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What Does a Doctor of Chiropractic Do?

Your body is aching like never before. It could be the joints, the back, the hip, or the neck. After talking to family members and colleagues about it, they recommend you see a pain specialist. While considering their suggestions, the term Doctor of Chiropractic comes into the picture and you are momentarily astounded. You ask: Who is a Doctor of Chiropractic? Are they real doctors?

A Doctor of Chiropractic or a chiropractor is a trained professional who specializes in alleviating body pains and discomfort through spinal adjustments, physical body manipulation, and lifestyle modification advice. They are not medical doctors simply because they don’t possess medical degrees. However, like medical doctors, they go through extensive college training and graduate with a degree in chiropractic.

Chiropractors are also licensed before they can practice. In the United States, these experts obtain their undergraduate degrees from institutions accredited by the Council of Chiropractic Education (CCE) and their practicing license from the American Chiropractic Association. Now that you know who a Doctor of Chiropractic is, the next question to answer is: What do they do? Generally, Doctors of Chiropractic do the following:

Consultant Services

Like your traditional medical doctor, a Doctor of Chiropractic offers consultation services. It’s the first step before a diagnosis is arrived at and a treatment plan is decided on. Here, the expert looks at the following factors:

  • Body parts that are paining
  • Frequency of the symptoms
  • Duration of the symptoms
  • Things that aggravate or alleviate the symptoms

So, expect a question-and-answer session during your chiropractic consultation. It’s all meant to establish your underlying problem and treat it.

Physical Examinations

Geared towards helping with the diagnosis, physical exams are a crucial part of chiropractic care. During physical checkups, a Doctor of Chiropractic may:

  • Determine areas on your spine that needs to be adjusted
  • Study your x-ray images to locate troubled areas on the spine
  • Observe how you behave when the paining part is touched or when you sit or walk
  • Perform neurological physical tests to assess your coordination and reflexes

Diagnosis Services

A Doctor of Chiropractic evaluates your problem depending on its severity. Normally, there are three categories of diagnosis offered by these experts:

  • Non-specific diagnosis – This happens when the exact route cause can’t be established but the problem is linked to the spine.
  • Nerve-related diagnosis – If the nerve is affected and it’s the reason why your body is aching, the diagnosis will be nerve-related.
  • Potentially-serious diagnosis – Here, a Doctor of Chiropractic foresees an issue that’s likely to be so serious in the future unless it’s managed early.

Treats Spinal Interference

The core goal of any Doctor of Chiropractic is to treat interferences on the spine called subluxations. They happen when the spine is compressed or misaligned and they are the main reason why you experience debilitating pain and discomfort on your body.

Chiropractors are trained to adjust the spine to get rid of the interferences. The experts know how to do it gently and safely without causing any structural damage to your spine or back. When the spinal interferences are gone, nerve coordination is restored and the immunity improved. Your spinal health is boosted to a greater degree.

Manages Pain

Ordinarily, Doctors of Chiropractic are identified as pain specialists. This is because they specialize in calming the nerves and alleviating pain. In general, they can help you manage the following types of body pains:

  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Arthritic pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Labor pains
  • Colic pain

By adjusting the spine and decompressing the affected nerve, a chiropractor restores calmness and manages pain. The adjustments are target-specific, thus effective in restoring natural body calmness.

Prevents Musculoskeletal Issues

Doctors of Chiropractic do not just alleviate pain and other symptoms related to musculoskeletal issues. They also offer spinal adjustments to prevent the symptoms from manifesting and the condition from becoming complicated.

The expert can also offer preventive tips that you can use at home to avoid posture complications and pains. They include:

  • How to position your body when sitting or sleeping
  • How to lift heavy things without straining your back

Massage and Alternative Therapies

Doctors of Chiropractic don’t just offer spinal adjustments. They also offer soft tissue massages and alternative therapies like heat and ice therapy and ultrasounds. Soft tissue massage is meant to lessen swelling and boost circulation to the affected part.

Heat ice therapy, on the other hand, is specifically meant to manage pain, swelling, and numbness. It’s designed to help you heal faster and more comfortably. As for ultrasounds, sound waves are administered to facilitate improved circulation and to lessen joint stiffness and pain.

Dietary Counseling

Doctors of Chiropractic may not be licensed dieticians or nutritionists, but they have the background training, more so when it touches on spinal health. So, you can talk to these experts about the dos and don’ts about foods. They’ll suggest the best foods to try out, those to limit, and options to avoid entirely. They will also recommend supplements you can use to better your spinal health.

Home Exercise Advice

Yes, a Doctor of Chiropractic is not a fitness expert and neither is he or she a physiotherapist. However, they have the background training to help you improve your spinal health. They can suggest simple, precise, and effective physical routines that you can do at home on your own to keep the spine well-aligned. These exercises can help prevent subluxations and poor body postures. They can also help to strengthen your back, hip, and other parts. Lots of time, they recommend stretching exercises.

Ergonomics Assistance

Since chiropractors are all about better spinal health, they understand what you need to do not to overstretch or overwork your spine and back. They can offer you ergonomic assistance about the following:

  • Job modifications that are good for your spinal health such as investing in better seats and observing safer sitting positions. They also advise on better office stretching exercises.
  • Home modifications like better sleeping positions and how to pick a better mattress.

Closing Thought:

Generally, Doctors of Chiropractic are trained to offer you holistic treatment. They are not just there to treat pains and other musculoskeletal-related issues but to also offer advice on lifestyle modifications. If you are interested in starting your chiropractic journey, contact Dr. Hinz at Cool Springs Chiropractic today!

Why Franklin, TN is America’s Favorite Small Town

When you visit Franklin, TN for the first time, there is no way you won’t fall in love with this historic town. The beautiful town sits 21 miles from Nashville and is known to be a top trading center in Williamson County. History records that Franklin was founded in 1799. Back then, it was just a simple business town. It was only until the 19th century that the course of Franklin history would change.

We are talking about the American Civil War that claimed thousands of lives and left scores injured. Things became much better in the 20th century. The town started to slowly claim its spot as a trading hub. This saw many people migrating from Nashville and the adjacent cities. Today, the migration is still on and Franklin has become America’s favorite town for most people. Here are the reasons why:

  1. History Makes the Town Special

The truth is that Franklin is haunted by history and this is what makes it special. If you go back to the history books to learn about the American Civil War, you’ll realize that the coldest war was fought right in this town. Several pointers will give you an overview of what the Civil War might have been like. Starting with the Lotz House that’s recorded to have served as a nursing home for the war casualties; you can spot blood stains in some of the rooms. This explains why Travel Channel Magazine lists the museum as one of the most feared places on American soil.

