Best Mexican Restaurants in Franklin, TN

Best Mexican Restaurants in Franklin, TN

Cool Springs Chiropractic by Dr. Peter Hinz is located in downtown Franklin, TN right off of Cool Spring Boulevard. In this area, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from including some of the best Mexican restaurants in Franklin, Tennessee. 

best mexican restaurants

Best Mexican Restaurants in Franklin, TN

Below are listed some of the best Mexican grills and restaurants Franklin has to offer whether you looking for fine Mexican dining, a place to sit and eat with the family, or a simple taco shop. You won’t have to travel far from Cool Springs Chiropractic if you’re looking for Mexican fine dining, Tex-Mex, Mexican comfort food, or a simple taco shop.


Chipotles is a chain Mexican grill and is located right up the road off Cool Springs Blvd. They offer some of the best build-your-own burritos, tacos, and bowls in Franklin, TN. They also do delivery or take out. If you find yourself waiting nearby in Dr. Hinz’s chiropractic center, you can call right from the office. 

Chipotles have been around since 1993 starting in Colorado. Since then they have rapidly spread across the United States including here in Franklin.


Moe’s Southwest Grill is a counter-style chain. Think Subway but for Mexican food. Much like Chipotle, they offer bowls, tacos, burritos, and also nachos. Moe’s is located just around the corner from Dr. Peter Hinz’s office on the corner of Cool Springs Blvd and Aspen Grove Dr. 

Like most counter-style restaurant, you can expect quick service which is great if you’re on the run. Moe’s started in around 2000 and also quickly grew to cover most of the United States.


This classic style Mexican restaurant is a great place to sit and dine in the Elvis-themed atmosphere. At Chuy’s, the servings are huge and so are the expectations for their customer service. 

Chuy’s offer Tex-Mex dishes, a blend of American, Mexican, and Spanish cuisine. Tex-Mex is the most popular style of “Mexican” food among American restaurants and Chuy’s is one of the best at it in Franklin, TN.


Another Mexican restaurant where you can sit down for a meal is Jose’s Mexican Grill also right off Cool Springs Blvd in Franklin. Jose’s offers indoor and outdoor seating and is a great place to bring the family for some Mexican comfort food ranging from tacos to nachos to quesadillas.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Franklin, TN


Garcia’s of Franklin is a family-run Mexican restaurant offering Mexican fine dining dishes for a variety of pallets. Starting in the year 2000 this family has opened eight restaurants throughout the region. They came together after financial distress in their family and their hard work shows off in the kitchen. If you’re looking for Mexican with a relaxed, festive environment, and a great family back story, then Garcia’s of Franklin is your place.


Due to its popularity, reservations are required for dining at the Blue Coast Burrito restaurant. Another counter-serve style chain featuring colorful inputs from California cuisine. They offer build-your-own burritos and tacos, fish tacos, freshly made salads and a variety of other Baja-style Mexican food. This franchise started right here in Tennessee at Nashville and now has a location here in Franklin right off Mallory Ln.


Sopapillas is a Mexican dine-in restaurant outside of the main street area over on Franklin Rd. It’s a little further away from Dr. Hinz’s Cool Spring Chiropractic center over on Highway 31 across from the Gateway Community Church. 

It’s worth the drive or maybe even stop by after church. They have a great dine-in area with a bar in the back to order drinks from. Their prices are reasonable and the locals are fans of the stuffed poblano pepper. If you don’t want to sit inside they also have patio seating for a breath of fresh air.


Oscar’s Taco Shop is a favorite of the local college crowd but is a good place to get a quick bite for everyone. They offer quick Mexican dishes ranging from tacos to nachos to fish tacos. They also offer bowls, burritos, quesadillas and have plenty of options for kids. Oscar’s Taco shop located on Mallory Lane just south of Blue Coast Burrito.


Pancho’s in Franklin is a great place to bring the family to sit down and enjoy some authentic Mexican food. They have a large menu with many different options and a kids menu for the little ones. You can find anything from traditional comfort food like tacos and nachos or more authentic dishes such as enchiladas and chimichangas. 

The atmosphere is comforting and they have a variety of drinks as well. Pancho’s place is located about 3 miles from Dr. Hinz’s office right off of South Royal Oaks Blvd near the 65 ramp.


Nacho’s Méxican Restaurant is also located about three miles from Cool Springs Chiropractic nearer to the 65 ramp than Pancho’s Place. This a great place to get drinks from the bar located in the center or you can sit with your family at the tables all around. 

They have comfort food, happy hour, and many traditional dishes you would expect at a Mexican restaurant. Located near Publix, it’s a great place to bring the family after a shopping trip.

Franklin has a lot to offer and a wide variety of shops and places to eat. There is a large variety of Mexican dine-in restaurants to sit and enjoy a few drinks with friends and family or if you are looking for a quick bite to eat stop by one of the Mexican counter-style restaurants. Whether you are looking for family dining, solo dining, or a college student looking for a place to hang with your friends, Franklin, TN has a Mexican restaurant that can fit your style. 

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