Elementary school adopts the Standards Based Grading System for the K-4 grades. A letter based grading is used for grades 5-8. Once your kids are through with the highest grade, they are provided with a comprehensive guide on advanced education placement. The Franklin Elementary school is a good option especially if you want your kid to join one of the Franklin Special School District.

  1. Winstead Elementary School

The Winstead Elementary School is a great place for instilling academic excellence in your children. The school has great teachers, and the administration is second to none. You can always find kids smiling to show you how wonderful the place is. There is an after school PAAW program which is fundamental to the growth of your kids. If you are looking for a family oriented school, then Winstead Elementary school is a better place for your kids.

You might hear people refer to this school as the Franklin’s Private School. However, the truth is that Winstead is a public school. It claims that accolade due to the fact that it outshines the performance of most private schools.

Every parent who has their child at Winstead will tell you about the excellent atmosphere surrounding the school. Everyone at Winstead is friendly, courteous, polite and responsive. You also be happy to know that Winstead is has school buses to pick up and drop your kids at their preferred stages.

  1. Primrose School of Cool Springs

Welcome to the Primrose School of Cool Springs, a center of excellence as many of the residents refer to it. A school which selects its caregivers and teachers based on their passion to help others. The Primrose School is at the center of Cool Springs and you can easily locate it. If you have children within the following age groups, you can enroll them at Primrose School: toddlers, infant, early preschool, preschool, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

The Primrose School is a leading institution in early education and care for your young kids. Primrose School of Cool Springs is part of the national system of the Primrose Schools. These schools have accreditation as private preschools. They provide your children with an early premier education and child care experience. For a proper and efficient foundation, the Primrose School of Cool Springs partners parents, school staff, leadership team and the franchise owners.

The purposeful curriculum provided to the infants as well as for early education, passes through thorough scrutiny. The school focuses on what best serves your children’s needs. Primrose School has an eye for talent and innovation. It advocates for a high-quality early childhood education. This is a decent school especially if you have very young kids and would like them to grow in an intellectual surrounding.

  1. Cool Springs Montessori

The Cool Springs Montessori is a social environment that respects and supports each child’s unique development. The school is founded upon the Montessori approach. Montessori approach provides your child with a broad education vision which aides in life development. At the Cool Springs Montessori, your child is offered a unique and endless opportunity to expand their knowledge base. The school ensures that your kids benefit from lifelong skills whenever they get motivation by a spontaneous interest.

The Cool Springs Montessori has toddler programs if you have a child aged between 18 months to three years. The toddler environment provided is best for nurturing child skills. The school also has a primary program which serves children above three years old. The primary program covers the kindergarten level as well. The Homeschool program offered at the Cool Springs Montessori is fun and engaging especially for homeschool elementary-aged students. Worry not about quality because the Cool Springs Montessori recently received designation as a validated Montessori school in Tennessee.

Education-wise, Cool Springs is one of the richest. I hope you find these schools worthwhile. While Cool Springs has a lot to offer, what it assures you is quality education for your children.