Another distinguished spot that shares the same history as the Lotz House is the Carnton Plantation. The plantation was used as a field hospital for wounded civilians. Like the Lotz House, there are also bloodstains on the floor at Carnton Plantation. The place is open for public tours and you can see several graves of brave soldiers who were brutally murdered. Last but not least, Franklin town is named after Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of this great nation (the USA).

  1. Food is Just Amazing

You can’t visit Franklin and claim to have had a good time without dropping in one of the town’s restaurants. You can start with the Red Pony. The spot is known for the finest winning and dining options for individuals and groups. If you find yourself in the Leipers Fork area, you shouldn’t leave without paying Gray’s on Main a visit. It’s a favorite spot for anyone who wants to taste local food. In case you find yourself in the north, there is no better place to have an Italian delicacy than at Amerigo. If all you want is seafood or steak, then you can have it at Connors Steak and Seafood.

  1. The Farmers Market is a Focus Point

Franklin takes pride in the historic Franklin Farmers Market. The market is one of the few in America that operates in full effect all seasons. This is where you get everything you can think of that the best market should sell. From vegetables and fruits to furniture and decorations, you’ll get everything at Franklin Farmers Market. Every Saturday, more than 70 local farmers set up temporary booths at the Factory of Franklin. The interesting bit about these booths is that they allow you to taste food specialties for free.

  1. Commercialism at its Best

You’ll only understand why Franklin is a business capital when you visit some of its famous commercial spots. If you are looking for antique products, you can find them at Franklin Antique Mall. They have antique clothing, antique furniture, antique decors, and memorabilia. The mall has been an attraction since its first day of opening in 1980. If what you want are boutique assortments, modern offices, grocery stores or swimsuit shops, you can find them at the Shop at McEwen. There’s also a barbershop and a beauty bar at this trading center.

  1. An Education Haven

Franklin has invested a lot in education. From preschool to university, there are amazing private and public schools to cater for different sets of students. For someone looking for a private school, there’s the New Hope Academy, Grace Christian Academy, the Battle Ground Academy; just to name a few. For higher education, students attend Williamson College, Belmont University, Lipscomb University, among others. All these learning institutions prioritize high educational standards and are known to produce quality graduates.

  1. So Many Celebrities Come from Franklin

Are you aware that the current Tennessee governor, Bill Lee, comes from Franklin? Well, he is not the only notable person who has roots in Franklin. So many famous singers and musicians and singers come from Franklin. They include Miley Cyrus, Robert Knight, and Julianna Zobrist. Other celebrities who originate from the town include Ben Zobrist (a professional baseball player), Dave Ramsey (a media personality), and Cal Turner Jr. (a notable billionaire).

  1. It’s a Beer and Wine Town

Franklin is known to be a beer and wine drinking town. So, if you are looking to have a memorable happy hour in the town, the spots never disappoint. For the finest local beer, you can visit Mantra Artisan Ales. The beer spot is situated in a peaceful neighborhood and is known to have an inspiring menu. If all you want is a glass of wine, you can visit the Arrington Vineyards. They have the finest strawberries and grapes in Franklin. They allow you to taste their wine flavors for free any time of the week. Most people come to the vineyard for picnic purposes, especially during harvest time.

  1. The Town Never Runs out of Annual Festivals

Every year, different festivals are hosted in Franklin, TN. Both the locals and visitors wait all year long to attend these festivals. If you want to experience the franklin culture and have a taste of local music, the event to attend is the Pilgrimage Festival. It’s held every September at the lively Harlinsdale Park. Just before Halloween, the town gets crazy at the Pumpkinfest. The fundraiser festival features local art, kids’ amusements, lots of food, and soul-winning music. Other festivals to look forward to are the Dickens of a Christmas and the Main Street Festival.

Closing Thought:

Generally, Franklin is a rich small town. It’s rich in history, cultural diversity, and beautiful sites. So, whether you want to literary walk down the path of American history or you just want to understand the culture of the American people, Franklin is the town to visit. You should also not forget the attractions that have put franklin on the tourism map.

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Food can be expensive. There’s no doubt about that. However, it doesn’t mean that only healthy food is expensive. Surprisingly, junk foods are costlier at most times than healthy options. You may not agree with this if you’ve never taken time to consider healthy options that you can take on a budget. It all boils down to two key things; preparation and decision-making.

You have to prepare to only buy healthy options. You also need to be decisive on what you plan to buy on a budget. This not only saves you money but your health too. The primary source of defense for your body is the food you eat. So, the healthier your options are, the healthier your body is likely to be. Having said that; here are 10 steps to eating healthy on a budget:

Step 1 – Create and Stick to a Healthy Meal Plan

We’ve already mentioned planning as a critical point. To get you started, you need to establish your budget. Out of it, make a grocery list that features healthy food items. Ensure that it’s indicated how much you are willing to spend on every item on your grocery list. You should never visit a store on a budget if you are not decided on what to get.

Though it’s tempting to buy fancy foodstuffs when you visit a store, it’s paramount that you stick to your meal plan. In case you are left with some money after you’ve bought everything on your grocery list, you can buy the fancy stuff. But make sure they are not unhealthy.

Step 2 – Buy what’s Seasonal

Healthy foods, more so fruits, have seasons in which they are abundant in the market. This forces their prices to go down and thus affordable for someone on a budget. For example, berries, apples, and apples are normally in season during the summer. So, they are likely to be cheaper than in any other season.

On other seasons, fruits like oranges and bananas may be a cheaper option. It’s argued that foods bought in season tend to contain optimum nutrients and their flavor is desirable. This might be true considering that they are not transported or stored a lot as they are available locally.

Step 3 – Prepare Your Healthy Meals

Ordering a healthy meal from a restaurant or a meal service may be expensive. However, preparing the same meal at home may be cheaper. You are allowed to shop around for ingredients on a discount. If some ingredients are left after preparing your healthy meal, you can keep them for future use. Moreover, you can economize on expensive options like meat, butter, and spices.

Step 4 – Look for Sales and Discounts

In most stores, there are occasional sales for healthy foods. You just have to keep your eyes open when you visit them. You can also ask for the offers to save yourself some time. Often, sales are offered around holiday seasons. So, it’s a nice time to do your shopping. You should also look for discounts. Some come in the form of vouchers and others in the form of coupons. Both options will guarantee you considerable discounts. You can inquire about them at the stores that you visit.

Step 5 – Grow Your Vegetables

If you have a kitchen garden at home, it’s time you make the most out of it. Start by planting your vegetables to consume at home. This will help to cut cost on the grocery. You can plant spinach, kales, onions, and any other vegetable you prefer. The advantage is that you can decide on what seeds varieties to use and what pest control methods to apply. Simply, you are in control of your yields.

Step 6 – Buy Economical Healthy Foods

Some greens and fruits are more economical than others. Therefore, you should focus on them as they also promise beneficial nutrients similar to what you find in costly options. For example, buying cabbage and kales may be more economical than buying lettuce and broccoli. Similarly, buying bananas and oranges may be more economical than buying grapes and apples. If you are on a budget, you have to do comparisons whenever you shop.

Step 7 – Substitute Meat with Cheaper but Healthy Alternatives

You don’t have to eat meat all the time just because you want some proteins on your plate. Meat is expensive and thus may mess up your budget. Instead, you should go for plant-based alternatives like legumes. Options to consider include beans and peas. They are rich in essential amino acids that you need for muscle boost and bodybuilding. You can also consider animal-based alternatives like canned fish and eggs. Like legumes, these options are also amino acid-rich and very economical.

Step 8 – Shop in Bulk

Generally, shopping in bulk saves you money. You just have to ensure that you don’t waste your money on foods that would go bad easily. Some of the best options to consider are frozen vegetables, cereals, and legumes. If you have the money to buy them in bulk, don’t hesitate to do it right away. It’s a great strategy for saving on your monthly grocery expenditure. Most stores offer you a discount when you shop in bulk. Others allow you to earn points that you can redeem for free foods.

Step 9 –Put Your Freezer into Use

A lot of times, we ignore the freezer without realizing how much it can save us financially. When you shop in bulk, especially healthy food items on sale or those in season, you should learn to store them in the freezer for future use. This is what a freezer is meant for. You don’t have to keep your healthy foods for a month but you can do it for days or a week. This ensures that they don’t go bad, translating to financial loss. The nutrients are also locked and preserved.

Step 10 – Shop Store Brands

Lastly, you should check out healthy food items that have store labels. Most stores usually put items that have their labels next to other brands. The difference is that theirs is mostly cheap. So, make sure you keep watch. You can also inquire from the store attendants.

Closing Thought:

From now onwards, you don’t have to waste money on unhealthy diets. You don’t even to struggle to buy some mouthwatering options that you know are not healthy. Just resolve to eat healthily and make it customary in the family. This will save you money and improve your general wellbeing.

How Does Chiropractic Work

There are so many myths surrounding chiropractic as a therapy. Sadly, these myths need clarification. The most notable one is the notion that chiropractic is a self-taught discipline. The reality is that chiropractors go through at least four years of college training on the musculoskeletal system. At the end of the training, they graduate as Doctors of Chiropractic. So, a chiropractor is literary a doctor only that they don’t do prescriptions.

These experts rely on hand-on techniques for body manipulation to relieve pain and general body discomfort. There are also suggestions that chiropractic can help to manage serious issues like asthma, fibromyalgia, and hypertension. From diagnosing musculoskeletal issues to treating them, Doctors of Chiropractic can do it all. Maybe you are wondering if chiropractic care works or it’s just another hyped alternative therapy.

Research shows that about 74% of patients in the United States seek chiropractic care for pain relief. The practice is known to bring relief against varied forms of pain such as back pain, migraines, neck pain, and whiplash. So, whether your pain is due to a personal injury or an underlying condition, you should see a Doctor of Chiropractic for help. So, YES, chiropractic does work. Here are the explanations:

The Principle of Back Cracking

The term back cracking is common in the medical world, especially in physiotherapy. Contrary to the assumption of most people, back cracking has nothing to do with a cracking sound coming from the back when it’s manipulated. It’s related to a principle we call cavitation. Cavitation occurs when synovial gas (from the synovial fluid) is forced into a joint space when bones that form a joint are manipulated.

The release of the gas produces a cracking sound that’s likened to the cracking of the back. But because cavitation happens so fast, you may not even notice the cracking sound. The sound is mostly associated with the back but can also occur anywhere else where manipulation is done.

Subluxations Fixer

Subluxation is a term used to describe spinal disruptions. It could be a misalignment or a partial blockage on the spine path. Such disruptions interfere with message coordination between the spine and the brain. As a result, the immune system, which is the defensive unit, becomes restricted.

In this case, it’s not able to fight pain or infection as it’s expected to. Chiropractic care comes in to fix the disruptions. Thus, a chiropractor can be referred to as a subluxation fixer. Mark you; subluxations are cleared just by hand manipulation of the spine.

Reliable Techniques

To bring about quick body relief, chiropractors employ different techniques for body manipulation. The most notable one is a spinal adjustment. Here, a chiropractor gently puts pressure on the spine to manipulate and realign it. This helps to reduce the physical impact and stress that’s placed on the spine. The experts also do soft-tissue therapy on some patients. It’s a type of massage meant to loosen tight muscles and free them from tension.

Sometimes, a chiropractor may resort to only soft-tissue massage or combine it with spinal adjustments. It all depends on your condition. If it’s not serious, one reliable technique is enough. Another reliable technique that’s gaining popularity in the chiropractic world is joint bracing. The technique involves the use of braces to support damaged joints or bones. The mechanical support helps the damaged parts to heal much faster.

A Holistic Solution

Doctors of Chiropractic don’t just manipulate the spine to clear subluxations. They also offer lifestyle advice. This is concerning dieting and exercises. Though a chiropractor is not a dietician, the expert can advise you on what foods are good for the spine. This is because they understand spinal health much better.

Similarly, though a chiropractor is not a fitness trainer, they know what stretching exercises are good for the spine, back, and neck. So, you’ll be advised accordingly. Additionally, the expert may recommend relaxation ideas that you can use at home to offer relief to the spine and for the peace of mind.

A Preventive Approach

More often than not, chiropractic is administered for preventive purposes. So, it’s not about getting relieved from pain and other distress but the opportunity to prevent them. You’ll find a chiropractor offering you tips on how to sit, walk, and rest properly. The whole idea is to try to maintain spinal comfort.

A lot of times, issues like back pain and neck pain are triggered by spinal discomforts. Also, through body stretches and massage techniques, serious issues can be addressed at an early age before you even realize that you had a problem.

The Spine-Nervous Association

Since doctors of chiropractic are trained on the musculoskeletal system, they understand the close association between the spine (a coordination entity of the central nervous system) and the rest of the nervous system. These experts believe that the two entities have to work in harmony for pain relief and healing to be achieved.

If there is a biomechanical issue such as an injury and it happens to affect the spine, disturbing signals will be sent to the rest of the nervous system. This is how the brain perceives pain and nerve irritation. Chiropractors help to fix the biomechanical issue by realigning the spine. As a result, only positive signals are perceived by the brain. So, you can only feel relaxation and pain relief following chiropractic adjustments.

The Bonus – Research is Supportive of Chiropractic for Pain

So many musculoskeletal issues are outlined by pain. So, pain is a manifestation of things not being okay with your musculoskeletal system. This is why most chiropractic adjustments are tailored around pain relief. The positive news is that there are research-based pieces of evidence which show that chiropractic is quite effective against pain.

For example, a 2017 review suggests that chiropractic is critical in offering relief from neck pain among office-based workers. Another review shows that chiropractic helps to manage lower back pain. In the same year, a different study shows that chiropractic helps in relieving chest pain.

Closing Thought:

Chiropractic has come a long way and there’s nothing to stop it from being a reliable alternative therapy for different musculoskeletal ailments and complications. It’s proven effective and dependable over the years and enjoys research support. So, if you have an underlying musculoskeletal issue and you prefer a natural treatment, then you should consider chiropractic.

How Effective Is Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic is an old practice where hand-on spinal adjustments are done to realign a crooked, curved or compressed spine. From the spinal adjustments, other parts of the bodies such as the back, the neck, the legs, and the shoulders are manipulated. If you were feeling pain, muscle stiffness or a strain in any of these parts, calmness is initiated through chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic adjustments can also be done on specific affected parts and not just the spine. In this case, a chiropractor physically manipulates the affected part. The manipulation is meant to restore mobility, muscle flexibility, and stability to the affected part. It could be a painful joint, a torn ligament, a stretched muscle or a broken bone.

Chiropractic Diagnoses: Are They Effective?

You probably don’t know this but chiropractors are also known as Doctors of Chiropractic. Like regular medical doctors, Doctors of Chiropractic have to first diagnose a patient’s condition before designing and scheduling a treatment plan. The first step is to collect the medical history of the patient. This is followed by a physical exam where the expert assesses physical signs like spinal curving, tissue tenderness, muscle soreness, and inflammation.

The expert may also look at vital parameters like blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, and body heat. In some cases, the expert may resort to neurological and orthopedic exams. The former is considered to assess problems with the nerves while the latter is considered to uncover health issues linked to the musculoskeletal system (muscles and bones). So, yes, chiropractic diagnosis is effective.

Chiropractic Treatment Techniques: Are They Effective?

Chiropractors employ different physical techniques to help patients recover from chronic pain, muscle distress, mobility restrictions, poor posture, among other issues. The most used technique, however, is a spinal adjustment. It’s done to address underlying issues like spinal curving and spinal nerve compression. The technique is very effective since it manipulates the spine to facilitate effective communication throughout the musculoskeletal system.

Other notable effective chiropractic treatment techniques are:

  • Joint mobilization
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Stretching exercises
  • Activity modification

Let’s look as some of the leading issues that chiropractic is effective against.

Back Pain

It’s estimated that about 74% of patients who visit chiropractors annually go there because of back pain. Doesn’t this sound effective to you? These people are either experiencing back pain from a muscle strain, wrong posture or a physical injury. Before a chiropractor can treat back pain, he or she has to run a successful diagnosis. The chiropractor will examine the patient, putting the focus on the back and the spine.

If things are not clear, a chiropractor may request the patient to go through a diagnostic imaging procedure. This is to obtain images that will show what is exactly wrong with the patient’s back and spine. After all, these are done, the chiropractor will settle on a conclusive diagnosis. The diagnosis will provide the basis of designing a chiropractic treatment plan for the patient.

The chiropractic treatment normally features spinal adjustments but it can also feature nutritional counseling, body rehabilitation, and lifestyle advice. It depends on the severity of the back pain. Generally, the primary objective of chiropractic treatment is to promote back pain relief. However, the expert also purposes to restore body functions and to prevent back pain from recurring.


In terms of popularity, headaches are the second most popular ailments addressed by chiropractors, after back pain. These experts can treat headache types like migraines and tension headaches. Pieces of evidence show that chiropractic adjustments can help relieve and cure headaches in different people. Based on these studies, most patients experience a 90% drop in headache pain intensity.

As a result, chiropractic is recommended as an alternative to pain relievers. Unlike pain relievers which normally treat the main symptom (pain), chiropractic adjustments dig deep into the root cause of the headache. By attacking and fixing the root cause, chiropractic treats the main symptoms and prevents its recurrence.

Shoulder and Neck Injuries

One study shows that patients suffering from a frozen shoulder can benefit from chiropractic adjustments. According to the study, most patients experience a 50% improvement rate. Of course, combining chiropractic treatments with other effective manual therapies boost the recovery rate.

A different study done on patients with neck injuries show that chiropractic is very effective in relieving neck pain. The study concludes by expressing that a good number of the patients were satisfied with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to consider chiropractic is they faced a similar issue in the future. Chiropractic is not just effective but also cheaper than physiotherapy.

Other Conditions

Chiropractic is not just effective against back pain, headache, shoulder injuries, and neck injuries. It’s also effective against the following:

  • Joint pain
  • Insomnia
  • Vertigo
  • Scoliosis
  • Sciatica
  • Hypertension
  • Asthma
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Anxiety, among many others

Athletic Performance

Top professional athletes in the world consider chiropractic for performance-enhancing. It’s argued that a majority of NFL clubs have a permanent chiropractor on their team. This is because the team always need body stretches and adjustments before and after they step into the field. Arguments are that chiropractic is quite effective in alleviating pain and restoring the functionality of the muscles and joints. In the long run, this improves athletic performance.

Generally, chiropractic is effective in promoting athletic performance in the following ways:

  • Relieving muscle stiffness and tension, resulting in relaxation
  • Boosting natural energy levels through muscle stimulation
  • Reducing oxidative stress
  • Improving heart functions and natural immunity

Also, chiropractic can address sports injuries to help an athlete recover quickly. We are talking about injuries like neck pain, back injury, sprains, and strains. In the end, chiropractic ensures that the athlete takes minimal time to recover and can perform at a higher level upon recovery.

The Bonus – Professional Backing

Different professional bodies support chiropractic as a treatment option. The American College of Physicians, for example, recommends it for back pain. The Journal of the American Medical Association, on the other hand, advocates it for surgery prevention. Furthermore, chiropractors are certified and licensed by the American Chiropractic Association in the United States and other chiropractic bodies in other countries. Those who are approved by these bodies are reliable, thus effective.

Closing Thought:

If we were to answer our title, we would say that chiropractic is effective. So, you don’t have to doubt its performance. You can consider it not just to treat and prevent musculoskeletal issue but also for performance-enhancing. All you have to do is go to a licensed and experienced Doctor of Chiropractic.

Chiropractic Care and Immunity

Our body is made in such a way that it’s supposed to fight infections on its own. Whether it’s to neutralize pathogens when they enter the body or to act as a defense barrier, the part responsible is called the immune system. But, if the immune system is in charge of fighting infections, how comes we fall sick?

There can only be one explanation for this. You fall sick because your immune system is suppressed by the infection. A weak immune system is not a reliable protector against diseases. It allows pathogens to attack you easily. Thus, you can easily get cold or flu when you have a weak immune system.

Common Issues Affecting Your Immunity

The immune system comprises primarily immune cells (normally the white blood cell). It also contains tissues and organs that work together to protect your body from diseases. If any of the components has an issue, then the whole immune system may fail to work and this may spell a disease attack. Some of the issues that are likely to attack your immune system are:

  • Allergies – Here, your immune system overreacts to a substance that’s ordinarily not a threat such as dust and pollen. The response by your body is accompanied by serious symptoms like rashes, headaches, and itchiness.
  • Cancer – Here, your body has to do deal with tumor cells that constantly divide and double in population.

Other than the two, your body has to deal with immunodeficiency disorders and autoimmune infections. These conditions will overwhelm your body if your immune system lacks the muscles to initiate a fight.

Treatment Solutions for Immune Issues

Naturally, your immune system gets fighting muscles from the food you eat. This is why proper nutrition is highly recommended. However, in the event that the discussed immune issues take over your body, then you should consider a treatment solution. If you go to a doctor, they’ll prescribe medications that you can use to boost your immunity.

But still, you have to be wary of possible side reactions that come with most immunity-conferring drugs. So, if you are looking for a nondrug and low-risk treatment solution for your immunity, then you should consider chiropractic care. It’s safe and highly recommended by science.

Chiropractic vs. Immunity

You probably know a chiropractor to be an expert in alleviating pain and discomforts on the back, neck, and joints. If this is the case, you must be asking, “What does this expert have to do with the immunity?” Well, your immune system is directly connected to your nervous system. Remember, the spine is part of the nervous system. When it’s not properly aligned (an issue we call a subluxation), the flow of information between the brain (another part of the nervous system) and the immune system is hampered.

If your brain cannot direct your immune system on what to do in the event of infection because the spine (the main channel) is blocked, then your immunity becomes compromised. Now, a chiropractor steps in to remove the spinal misalignments by gently realigning your spine. As a result, the flow of information from the brain to the immune system is restored. Your immune system is now able to launch an attack against possible threats as instructed by the brain.

Ways Chiropractic Care Boosts Your Immunity

Since we’ve already answered how chiropractic through spinal adjustments is able to boost your immunity, it’s important to know the various ways that the adjustments improve your natural immunity. They include:

  1. Relieving body pressure – When your body is under any form of physical pressure, your nerves are compressed. As a result, the flow of information along the nerves is interfered with. Considering that there are nerves everywhere in the body, those along the spine and the immune system are also affected. Thus, your immune system becomes overwhelmed. A chiropractor is able to fix the problem by taking away pressure from the compressed nerves through gentle spinal manipulation. In the end, it’s not just your spine that receives relief but your physical body too.
  2. Relieving mental stress – Whether it’s extra pressure at work, family struggles or business not doing well, they are all potential stress triggers. You become stressed because a hormone called cortisol is released. The problem with this hormone is that it arrests all body functions, including your immunity, and brings them to a temporary halt. Fortunately, the hormone can be neutralized by chiropractic adjustments. The adjustments help to relieve your brain from mental stress and as a result, cortisol production is cut short.
  3. Stimulating immune cells – As mentioned, the immune system is a close ally of the nervous system. What affects one system also affects the other. Whenever there’s a disease attack in the body, your immune system is supposed to respond by releasing immune cells like neutrophils and phagocytes. However, if your immune system is compromised, then these cells will not be released optimally.

So, their activity will not be maximal. Going to see a chiropractor may actually help to stimulate their release and activity. Through chiropractic adjustments, their population at the site of attack improves since the channels of distribution are opened up. Thus, it becomes easy to neutralize the effects of a given disease.

  1. Boosts spinal health – At times, you may be having a spinal dysfunction that you are not aware of. In this case, the problem only manifests when you are unable to sit, bend or walk properly. Such an issue doesn’t just affect your body movements but also your immunity. If your spine is not healthy, don’t expect your immunity to be 100%.

The moment you come into contact with flu or cold when your immune system is less than 100%, you are likely to be put down by the infections. So, it’s advisable to go for chiropractic adjustments so that the expert can diagnose possible spinal dysfunctions and treat them. This’ll give you an enormous boost in as far as your natural immunity is concerned.

Closing Thought:

Chiropractic care is generally great for your immunity. So, if are weighing options to include in your lifestyle changes with the aim of boosting your immunity, then chiropractic care should be at the top of your list. As seen, your immune system needs this therapy and it’s all for the benefit of your body. Therefore, start scaring diseases away by booking an appointment with Dr. Hinz at Cool Springs Chiropractic today.


Chiropractic Benefits for Infants

So many adults know the benefits that come with seeing a chiropractor. From managing pains to relieving stress, they go to see this expert. However, they become too shaken when the term chiropractic for infants is mentioned. Understandably, they have safety concerns. The truth is that chiropractic for infants has been found to be safe as long as it’s administered by a trained and licensed practitioner. Dr. Hinz at Cool Springs Chiropractic knows how to gently apply calculated pressure on the infant’s body so as to promote relief and healing.

With infants experiencing problems like colic, constipation, and lack of sleep so often, it’s advisable to seek out a chiropractor for your baby. Remember, these issues recur because the conventional treatments that you go for only mask the symptoms short-termly. So, the underlying issue is left unaddressed. This is where a pediatric chiropractor comes in. A lot of times, all these issues are linked to misalignments on the infant’s spine. Being a musculoskeletal expert, a chiropractor is able to realign the spine, resulting in functions restoration.

Generally, chiropractic may benefit your infant in the following ways:

  1. Manages Different Pains

Since an infant can’t talk, they can’t verbally express when they are in physical pain. This is why it’s important to observe them. Look at how they behave to identify signs of pain and body discomforts. If you are not sure about the cause or its treatment, just take the infant to a chiropractor. This expert can treat pains like headaches, back pains, arm pains, and stomach pains. Headaches, for example, may be associated with muscle tension around the neck area. A chiropractor is able to do adjustments on the affected part to bring out pain relief.

  1. Treats Colic

It’s estimated that close to 15% of infants are diagnosed with varying degrees of colic. So, colic is one of the commonest conditions today. It’s very uncomfortable for the infant as it makes the little one cry continually. Some cases disappear just like that but there are others which require expert intervention. The good thing about taking your baby to a chiropractor is that the condition is permanently addressed and recurrences are stopped. So, you won’t have to worry about your baby crying all night because of colic.

  1. Boost Physical Development

At birth, the baby only has the thoracic and sacral spinal segments. During the first year, the spine doubles up in length as the baby grows. The growth of the spine is associated with developments like head lifting and sitting. These adjustments are supposed to happen naturally. In case they are delayed, you should take your baby to a chiropractor. It’s also advisable to take your infant to the expert even when there is no delay. At least, this helps to boost the developments. Basically, it acts as a preventive approach for possible development complications.

  1. Treats Breastfeeding Complications

More often than not, breastfeeding complications are due to undetected injuries on the baby’s spine. A chiropractor is able to diagnose the injuries and fix them through spinal adjustments. Once the injuries are treated, then the baby is able to breastfeed normally.

  1. Enhances Sleep Quality

It’s estimated that nearly 30% of kids around the globe experience different kinds of sleep disturbances. They range from insomnia (lack of sleep) to sleep apnea (sleep interruptions). Saddening, the statistics also include infants. The good news though is that a chiropractor can correct the issue to bring about better sleep quality. The expert gently massages the infant’s body and renders spinal adjustments. This is meant to relax the infant. In doing so, the infant is able to respond by giving in to the demands of sleep.

  1. Solution for Irritable Syndrome

It happens to most parents that the baby is just irritable and you can’t point out exactly what might be wrong. The condition is called Irritable Syndrome. Chiropractors have the extra ability to fix the issue. Once sickness is ruled out by your trusted pediatrician, just take the baby to a chiropractor. Since Irritable Syndrome is due to spinal restrictions, a chiropractor is able to remove the restrictions by administering soft spinal adjustments. This reduces fussiness.

  1. Manages Digestive Issues

The infant’s digestive system takes time to adjust to changes that come with what they consume. If the system is not happy with the changes it shows issues like constipation, tummy ache, and gastroesophageal reflux. The advantage is that these issues can be managed by gentle chiropractic adjustments. You probably are not aware but the infant’s spine is connected to the digestive tract at some point. So, misalignment on the connection triggers the manifestation of the digestive issues. By realigning the baby’s spine, a chiropractor is able to treat the issues.

  1. Treats Post-Birth Trauma

The birth process can be as traumatic to the infant as it is to the mother. As a result, it may take time before the baby can settle into the new world. It takes proper body support to help the little one recover from the sad experience at birth. A chiropractor is able to hasten the recovery process by ensuring that the infant’s spine is well aligned. As you know, a misaligned spine is the primary source of most post-birth complications.

  1. Boosts Infant Immunity

Experts argue that spinal health is just as important as proper nutrition when it comes to the infant’s immunity. The infant’s body is made in such a way that all the organ systems are interlinked. For example, the nervous system is linked to the immune system. Thus, if the infant’s spine (a part of the nervous system) is misaligned, then the immune system gets challenged. A chiropractor is able to realign the crooked spine in order to restore immune functions and to promote natural healing.

  1. Treats Ear Infection

Like colic, ear infections are quite common among infants. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that 83% of children experience earache at some point. Often, the issue is associated with factors like cold and sinus infection. Even though most ear infections can be managed by antibiotics, your infant could also use chiropractic adjustments. Unlike antibiotics, there are no side effects with pediatric chiropractic. Additionally, chiropractic fixes the underlying problem and not just the symptoms.

Closing Thought:

As seen, chiropractic addresses so many issues that most infants face on a regular basis. The treatment is gentle and safe for the little one. More importantly, it’s able to treat the underlying issue together with its symptoms. Contact Dr. Hinz at Cool Springs Chiropractic today!

The Best Places to Splash near Franklin, TN

Whenever Franklin is mentioned in the history books, most people always associate the town with its darkest past, the American Civil War. Though this bloodiest war is important in history, so many lives were lost and Franklin happens to be the point of reference. It’s in this humble town where you’ll find evidence of bloodstain implanted on the floor when you visit the Carton Plantation. You’ll also see several graves belonging to slain American soldiers.

But if you can forget history for a second, Franklin has a bright present and future. There’s so much to see and do in this historic town. Like most towns, Franklin has some amazing fun spots that anyone who’s willing to be adventurous can go to. And when it’s the summer, there’s no better fun activity than splashing in a water pool or splash park. Luckily, Franklin has some amazing splash spots where you and your kids can have a great splash experience. Here are our best picks:

  1. Franklin Recreational Complex (1120 Hillsboro Road)

The Franklin Recreational Complex was primarily built for splash fun. They have a splash pad, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool where you can splash. The recreational complex is family-friendly and they are open every day of the week. So, you can always drop there for a splash any time of the day when you feel like letting loose.

If you want to learn to swim, they normally have swim lessons in the indoor pool area. Other than the splash parks and pools, you can also access a tennis court, an outdoor playground, a dance studio, and a fitness room. Your kids, in particular, will have an exciting time as most of the facilities are designed for them.

  1. Comfort Inn (4202 Franklin Commons Court)

Known for its spacious and comfortable rooms, Comfort Inn has grown from just being a luxurious hotel into becoming one of Franklin’s most sought-after splash spots. The hotel is located a couple of kilometers from the famous Goofballs Family Fun Center. So, whenever you bring your kids to Goofballs, you can always drop at Comfort Inn for a splash adventure.

The interesting thing is that pets are allowed and so you can always tag your animal friend along. As you watch your kids splash in the pools, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi that’s available to all guests within the hotel perimeter. Their pools are spacious and safe to help your kids. Actually, they don’t have to swim. Just the idea of jumping into the water is fun by itself.

  1. Home2Suites (107 International Drive)

Just like Comfort Inn, Home2Suites is not your ordinary hotel. It has grown to become an amazing splash spot. It’s famously known for having one of the most advanced indoor splash pools in Franklin. If you forgot to carry your swimming gear, you’ll be most likely tempted to jump into the pool the way you are.

The pool always has some form of activity going on. Whether it’s adult sitting on the pool wall with their legs dipped inside the water or kids jumping into the water and making a mess, the scenery is just spectacular. That’s how fun the splash spot is. Furthermore, they have free Wi-Fi that allows you to post your splash experience online after recording.

  1. Homewood Suites (2225 E McEwen Drive)

If you are driving from Aspen Grove Park and are looking for a 3-star hotel, Homewood Suites has to be at the top of your list. This majestic hotel has an incredible indoor splash pool that guarantees the best splash experience. You actually don’t have to book a room to splash at the hotel. You just need a special pass indicating that you are a guest there.

The spot is quite popular not just because of the indoor splash pool but also because of amenities like a gym, a café, ample parking, and free Wi-Fi. So, you can access all of these amenities when you go splashing there. However, they have age restrictions for admission. The minimum age is 21.

  1. La Quinta (4207 Franklin Commons Court)

Though it doesn’t enjoy the luxury that you find at Comfort Inn, one of its closest competitors, La Quinta is undoubtedly a great splash spot for anyone who’s adventurous. They have an indoor splash pool that’s fairly large and cozy. You are allowed to come with your kids and they can enjoy free Wi-Fi as they play in the waters.

In addition to the indoor pool, you can also enjoy a spa tub at La Quinta. It’s meant to complement the indoor pool and it’s the highlight of your splash adventure. They also have ample and secure parking in case you come with your family car. A day spent at the splash spot is always a memorable one provided you don’t go alone.

  1. Drury Plaza Hotel (1874 West McEwen Drive)

What makes Drury Plaza Hotel stand out is the fact that they have both an indoor and outdoor splash pool. So, you can choose where to splash as both options are exciting. This explains why the hotel enjoys a 4.8 guest rating. It simply means that the facility always lives up to the expectation of its guests. They allow kids and pets and like the other hotels; you can enjoy free Wi-Fi here as you take a break from the pool or just before you get into it.

  1. Best Western Franklin Inn (1308 Murfreesboro Road)

Bragging of its auspicious and spacious outdoor pool, Best Western is always a great splash stop for individuals and families. The motel is just a kilometer away from Goofballs. So, you can always make a stop on your way out of Goofballs. They have self-parking space and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi on site.

But still, the real adventure is at the outdoor pool. If you are bold, this is where you get loose. You can engage in any kind of fun activities at the pool with your family ranging from swimming to ball games. When you are done, you can grab a quick bite at the restaurant.

Closing Thought:

Despite its dark past, Franklin has grown to become a fun town for both locals and visitors. During the summer, you have the chance to unwind in some of Franklin’s best water spots. The splash spots discussed are family-friendly. So, you can bring your kids and have a family moment. You can take out your diary now and record the splash place you’ll visit in the coming days.

Health Benefits of Sunshine

Studies show that Mother Earth has been exposed to the sun for at least 3 billion whole years. This confirms that all life forms depend on it. Sunshine is not just important for plants but also for us humans. However, our relationship with the sun is not as simple as of that between it and plants. Plants need sunshine to make food and grow. For us, we need it for other things, mostly health needs. We’ll look at these benefits later.

But for now, it’s important to know that we need sunshine in moderation. Too much of it is a risk of sunburn or worse, skin cancer. Of course, the level of damage by the sun depends on skin type and duration of exposure. For example, individuals with pale skins are more prone to damaging effects of the sun than those with tan skin. With this information in mind, here are the top 12 health benefits of sunshine you should be aware of:

  1. Bone Health

You probably know that sunshine is a good source of vitamin D. What you probably don’t know is the benefits that vitamin D brings about. Well, this vitamin has so many benefits of which bone health is one of them. According to research, vitamin D helps to build strong bones. In doing so, it helps to prevent rickets in kids and osteomalacia, osteoporosis, and other bone-wasting conditions in adults.

  1. Dental Health

The way that vitamin D from the sun strengthens the bones is the way that it strengthens the teeth. Studies show that people in sunny regions are not much affected with teeth cavities as people in locations that are not prone to much sunshine. The bottom line is that you need vitamin D for strong teeth. This is more important for the little ones as they like taking sugary stuff.

  1. Sleep Quality

When you are exposed to moderate sunshine during the day, your brain produces the hormone melatonin. This hormone is very important in helping you sleep soundly later in the evening. Your body is designed in such a way that it can tell when the time is right for sleeping. So, you don’t have to wear sunglasses or sunblock immediately when you go out to the sun. You should wait for some time to boost melatonin production.

  1. Promotes Immunity

A recent finding by Georgetown University indicates that sunshine helps to boost the activation of T-cell. They are immune cells that you need to fight invading microbes. Another finding shows that the reason why a person with diabetes struggle with insulin resistance is that of low vitamin D. The study concludes that you need vitamin D from the sun to reduce insulin resistance and to manage diabetes.

  1. Cancer Prevention

Even though excessive sunbath is a risk of skin cancers, moderate sunshine does the opposite. It helps to prevent skin cancers among other types of cancer. Researchers argue that having more daylight hours improves protection against ovarian and prostate cancer in women and men respectively. It also reduces the risk of breast cancer, cancer of the colon, and pancreatic cancer in both genders. This explains why most supplements meant for cancer patients are rich in vitamin D.

  1. Better Brain Function

One study shows that low sunshine exposure often causes cognitive impairment. In this case, your ability to think better and to stay alert is adversely affected. This is all related to not getting enough vitamin D. The brain has receptors that are very sensitive to sunshine. The energy from the sun stimulates them so that they can help your brain plan and process things.

  1. Brain Health

Sunshine not only enhances brain functions but also helps to protect against its disorders. For example, a certain study shows that moderate sunshine protects against schizophrenia later in life. Another study shows that sunshine helps to not only manage but also prevent Alzheimer. There are also suggestions that that sunshine exposure can be used to delay Parkinson’s disease. It also makes Parkinson’s less severe by improving the mood and motor functions of the patient.

  1. Enhanced Mood

Are you aware that bathing under moderate sunshine can make you happy? Well, it does. According to research, sunshine necessitates the release of hormone serotonin by your brain. The hormone naturally enhances your mood. It helps you to become calmer and more focused. Without enough sunshine, your serotonin levels reduce drastically and this affects your mood. You are likely to experience depression symptoms such as extreme sadness and mood swings.

  1. Stress Relief

Stress occurs when cortisol levels rise unexpectedly. This is mostly because of a sad or anxious moment. For you to achieve stress relief, your cortisol levels have to be managed. This is where moderate sunshine comes in. A recent report shows that moderate sunshine can reduce cortisol production by about 25%. So, spending a few hours outside on a routine basis is advisable.

  1. Heart Health

Medical studies show that the rate of cardiovascular morbidity, as well as that of cardiovascular mortality, can be reduced by 30-50% with sufficient vitamin D intake. This show that vitamin D is important in improving your heart health. It’s necessary for reducing heart attack and other relatable conditions.

  1. Reduced Blood Pressure

Sunshine is also important in lowering your blood pressure just as it’s important in boosting your heart health. Experts say that vitamin D from the sun helps to restore both your diastolic and systolic rhythms. This ensures that your blood pressure is normalized. Additionally, sunshine helps your body to secrete nitric oxide which regulates blood pressure.

  1. Skin Health

Contrary to expectations, the WHO actually recommends sunshine exposure for general skin health. This is widely supported by top dermatologist around the globe. They argue that UV exposure is great for treating skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and skin acne. But still, it should be insisted that the exposure should be moderate. You should consult your dermatologist nonetheless.

Closing Thought

Enjoy the sun wisely this summer and reap the many health benefits it can offer!

The Best Festivals Coming to Franklin

Spring is here with us and it means so much for everyone who has wanted to take a vacation. Whether you want to take a break from work or a bad relationship, there’s no better place to be than the beautiful city of Franklin, TN. The city has so many festivals for the spring that are tailored for different kinds of people. For example, there are family-fun events, trade events, and educational events. Regardless of the event type that you choose to attend, you are promised a new and special experience. To get you in the mood of visiting Franklin, here are the best events coming to the city this spring.

  1. Movie in the Park (April 26, May 31)

If you love music, there’s no better experience than to watch it on a big screen in a park and with so many people. It’s just crazy. On April 2016, they’ll be showing the Incredible 2 at Pinkerton Park from 8 pm. On May 31 on the same park and at the same time, they’ll be showing Ralph Breaks the Internet. Both movies are animations and are great for kids. But you can also join them for the fun. The movies are free and all you have to do is bring a seat and some blankets to keep you warm.

  1. Main Street Festival (April 27 & 28)

The Main Street annual festival is scheduled for Saturday, April 28. So, it’s a great festival for the first weekend after Easter. It’s among the largest annual events in the Southeast. The festival promises so much fun for the invitees. From exceptional foods and drinks to exciting activities like scavenger hunts and bungee rides, Main Street Festival has it all. The location is Franklin’s Main Street and the celebrations will start at 10 am on 27th May to 6 pm the following day.

Since the festival is organized by the Heritage Foundation, the focus point is art and culture. In terms of art, you should expect to see the best handicrafts and photos. In terms of culture, expect the best musical performance and dances. This year, the festival will be marking its 35th anniversary. So, it’s expected to be as big as the other ones. Normally, the festival attracts a crowd of roughly 100,000. This is likely to be the number this year.

  1. Cinco De Mayo (May 1)

Are you looking for business networks in your sector? Well, you should attend the Cinco de Mayo festival this spring. The event will be held at E Space Downtime Franklin and will feature professionals from around the world. You are required to make an advanced booking by paying $10 before May 1.

The theme of the event may be business networking but it’s never formal. The professionals here are always in a social mood. So, expect to network under friendly conditions. Moreover, they’ll be serving the best tacos and margaritas. You can also ask for local beer as it’s normally in the event’s menu.

  1. BBB Songwriters Night (May 3)

This is an annual music festival that’s organized by BBB to appreciate the worth of music integrity. The event will be held at the Factory in Franklin and promises so much for the guests. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals and fine beer. There will also be live music performance from some of the top artists in the world. You just need to book a table for $125 and you’ll have your booking reserved.

  1. Creative Breakfast (May 11)

Do you have a creative mind and would love to exchange ideas with minds alike? Then you should attend the Creative Breakfast event at Crossroads of the Nation. It’s really an exciting opportunity for creative people to sit down over breakfast as they discuss amazing ideas. Entry to the event is free and thus you can tag friends along. You only pay $5 at the door for the food.

As you dine together, you’ll have the opportunity to socialize and know each other. You may find someone who can inject ideas into your project. You too can invest an idea into someone’s project. Actually, there’s no speaker at this event. The platform is opened for creative-to-creative fellowship. You also get the chance to pray for each other.

  1. Women of Influence (May 16)

Women have come a long way in the corporate sector. These days, there’s absolutely no corporate office that a woman can’t run for. Majorly, it’s because of influence by other women who have managed to break corporate barriers. If you are looking for motivation in the corporate sector, then you have a great platform at the Women of Influence festival.

This festival gives women of all colors and ages the opportunity to network with other women. You can bring your daughter, sister, or mother to the event. It’ll be held at the OP Jenkins Furniture & Designs. There would be some established women in the corporate sector to inspire guests.

  1. Touch a Truck (May 17)

Do your kids marvel at big trucks and super vehicles? You should give them the opportunity to not only see some of these heavy machines but to also touch and climb some of them. You just have to take them to Jim Warren Park on May 17th from 5-8 pm. The event promises you and the kids a fun-filled adventure. From fire trucks and tow trucks to police vehicle and back-hoes, the festival has it all. In addition, food and drinks are offered on site.

  1. The Great Slider Showdown (June 1)

This year will mark the second celebrations for the Great Slider Showdown. Banking on last year’s success, the organizers of the Great Slider Showdown are looking at an equally explosive event this year. Taking place at the Factory in Franklin, this event promises you the best sliders in Tennessee. The sliders are created by 10 of the most talented chefs in America competing for $300, gold-cast cookers, and other prizes. Once you book the ticket, your job is to witness the competition as you taste some of the sliders.

  1. Music for Seniors (June 12)

Lastly, if you are a senior who wants to experience the lovely music of yesteryears, then there’s no better place to go this spring than the Academy Park Performing Art Center. The festival features the San Rafael Band. The band is known to play the best of rock music and Latin jazz. They also do salsa. Whether it’s to listen to old-school music or to dance to it, the experience at Music for Seniors Festival is unmatched.

Closing Thought:

During spring, Franklin is generally a fun place to be. The events are fun-filled and lively. They basically make you appreciate spring more. You simply can’t wait to attend the festivals again next year and the year after. No doubt, Franklin is the best getaway destination for the spring season.